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Greetings, my name is Shelia and I am a proud mom of five puppies that traveled here with me.  I cannot tell you much about my past, but I can tell you that I am a good mom and a good friend to those that meet me.  Come on in, pull my blue card so we can spend time together.  If all checks out I could move in with you today.

Shelter Notes

10/15/2019:  Shelia is doing well in her Foster home.  She loves to cuddle with the resident dog.  She is a people person once she warms up and likes to slowly meet other people when they let her initiate the interaction.  She is totally housebroken and does not need a crate when left alone.  Busy areas and unfamiliar places makes her nervous.  She continues to show improvement with things every day.


10/8/2019:  Shelia is currently in a foster home so we can learn more about her.  She is available for adoption.  If you are interested in her and would like more information and possibly meet her, please call the shelter at 978-745-9888 and ask for Sue, Jenna or any available adoption counselor.

Call us about Shelia , ID# 122315