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Dear Pet Lover,

I've shared so many wonderful moments with families who have found their new furry friends here. So it often surprised people that I hadn't adopted a pet myself. But, after losing my own sweet dog after so many years, I guess I just wasn't ready.

All that changed the day I met Annie, a dog we rescued from a high-kill shelter in California. I scooped her up in my arms and... it just felt right. I picked Annie, and she picked me.

So many of the adorable cats and dogs who come to us are like Annie... and it's friends like you who help us give them happy endings, no matter how long it takes to find a home.
Randi Cohen and Annie
Thanks for caring,
Randi Cohen & Annie
Executive Director
From Death's Door to a Happy Home: Cosi's Story
At the reception desk of Northeast Animal Shelter, we've learned to expect just about anything. So when a man walked through our doors carrying a shoebox, we guessed some tiny kitten or puppy was about to fall into our care.

But what we saw nearly broke our hearts. A tiny caramel-colored Chihuahua lay in the box, shivering and in obvious pain. The man quickly claimed he found her in a parking lot... we suspected that he was actually the dog's owner but before we could confirm anything, he walked out the door saying we would know what to do.
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Life after Loss: the Story of Holly and Midnight
Making plans for the care of our furry friends – should anything happen to us – is a task no one wants to face. But it's also one of the most important and compassionate things we can do for our pets.

Holly and Midnight, two nine-year old cats, were well-loved companions whose owner passed away after a long illness. And, because she had made no arrangements for them to be cared for by a friend and no one in the family stepped forward to take them, Holly and Midnight ended up here at the Shelter.
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Update: Tiffany and Marple are Healthy and Adopted!
Tiffany Post-Operation
This spring, we asked for your support when Marple, a sweet Shih Tzu-mix, needed urgent eye surgery to remove a tumor, and Tiffany, an adorable Terrier-mix puppy, required heart surgery to save her life. We're thrilled to report that, because of your generosity, both Marple's and Tiffany's surgeries were successful! Both dogs are now living with loving adoptive families.

Happy endings like these simply can't happen without friends like you. We know there will always be another homeless dog or cat who comes to us in urgent need of medical care... please help us be prepared for the next emergency by making a gift today. Thank you!
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Your gift today will help us save many more homeless cats and dogs and find them loving, forever homes.
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