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Tigger is here to find a family of his very own! He can’t wait for his very own forever human(s) to teach him what it means to be a loving member of the family. He is looking for a patient, quiet household that will give him the time he needs to settle in and feel at home. 

Tigger has been spending time in a loving foster home. Here is what Tigger’s foster mom has to say:

Tigger is doing well, although he still a little nervous, he’s very friendly with people that he’s familiar with. He loves chasing toys if you drag them along the floor for him.”
“In a small room he’ll go up to people and ask for attention, although he’s still very nervous about any noises. Bigger spaces tend to be more scary, whenever he comes out he tends to quickly try to hide. He’s eating and drinking well and using the litter box with no problems.”
While it took some time for him to get used to us, now that he’s more comfortable his personality is starting to come out. He can be quite talkative when he wants attention or to be let into a room, and always greets us with meows in the morning or even if I’ve been away for a few hours. He enjoys sitting on the windowsill and watching the chipmunks outside, or finding a cozy spot under a desk or table to nap. When he’s in a playful mood, he’s starting to figure out how to roll his toys around to amuse himself, and he loves when we drag them around for him as well.”

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