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Greetings, my name is Sugar Plum.  I am a nice girl and I enjoy being a one and only pet in the home.  I do not care for sharing my people. I like taking treats from hands. I also enjoy catnip and playing with string toys.  Do you like to play?

Shelter Notes

1/2/2019:  Sugar Plum has been having a great time exploring the shelter during her stroller walks.  All the new sights and sounds really intrigue her!  And while she’s pretty well adjusted to life here in the shelter, we know she longs to be in a quiet home of her own where she can get all the attention she wants from someone who loves her.   Could that be you?

12/20/2018: Sugar Plum is back at the shelter and meowing to all that stop by to say hi.  Come in, meet her and adopt her!

12/6/2018:  Sugar Plum has gone to a wonderful Foster home to see how she does in a home environment.  Within a couple of hours there she climbed right into her foster dad’s lap.  She even lets him carry her around and loves taking treats from his hands as well.

11/20/2018:  We have discovered that Sugar Plum enjoys catnip, treats and quiet people.  She also loves wand toys and will bat these about.  Sit with her long enough and she might just let you pat her!