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Yeti traveled a long way to find a family of her very own! She can’t wait for her very own forever human(s) to teach her what it means to be a loving member of the family. She is an active, independent gal looking for a home with loads of toys for her to play with!

Yeti is currently in a loving foster home. Here is what her foster dad has to say:

“She a very playful cat. She is going to need at least 1 hour of play a day. She does love being petted but easily over stimulated and will use her mouth if people continue to interact when she gets over stimulated. She does like my mother more than me. She is indifferent to my cat and stays away from my dog. She is not treat motivated but, loves toys and still needs to learn that my hands are not her toys to play with, while she is learning this, I only use wand toys with her.”