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Schroeder is looking for a loving forever family with his brother, Linus! Linus & Schroeder were adopted together as kittens and recently returned to NEAS. Schroeder is a large, friendly affectionate cat. He primarily sticks to himself or his brother Linus, but he is also fond of the people in the house and is usually happy to be petted, whether he does the approaching or the humans do the approaching. Since he was a kitten, he has always had a sweet habit of kissing (licking) the person who is petting him. He was always closest to his previous human Mom and tended to shy away from his previous human Dad, until he was home 24/7 due to quarantine. He is fond of lying on the windowsill and the couch, but is not fond of air conditioners. He also enjoys sleeping on the bed. He enjoys playing with a variety of cat toys, especially if a person is playing with him. He enjoys a carpeted scratching post.


If you are interested in learning more about Linus and Schroeder, please fill out the online pre-adoption form and email petsinfoster@neas.org ATTN:Linus and Schroeder.