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Greetings, my name is Turkey.  I was quite nervous when I arrived here, but am beginning to understand that I am safe and that people care about me.  When I feel safe I walk well on leash and lean upon my people.  Right now I prefer to stay close and lean instead of exploring while in the play yard.  I also met a beagle and enjoyed playing with him.  When meeting me, give me a few moments to check you out.  Talk softly and calmly to me and things will warm up quicker.

Shelter Notes

1/14/2019: (from his Foster people) Turkey is adjusting slowly, but the important thing is, he is adjusting.  Each day is a new start and another chance.  Turkey often asks to be pat and continues to follow us around the house.  He is beginning to explore some on his own and will play with a chew toy on his own, or with people.  With loud noises he is now barking with confidence.  Outside is still more difficult for him. He focuses intently on pedestrians/bikers and constantly turns to watch them. He continues to fear moving cars and other noises, etc., and does shake if around them. He will walk if we coax him – I have not had to carry him since the first day I carried him up the stairs. I’m hoping repetition and trusting us more will start to desensitize him. But it will be a slow process.


1/7/2019:  Turkey in currently available from Foster care.  If you would like more information and would like to meet him, please call the shelter at 978745-9888 and ask to speak with Jenna, Sue or an available adoption Counselor.