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Greetings, my name is Starlight.  I am currently in a foster home, relaxing. I am an interesting mix of breeds, they say, I am Border Collie, Norwegian Elk Hound and Bernese Mountain Dog. Doesn’t that sound neat? When I first came here to the shelter, I was pretty overwhelmed, so that is why I am in foster. I am shy, but want to meet people and will wag my tail in greetings. If you offer me some treats and a bit of your time, I will warm right up to you. Once we get to know each other, which should not take long, I will like to have my head and neck pat.  I really am a beautiful gal and I am ready for love.”

Shelter Notes

Starlight is available from her Foster home.  Please call 978-745-9888 and ask to talk to Jenna, Sue or any available Adoption Counselor for more information.  We are also able to set up a meet and greet.  Please call for details!


4/7/2019:  Starlight continues to show improvement with her foster family.  She enjoys walking in the woods, but does spook at unfamiliar sounds.  She does better in her yard.  Starlight walks well on leash, does not pull and she enjoys playing with other dogs and squeak toys.  She may not need an active home as first thought, good long walks and playtime should be enough.  Don’t forget to ask to meet with her, she is a sweetie!


3/25/2019:  Within 24 hours Starlight changed from shy, scared to 100% active.  She enjoys keeping busy, is indifferent to other dogs and takes their corrections in stride.  She gets along well with the cats in the home as well.  Once she knows someone she will throw herself on their lap while they sit on the couch.  She wants to run, so maybe a fenced in yard will help her out.  An active family is a must.

Call us about Starlight , ID# 118790