Greetings, my name is Remy.  I was brought into the Salem PD when I was found walking the streets.  I was held there for a week and then brought here where I spent another week while they were searching for my family.   I am friendly, easy going and sweet.  I love going for leisurely walks and having my tummy rubbed.  I am ready for love.

Update:  Owner was located, sister was taking care of Remy and both agreed to sign her over to NEAS.

Shelter Notes

01/10/2018:  Yes, she’s 9 years old and yes, she has medical issues that need to be looked after but you will absolutely ignore all that once you meet Remy.  Remy is an incredibly lovable girl who is just waiting for her forever owner to walk in the door.  She still loves to play with her toys and loves cuddling up with her humans.  She loves to go out for walks as much as she loves just curling up for a nap at your feet.  Remy touches the heart of everyone she meets.  She needs a special owner who will give her the love and care she needs and she will give you back so, so much more.  Be that special owner.  Come in and meet Remy today.

12/13/2017:  We can’t begin to tell you how much we all adore Remy here at the shelter.  She is an absolute sweetheart.  She loves getting lots of attention, cuddles and belly rubs – so much so that she loves to get down on her belly and crawl forward just to give herself one!  She loves going out on walks and even does well off leash.  She just follows you around.  Remy is a 9 year old girl so she she does have some special needs that we will discuss with potential owners but this is a very special girl who needs a very special home.  She needs an owner who will open up their heart and give this sweet girl the love and care she needs.  If you think you have what it takes to give Remy her forever home, please come in and see us today.  You’ll thank yourself you did.