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Greetings, my name is Shadow and my former person said that I am a sweet gal.  Some things that I like are being pat and brushed. I also enjoyed the company of grandkids in my previous home. My former family noted that I do take some time to warm up to new people, but once I do, I am yours forever.  Since arriving here I have been on the nervous side, because everything is so unfamiliar.  I am seeking a quiet home, where I can relax with my new people.  I know that I will warm up quickly and we will become friends.

Shelter Notes

3/6/2019:  Shadow has graduated to a nice size room, with her cage if she chooses to sleep in it.  Her true personality is shining though.  Shadow enjoys when people stop by to visit.  She comes right over and wraps herself around legs.  She head butts to say hi and is ever curious about people.  Shadow has found that she enjoys chasing feather toys and is good at catching them.  Often she can be found with paws up on her room door looking out to see what’s going on.  

2/14/2019: Shadow loves when someone sits and talks to her. Tell her about your day or tell her all your secrets and she will listen! Shadow also loves the sound of a crinkly bag because it usually means treats are to follow. The soft ones are her favorite!

1/30/19: Shadow is still adjusting to our busy shelter environment but she seems to be making some progress! She is a big fan of wand toys and feels more comfortable when she is in play mode.