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Greetings, my name is Mookie.  My person passed away and I came here to find another home.  I am a bit on the reserved side, I like to take things slowly and will approach someone when I feel comfortable.  I guess you can say I am an independent gal.  When I am in the mood I will give head bumps and allow someone to pat me.  I often like to explore while watching what is going on around me.  I have lived with another cat and we got along fine.  Actually I want my home to have another cat or cats.  I like them and am happier when they are around.  If you are searching for a companion to keep you company, I may be the one for you.

Shelter Notes

1/30/19: Since Mookie arrived at the shelter, she has been shy and timid. We have been very patient with her and she seems to be coming out of her shell little by little each day! We’ve noticed that she likes treats and will often purr when someone is sitting by her cage. She also enjoys just watching people walk by her cage. She is very much an independent cat that would love to have a window seat in her future home!

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