Hi, my name is Rory and I am a friendly, playful and affectionate guy.  I want to sit on laps, love to cuddle and enjoy being loved on.  New and unfamiliar sounds may startle me such as the washer and dryer.  Maybe you and I can take some training classes together, I heard that is a wonderful way to bond.

Shelter Notes

11/20/2019:  Rory enjoys his special field trips.  He is unsure of riding in the car, but he enjoys going for hikes in the woods.  Rory enjoys climbing around on the rocks, walks nicely on leash and is respectful when passing by people and other dogs.  If you enjoy going out for adventure, Rory sure would love to meet you!


10/11/2019: Rory is fun to watch when he is zooming around and chasing a ball in the yard! He’s a big advocate for playtime and will vocalize his excitement! He is still working on his leash manners but he’s a smart boy and learns quickly. He can be a little unsure of new situations so he is looking for a home that will understand the boundaries of his comfort zone.