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Hi, my name is Sasha and I came here with my nine littermates.  I am active, very rambunctious and jumpy.  Who can blame me?  I’m just a puppy.  I am looking forward to living in a home where someone can teach me the ropes on how to be a very well behaved dog.  Teach me with patience, love and consistency.  I am smart, so I should pick things up quickly.  Come on in and meet me, I am ready for love.

Shelter Notes

5/7/2019:  Sasha is an utterly adorable and lovable little girl.  She is very social and attentive to everyone she meets though she can be timid and shy if you approach her too quickly.  She loves getting attention from people but she can get overly excited, jumpy and mouthy.  She has been adopted before by a family with young children but that didn’t go very well so we would recommend an adults-only home or a home with older children who are able to handle her.  She has also shown that she is very picky about which other dogs she likes and which ones she doesn’t so Sasha will likely need to be your one and only pet.  Sasha is going to need training and socialization so potential adopters should be prepared to provide that for her.