Greetings, my name is Rocky.  I am a friendly and strong boy.  I lived with another dog and have always been allowed to sleep on the couch.  I have also been allowed access to every room in the house as I am house broken and trust worthy.  I do like to go slow when meeting new dogs.  I need people to be respectful of me when I am eating and allow me the space to do so to be comfortable.  If you would like to meet me, please come on in.

Shelter Notes

11/5/2018:  Rocky knows all of his basic obedience cues, has lived with an older dog and loves going for nice long walks. In fact, he is a dream on leash. Rocky’s favorite things in life are his toys. He will carry them around and bring them to any person who may want to play with them. Rocky loves to play and romp in the yard but also knows how to settle down and relax with you when it is time to watch tv and snuggle. All in all he is really a gracious gentleman who would love to bring some fun and play into your life.