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Greetings, my name is Ruby, it used to be Wynona, but my foster people changed it.  At times I can be a little fresh and bratty too because I’m timid and get defensive.  My foster home found out that I am food motivated and pee pad trained.  They are working with me to do my business outside and I am doing great.  Watching the other dogs there helps a lot!   I was very nervous at first and would snap at them, but after some time there I am starting to realize that I might be safe and I now allow them to pick me up but only for a few minutes.  I enjoy following my foster people and the other dogs there around.  If I am outside by myself, I used to get nervous and would sit by the door waiting to go back inside, but now that is mostly no longer a problem for me.  I am wonderful inside and stay in a pen, but sometimes I just stay out to hang with the other dogs or play with toys when my people are out.  I am also respectful of the home and do not make a mess.  I met the cats too and I am just curious of them.  Please come in and ask about me.  I am ready to find people to make a part of my family but no young kids please and I need to live with a confident dog.  I am going to need a home where my people can be patient, loving and will realize that I am going to need time to adjust.

Shelter Notes

5/1/2018:  Ruby has settled in well.  She enjoys playing outside with her foster families three dogs.  When her foster dads go outside she is comfortable and now confidant going over to them to sniff them.  They report she is like a different dog.  She will do well to find a home where her people can be loving and patient and given the time she needs to settle in.  Other dogs in the home will really help with this!

4/26/2018:  Ruby’s a very sweet but shy little girl though she’s working very hard to be more confident.  To help her achieve that goal, she is going to need to be adopted by a dog-experienced owner, one that already has an older, more confident dog who can help her feel more relaxed around people and new situations.  She will also need access to a fenced in yard for exercise and play time.  Because of her level of shyness, she needs an active owner with a quiet household so a family with small children is not for her.  Ruby is going to make someone an incredibly loving companion.

4/13/2018:  Per her foster home, Ruby is doing well.  She enjoys the company of the other dogs in the home and follows them outside to relieve herself.  She loves being outside to run, play and rest.  She also is doing well with visitors.

4/3/2018:  Ruby is in foster care right now so the shelter will have additional notes to share about her soon! Please check back here for more information or call 978-745-9888 and ask to speak to an Adoption Counselor if you think Ruby might be a good fit for you.