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Greetings, my name is Shun Gon and I am a local guy.  There were 28 cats from my home that were surrendered here.  The shelter has had me neutered and now I am ready for a home where I can be a loving and important family member.  I enjoy playing with toys.  I am curious and enjoy exploring.  I also get along well with other cats.  Come in and meet me, I am ready to become yours today.

Shelter Notes

9/20/2017:  An exotic name for a very handsome cat!  Shun Gon comes from a home that had a lot of well-cared for cats and he can be a little slow to warm up when he first meets you.  He seems to be the most curious of the group and enjoys having you play with his toys with him.  Shun Gon is going to need an adopter who will give him some time to adjust from living in a large community of cats to a home of his own or one where there is another cat.