Hi, my name is Sammy. I am incredibly friendly, sweet, and a bundle of energy, but I also thrive just laying about and hanging with my people. I love to go on long walks and would make someone a very fun hiking or running partner. I am a quick learner and would do well in a home that is willing to continue to teach me manners and to harness all that goofy strength I have. I’m a true gentleman just waiting to shine!  I love my toys (especially Kongs that give treats) and truly just enjoy playing.  Although I am sweet, I’m a big guy (who has no idea just how big I am) and can get very excited, so a home without small children would be best.



Shelter Notes

8/16/17 Sammy loves being in office foster. He enjoys time play ing with people but also loves just hanging out and taking naps. He is looking for a great home where he can lay next to you and watch tv, maybe after a great play session. Come in and meet this great big lovable goof-ball.

7/11/2019: Sammy is just a big, lovable goofball! When he sees his favorite staff members and volunteers at the shelter, he gets all wiggly and wags his whole bottom half! He can’t wait to find his new favorite people that will take him home and love him forever.

6/19/2019:  Sammy is incredibly sweet, friendly and oh so energetic.  He’s a big strong guy and a quick learner.  He loves going for very long walks (2-4 miles) which is a great way for him to burn off some of that energy he has.  He loves all his toys but especially his Kong toys that dispense treats.  While Sammy is a very sweet, fun loving guy, he has a history of knocking down small children due to his excitement and energy so a home without small children would likely be best.  He needs an owner who can teach him good manners and boundaries, and can give him the time he needs to be the best boy he can be,  And we will help Sammy’s potential adopter by having you meet with our Behavioral team during your visit.  If you think Sammy’s the companion you’ve been looking for, come in and meet this handsome guy today.

Call us about Sammy , ID# 119369