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Hello, my name is Roxy.  I had a home, and then I was put into a carrier and left outside.  The shelter brought me in and  brought me to the vet where I was shaved down because of matted fur and had simple surgery. They left a funny pom pom tail on me, I had them take a picture so you can see.  I do not really feel like myself right now.  It is strange having such a short fur coat.  I know it will grow back beautifully though.   Now I am ready to find a home that will keep me forever.

Shelter Notes

10/28/16:  Understandably, Roxy was a little scared and nervous when she first arrived at the shelter but she certainly has settled in nicely.  She is very loving and affectionate.  She enjoys quiet attention, being petted and when she’s had enough, she’ll walk away.  Roxy makes a soft growling sound when she’s eating but that’s likely a protective habit from her outdoor days as she seems to be social eater.  Her beautiful coat is growing in nicely!  If Roxy sounds like she would make a great companion cat for you, stop in and meet her soon.