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Noodles is looking for a loving forever family with her brother, Ramen! Ramen and Noodles have been spending time in a loving foster home to help them socialize with people. They have made some good progress and are ready to find a home of their own!

Here is what their foster mom has to say:

“Ramen and Noodles have began to solicit attention on their terms. They will lay next to me and allow me to pet them and have started not to hide when people come in the room, but are still nervous to new people. They enjoy coming up for pets and to snuggle if I am laying down in bed (Ramen only will approach if he sees Noodles doing it). They also love to lay and make biscuits in my hair! It took them about 2 weeks to get comfortable with me and my family.”

If you are interested in learning more about Ramen and Noodles, please fill out the online pre-adoption form and email ATTN: Ramen and Noodles.