This scruffy ragamuffin is Nico. He’s 2 years old and a terrier mix with a capital T! Like most terriers, Nico is an anxious guy – which means he gets startled easily by new surroundings and new faces. He warms up quickly however, and loves to sit by your side for some affection, once he’s deemed you as safe. His new family should be aware that Nico struggles with handling, so he’ll need to continue working on training to become more comfortable with unexpected nudges which are currently a source of anxiety. He’s spent some time training with staff in this area and is doing quite well! Nico is house trained and making strides with crate training. He’d make the best work-from-home coworker, because there’s nothing he’d rather do than sit by your side all day… with the exception of playing fetch. This boy LOVES a good game of fetch. Because of his anxieties, Nico is looking for an adult only home where he can be the only dog.

Nico is a big boy with specific needs, which makes him one of our last-to-be-adopted pets, affectionately known as our Unfurgettable Friends! If you are interested in learning more about Nico, email ATTN: Nico and fill out the online pre-adoption form.