Hello, my name is Tails and I am a friendly guy.  My housemate Babe was brought here with me and we are looking for a home to adopt us both.  We like when company comes to visit and we love living and staying inside.  I enjoy attention, but prefer to keep my four paws on the floor.  Babe loves to be picked up and cuddled.  If you are ready for an awesome pair, come on in and introduce yourself!

Shelter Notes

Must go home with Babe # 122168

10/9/19 Tails is a friendly adult cat who is looking for a forever home for him and his best friend Babe.  After Babe’s recent dental surgery, Tails took care of him and there was lots of extra cuddling for these two! He likes head and chin scratches but prefers to keep his paws on the floor!

10/1/19 Tails is settling in nicely and has decided that cat “gogurt” (puree cat food in a squeezable tube) is a very enjoyable treat!!  He will come to the front of this kennel when they are offered by the staff and volunteers.


Call us about Tails , ID# 122167