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“Hi, my name is Pounce.  I am living in a community room with other cats, where I am free to roam.  I get along well with them and made a friend, her name is Ginger.  I like being with other cats and am very happy with the extra space this room allows me.  I am curious about toys on string and chase them up and down the stairs.  I am finding comfort from my new  cat friends.  Maybe if you have a confidant kitty in the home, it might help me out.  Come on in and meet me today.”

Shelter Notes

5/13/2019:  Since their first meeting,  Pounce and Ginger have become fast friends, they do everything together.  It has been decided that since they get along so well, and that Ginger helps Pounce come out of his shell, that they really need to go home together.  If you are searching for a wonderful pair, come on in and meet Pounce and Ginger # 118588.