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For the Love of Puppies
It was a hot August day when a woman walked through our doors carrying a large bucket. She put the bucket on the floor and we peered in to find... not two... not five... but ten tiny puppies! The lady hurried out, after saying she'd found the puppies on her doorstep and had no information on them.

So it was up to us. As the area's largest no-kill shelter, we weren't about to turn our backs on these helpless animals. We never do.
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A Blind Kitten Sees Love for the First Time
When Northeast Animal Shelter volunteer Patty answered the phone, she could hear the concern in the young woman's voice. "I think he's really young. His eyes aren't open yet."

The woman had just discovered a newborn kitten abandoned behind a Dunkin' Donuts. Patty knew that if the kitten's eyes weren't open, he would probably be a "bottle baby" requiring hand feeding around the clock.

But when the young woman arrived at the Shelter with the kitten, Patty saw she was dealing with something else altogether.
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1. For the Love of Puppies

2. A Blind Kitten Sees Love for the First Time

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As a no-kill shelter, we never turn our backs on helpless animals. Your gift today helps us save more homeless pets and place them with the loving families they deserve.
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Featured Pets
Bico the Siamese
Age: 2 years
Breed: Fox Terrier Mix
Gender: Male
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Bico the Siamese
Age: 2 years
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Female
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