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Hi! My name is Ruby and I am a sweet, friendly gal looking for a nice retirement home to lounge the days away! In my previous home I was house trained, love my squeaky banana toy, and am good with children. Do you have a cozy couch for me to snuggle on? I will spend my days snuggling with you on the couch! I am a sweet gal who is looking for a home where I can be the only furry friend and live my golden days out like a true princess! 

Shelter Notes

Ruby spent some time in foster care, and has decided she would enjoy a house without cats or chickens! They are too interesting and tempting for Miss Ruby! She is also looking for a family where her person will be home most of the time!


Ruby’s Foster mama has nothing but great things to say! Check them out: 

She’s an under the cover snuggler in bed at night!!

She loves rubbing and wiggling around in the grass outside.

She loves playing fetch with the tennis ball and will bring it back for another throw.

She loves walks and they will zonk her out after – not too far; she slows down after a couple blocks so that’s it. I got her a harness and she is much, much better and easier to handle. She’s a strong out front lead but is not pulling and not choking herself. She is much more manageable on the harness. She’s not afraid of it and steps right in excited to go out for a walk.

She is vocal and loud – but it usually means something – she wants attention; to play or has excess energy and it’s time for a walk!!

She’s great in the car as long as she’s in a seat and can look out the window. We had her on the floor in the back and she cried and cried – as soon as I put a seat down for her, she climbed up and stopped crying – easy fix!

She seems to like small spaces to sleep in – behind the recliner, in the closet, under my desk.

She will scratch and pull her bedding to get her nest right before laying down!

She’s perfectly potty trained!

She’s not a big eater and does like to be hand fed – I put 2 tbs of wet food in w her kibble and it was a bit more attractive but she still liked hand feeding better than doing it herself!

And she does not come when called – it’s on her own time – but she will sit when asked and rewarded with a cookie!!

Call us about Ruby , ID# 125218