Animal Tails

Summer 2012

Life after Loss: the Story of Holly and Midnight

Holly and Midnight, two nine-year old cats, were well-loved companions. But they arrived at Northeast Animal Shelter last summer under very sad circumstances.

Their owner had passed away after a long illness. And, because she had made no arrangements for them to be cared for by a friend and no one in the family stepped forward to take them, Holly and Midnight ended up here. Making plans for the care of our furry friends – should anything happen to us – is a task none of us wants to face. But it's also one of the most important and compassionate things we can do for our pets.

Too many cats and dogs in the same circumstances are dropped off at shelters where they are quickly euthanized. Older cats like Holly and Midnight can have an especially difficult time getting noticed. And, if they land in a kill shelter in the early summer, also known as kitten season, they have almost no chance to attract the attention of a new family.

When Holly and Midnight were carried into NEAS, we saw immediately that these gentle cats were in rough shape. The upheaval and loss of their owner caused stress, and they had both become ill. Holly's long fur had to be shaved because it was matted and couldn't be saved. The cats were frightened and we knew they should stay together to help them through this tough transition.

As a loyal friend to Northeast Animal Shelter, you know that we never give up on a cat or dog. We gave Holly and Midnight all the care they needed and then brought them to the cat room. To our great surprise, these sweet felines knew just what to do to get adopted! They enjoyed the petting hands that came their way and sat near the front of their cages whenever we had visitors.

One day, a mother and her two boys, a nine-year-old and a twelve-year-old, spotted Holly and Midnight. They walked right past the kittens and made an immediate connection with the pair. It was as if Holly and Midnight had been brought to us just so we could unite them with this family.

We're so grateful that – because of loyal friends like you – we can turn sad stories into happy ones. Thanks to all our wonderful donors and friends who share our belief that every pet deserves a loving home.

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