Greetings, my name is Pepe and I am a local kitty and from a hoarding house.  There were too many of us.  When I first arrived here I would hide in a corner and growl.  Now I come running over to the door when someone comes into my room.  I enjoy playing with string toys and I allow familiar people to pet me.  Sometimes I even give head bumps.  I do like other cats, laying on chairs for cat naps and climbing up high so I can see everything that is going on.  I am ready to find my forever home, will it be with you?

Shelter Notes

2/21/2018:  Pepe has made great progress since he’s been here.  When he first got here, he started out hiding in the corner most of the day but he now comes running up to the door when breakfast is served.  He seems to enjoy being with other cats so perhaps being adopted with another social cat in the home will be a good thing for him.  While he’s shown improvement socializing with people, he’s still likely to shy away from being touched right now.  He will mostly keep his distance but is showing signs of being interested in interacting with people.  Such a handsome guy.   Stop in and say hi to Pepe today.