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Greetings, my name is Miss July.  I had a home, but one day my person put me in the car and drove somewhere.  Then I got a kiss, the car door was opened and I was put on the street and watched my person drive away.  Thank goodness a nice lady saw all of this and scooped me up.  I was brought here and went into a great foster home where I was well loved on.  When I came here I was scheduled to be spayed, but was found to be pregnant, so I went back into a great foster home where I was safe to give birth to four precious kittens.  I was an excellent mom to them and they since found homes.  I am a friendly, active teenager that enjoys exploring and rolling on piles of blankets.  I also enjoy catnip, but I do not care to be held.  I am looking forward to becoming an important member of a loving forever family.  I should let you know that I would prefer to be your one and only, I do not care to share my people with any other furry creatures.

Call us about Miss July , ID# 115416