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Sammie is described as a big dog trapped inside a little body! Like most small dogs, he bonds quickly with one person and claims them as his own. Sammie is looking for an adult home with no feline friends! Sammie prefers to not share his food or toys with human friends and he is not afraid to let you know when you get too close, which makes him one of our unfurgettable friends! He thrives in a quiet environment with a human who is home more often than not.

He has skin allergies and is on a salmon based food. He also gets medicated baths when he gets itchy! 

Sammie is in a foster home and not currently in the building to be met with. If you are interested in meeting with Sammie follow the instructions below!

Sammie is a nervous guy! If you are interested in learning more about Sammie, email unfurgettable@neas.org ATTN: Sammie and fill out the online pre-adoption form.