Animal Tails

Winter 2013

Five Puppies Find Loving Homes

When the phone rings at Northeast Animal Shelter, we never know what to expect. Some days bring special challenges – like the day we answered a call from one of our Saving Pets Across America rescue groups in Nebraska.

Their staff had their hands full caring for 15 dogs who had been rescued from a heartbreaking situation in which an elderly lady had been hoarding animals. One of the rescued dogs was very pregnant and soon they would have even more dogs to rehabilitate and place.

The Nebraska shelter needed our help finding homes for five six-month-old puppies who were underfed and had lived their lives crawling through their own feces. Rescuers reported that the puppies were frightened and neglected.

Most dogs coming from hoarders aren't used to human contact. They have behavioral problems and don't know how to react when offered love and affection. These little guys might be hard to place, but we knew we had to help.

A few days later, Northeast Animal Shelter volunteers were waiting at our local airport to pick up the puppies. They turned out to be Chihuahua/Schnauzer mixes, two with smooth coats and three with wiry coats. All of them had large, brown eyes.

Right away, we saw that two of the puppies shied away from us and would need extra time and attention to become socialized. But who could blame them? With all they had been through they simply didn't know what to expect!

The spirit of puppyhood thrived in the other three, however. They snuggled into our arms and shared happy kisses with all who came close.

Halloween was right around the corner, so we chose fitting names: Boo, Wizard, Spirit, and Sweets for the little boys and Candy for the little girl.

No one was surprised when outgoing Wizard, Spirit, and Candy were snapped up the same day they became available for adoption. But the shy ones, Boo and Sweets, needed time to feel confident and trust that they were meant to be members of a loving family.

It took two more weeks, but soon Boo and Sweets found their forever homes, too.

Every day, thousands of pets are abandoned, surrendered, or rescued from terrible situations. In 1994, we launched Saving Pets Across America to save these deserving animals. Just a year after that, we initiated our Sato Rescue program to accept homeless street dogs from Puerto Rico.

These programs – funded by our generous donors – each year now save thousands of dogs like Boo, Candy, Spirit, Sweets, and Wizard from a lonely shelter death. Flown in or driven thousands of miles, these pets arrive at our doors destined to find the homes they were meant to have – no matter how long it takes.

On behalf of each grateful cat and dog, we send heartfelt thanks to all the donors who support Northeast Animal Shelter and help us save so many pets.

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