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Hi, my name is Valentino. I’m a really nice guy and I love to snuggle. My notes say I’m “Sweet and Affectionate.” I’m also feeling quite special. You see, Northeast Animal Shelter saved my life. Maybe you read about me in an emergency email appeal. Here’s the inside story – I was going about my business in the South, not paying any attention to the cars whizzing by, when I was hit by a car, and I ended up at a shelter with a shattered leg. It was too busted up to save it, and I was in a lot of pain. Bob (he’s my hero and also NEAS’ executive director) heard about me and how the shelter in the South couldn’t afford the surgery to amputate my leg. Bob said that Northeast Animal Shelter would pay for my operation, and take me in after I was well enough to travel. So, that’s my story in a nutshell. Being a tri-pod isn’t so bad, and I am able to get about just fine. I just arrived in Salem (perfect timing, right?) and I can’t wait to be adopted. I hope you will fill out an online pre-adopt application and mention me! It sure would be great to have a family to love me, because I will give you lots of smiles and unconditional love. Oh, did I say unconditional? You better like lots of snuggling.

Call us about Valentino , ID# 125398