Greetings, my name is Pepe’.  I had a home for close to a year and a human that I was bonded with.  When my person passed away I came here to find another home.  When meeting new people, I like to take things slowly.  Talk softly to me and I may allow you to pat my back.  Here at the shelter I do not hide and I enjoy the company of the other cats and will become playful at times.  Give me a bit of your time, once I feel safe, you will be glad you did.

Shelter Notes

1/29/2019:  Pepe is the kind of guy who prefers to take his time getting to know and trust you but once he does, he’s a love.  Pepe loves to be in his cat tower and watch people walking through his room.  He is curious about new things and enjoys being with his roommate Little Man.  He needs an owner that will not have an expectation of him being overly affectionate with his adopter once he first gets into his new home.  He needs someone who will allow him the space and time for him to learn to trust you before he really shows you what a sweet, affectionate guy he can be.

1/21/2019:  Pepe’ has come a long way in accepting attention.  He often becomes curious when another cat receives attention and will come over to seek attention.  Another cat was being brushed, and Pepe’ stood nearby and waited for his turn.  He relaxed while receiving a full body brush and showed happiness by sitting and purring.  Pepe’ is going to make someone(s) very happy!