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`Greetings, my name is Mittens.  I was found when I was tiny and bottle fed by a man I ended up falling in love with.  I know my name and come when called.  I love to be invited on a lap and enjoy being pat under the chin.  I also can be very affectionate and will rub my face on yours.  I do become attached to one person, but will tolerate others being around.  I also have not lived with other pets, so I am not sure how I would feel about them.  Since coming here I have been a little bit nervous but I enjoy the treats and toys they have offered me.

Shelter Notes

5/1/2019:  Mittens is blossoming in her catio.  Her curiosity brings her over to say hello.  She enjoys being pat and is taking treats from hands.  Stop on by and say hello to this beauty.  She is ready to move in today.

Call us about Mittens , ID# 119120