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Princess and Tiny are doing well. On Sunday we moved them downstairs into our dining room – it’s a closed room with glass doors that look into the living room. They weren’t thrilled about the move, but all their beds, blankets, and toys came along too and they have settled in. 

Princess will now let us pet her directly without using the scratcher first. When she’s in a social mood, she walks back and forth behind where we are sitting, rubbing her tail against us. She’s generally pretty calm and likes to camp out in various beds watching the action.

Tiny is a little ball of energy and likes to chase a crackly toy around. She often sits by the door and watches what is going on outside the room. She’s more standoffish and doesn’t like to be scratched by hand at first. We have to use the scratcher and work our way up to petting her by hand.

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Our new family member is an absolute love!  We changed his name from Mork to Cattivo, or Tivo for short.  We chose that name for a couple of reasons.  (1) A play on the spelling CATtivo (haha), (2) it means “fresh little one” in Italian. 

He really isn’t fresh, just a bit mischievous as most any kitten would be. He’s funny, he’s cuddly, we all love him – even my tutoring students look for him when they come in the afternoon.  They are always disappointed if Cattivo isn’t around when we start working, but he inevitably shows up after a while when he hears voices and decides he has to be part of the action! 

Our adoption counselor, Sue, was so very patient with me. It was difficult to choose, but she let me take my time and I’m so glad I did.

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Our new family member is now Jack, the cat formerly known as “Prince”.

He is extremely active and playful. We coax him with toys, a scratching post and a stuffed animal. He does get aggressive with biting us, and we try to discourage that with a loud voice and “time out”.

We have a senior cat who is not too receptive to Jack’s advances. His behavior seems more like a kitten than a 2-year old!

He does initiate lap time when he settles down; that is the best part so far…to hear his purr.

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We changed Kimmie’s name to Minnie and she has been adapting to it really well.

We love her so much. She is a really good dog she only had a couple accidents in the house, but now knows to go to the door to go out.

She is best friends now with my dad’s dog Bruschi and they love playing with each other!  We snuggle a little in bed on the weekends, she loves walking with Bruschi and going to the dog park.

I’m so happy we rescued her and our adoption counselor, Julie, was very helpful! Coming home to her makes us so happy!

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Barney has been a fantastic addition to our family. He loves to play fetch with his toys and he runs in big wide circles in our backyard which has my son in stitches.

He sleeps in his crate at night, many times going in on his own, especially the days we are outside a lot. He has never been alone at anytime. There is always someone home which really suits him fine. He just loves people.

I am his primary caretaker, so he follows me everywhere, even into the bathroom. Almost every night when he is tuckered out he lays next to me on the couch getting his belly rubbed! LOL  He is great with other dogs. The last couple of weeks he has been excited about going for rides in the truck. He loves his head out the window with his ears flapping in the breeze.

I have worked very hard on getting him house trained.  I take him out frequently and tell him to do his “business“ – with no playing until he does it.  Then the long wait begins.  He sniff around for a while to find “his” spot, then sniffs some more, and then some more … must be the beagle in him! LOL 

One other thing that I haven’t ever seen in a dog is his lack of interest in any types of treats. After trying a least a dozen types , I finally found one that he will eat. However, he never eats eat right away. He plays with it for a few minutes and then eats it or leaves it for a little later. With that said food reward training has not worked. I just give him a lot of praise and play with his toys. Every day he becomes more of a joy to have as he grows accustomed to his new life. Thank you for all your help and support!

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We adopted Lucy a year and half ago.

Lucy says, “Look at me now … I go everywhere with Mommy … from walks, shopping at Job Lots, Home Depot, TJ Max, hiking the mountains in New Hampshire.”

Lucy loves life.  Thank you for such an awesome dog – life is awesome with our dog. It did take time for her to adjust and take her to training.  She is now 2 and loving life!

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We adopted Izzy (shelter name Itsy) August 2016 and have enjoyed every moment of our almost 2 years with her. She is an Atlanta transplant but has adapted to the Massachusetts climate like a champ. She runs, cuddles, gets along with other dogs, was easily clicker trained and SO much more. (I’ll leave out the fact that her gas will clear a room.)

I will be forever grateful for the love and joy Izzy has brought to our family (which includes 4 kids under 12). Thinking about buying a designer dog? Do yourself a favor and get a pet that truly knows what you’ve done for them.

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I adopted Pippa, then Jessie, at 10 weeks old in February where she’d been brought in with her two sisters. She was listed as a Lab/Aussie mix but I’ve since discovered she’s a Catahoula, webbed feet included.

She’s smart, demanding, highly energetic but so cuddly, and my best friend. I don’t remember what I used to do everyday without her. I’m so grateful to Northeast Animal Shelter for introducing us!

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I adopted Toby (Topaz) on January 17th, 2018 and my life has been nothing but great since. Now I can not imagine a time without him.

When i first came to NEAS I saw him there sleeping and knew that this cat was made for me. I would soon find out he would become my best friend. Toby adjusted to our house pretty fast and now he is friends with everyone.

His favorite place to nap is in either of his two cat trees. He loves looking outside and admiring all of the birds. At night time he sleeps beside me and licks my ear to wake me up. Boy can he eat! I swear it’s his favorite thing to do.

Whenever we walk downstairs he dashes to the kitchen thinking he is going to be fed. I love my Toby so much.

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We are having an amazing time with our new kitten. We renamed her Lily Kitty.  She adjusted so well to our family and loves my 5 year old daughter (that’s her person).  She sleeps on my daughter’s pillow every night right above her head. It’s very sweet. 

She is a very social and friendly kitty who comes out to greet whoever comes by.  Her favorite spot is on the top of her couch looking out the picture window!  She loves playing with my girls and has a lot of kitten energy around 10pm every night haha! 

We are so very lucky to have Lily join our family. We love her so much and we thank you guys at Northeast Animal Shelter!