At Northeast Animal Shelter, we strive to place animals in loving homes, but we also want to help keep them there! With this in mind, we offer two low cost, 4 week training courses, Puppy Kindergarten and Good Manners. 

Puppy Kindergarten

Designed for puppies ages five months and under, Puppy Kindergarten is a fun and engaging way to help your puppy gain an understanding of the world around them. In this fours-session-course you will learn how to raise a happy and well adjusted dog through proper socialization, acquire basic obedience skills, build a lasting bond, and start off on the right paw! 

Good Manners

Perfect for dogs over the age of five months, Good Manners is an enjoyable and easy course built to strengthen the bond with your best friend while learning basic obedience skills. In this class you’ll be taught proper handling for leash walking and other fundamental skills to improve your relationship with your dog.