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Greetings, my name is Papa.  I had a home for just over a year and then came back, through no fault of my own, to find a new forever home.  I am cuddly and sweet.  I enjoy going for walks and playing with other dogs.  I am friendly and I enjoyed living with a child and playing with the cat, although I would often play a little rough with the kitty.  I super love jumping in the snow during the winter and rolling around in grass too!  I am doing very well at my school and learning a lot.  I enjoy when people come in to play the guitar, so maybe you or someone you know will play for me when you adopt me.  I am ready for a forever home please.

Shelter Notes

5/30/2018:  Over the past couple of weeks, Papa has had several more outings to Salem Willows and he is a perfect gentleman.  He loves greeting new people and getting lots of attention, head scratches and belly rubs.  Papa is very smart and has been diligently working on his training.  He has mastered the “sit” command and has been learning “place” when we want him to go sit on his mat/blanket.  He’s also working on recognizing his name as well as the “touch” and “leave it” commands.  Papa is a very, very sweet guy who’s somber facial expression doesn’t always reflect what he’s feeling inside but, trust us, he is a total love bug.

5/16/2018:  Papa recently enjoyed a field trip to Salem Willows and he loved it!  He happily played with a puppy he met there and also played ball with three children.  He was very gentle and sweet with both the kids and the puppy.  Papa is a young energetic guy and can get a little over stimulated when he gets excited but he also loves to be quiet and cuddly with you.  He’s a very smart guy and loves his treats which are both helpful when working on his manners.  Papa would really like to find his forever home so stop in and say hi to Papa soon.

4/3/2018:  Papa enjoyed a nice walk through Salem center on this hot spring day.  He had a great time walking around and checking things out.  On the way back he enjoyed chewing on a cup of ice from a local shop.

4/3/2018:  We’ve all been enjoying the happy look on Papa’s face this week now that spring finally seems to be here.  He can’t wait to go outside and just lay in the warm sun while you pat him and give him belly rubs.  Occasionally he’ll get a burst of energy and do zoomies around the play yard but mostly he just wants to cuddle with you in the sun.  Papa really enjoys playing/wrestling with other dogs his size though he still doesn’t know his own strength and can play hard.  Papa is wonderful dog and is going to make someone a very loving companion so stop in and say hello to Papa soon.

3/28/2018:  Papa loves going outside for his walks now the weather is getting better.  He’s easy to handle when wearing his harness but can pull because he’s so happy to be outdoors.  He loves attention.  He loves to run and have so much energy.  He can get over excited and over stimulated and when he’s in that mindset, he can be mouthy and jumpy.  He needs a strong, experienced owner who can provide Papa with the guidance and structure he needs.

3/16/2018:  Papa is a local boy who was surrendered here at the shelter when one of his family members became allergic to him.  They were heartbroken to have to give him up as they truly loved him.  Papa really enjoys running and playing and would do best with a family that has a fenced-in yard.  He is a very energetic guy and needs lots of play and exercise.  He had lots of friends in the dog park he used to go to so he gets along well with other dogs but he can play rough at times.  He loves going on walks and uses a crate for a few hours at a time.  Papa can get a bit “mouthy” during play and will forget his manners and jump up on you so he may not do well in a home with small children.  Continued work on his manners will be important.