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Ziva is looking for a loving forever family! She is looking for a family that will give her the time she needs to settle into her new home. She is a shy gal that takes time to warm up to new people and surroundings. She is looking for a quiet, adult home.


Ziva is currently spending time in a loving foster home. Here is what her foster mom has to say:

“She is very, very shy and will run away if you approach her too quickly. She will eat when I sit on the floor and then she will let me pat on the side of her head. She likes to keep her feet on the ground and not be picked up. She has begun to play so that is good news! Ziva continues to do well. She likes to eat wet food in the morning and dry food mostly throughout the day, but she is not a huge eater. She likes her water bowl cleaned and replenished with cool water every day. She loves to play and catch fast-moving toys. She doesn’t like to be approached in a fast manner. She likes to sit close by, .but on her own. She does not like to be picked up. She does not like loud foot steps around her—it scares her. She will head butt an outstretched hand and will accept gentle patting. She needs time and patience to be comfortable. She has the sweetest little meow and she seems to enjoy conversation.”

If you are interested in learning more about Ziva, please fill out the online pre-adoption form online and email petsinfoster@neas.org ATTN: Ziva.