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We rescued Sonny from NEAS back in April 2010. At that time, his name was Bopper and he was about 1 year old and came from Indiana. He had been at the shelter for almost a week and they were surprised it took so long for someone to pick him. Next month will be 11 years since we took him home. He is the biggest lovebug/snugglebug, though is still very protective of us and our home. He has been with us for 2 moves and 2 babies. We can’t imagine our lives without him and love him to pieces. Thank you, NEAS!

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We adopted Felix (formerly Dorito) as a kitten from NEAS last July. After our eldest cat passed away last December, we decided that Felix needed another brother to keep him company. Last month we came back to NEAS, and the moment we met Moose we immediately felt he would be the perfect fit. After just a couple of weeks, they are already the best of friends. We couldn’t imagine our lives without either one of them! Thank you NEAS!

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Gravely Ill Homeless Puppy Needs “Moonshot” Surgery for a Chance at Survival


Northeast Animal Shelter Pulling out All the Stops, Raising Funds to Save Adorable Georgia Transplant, “Bradley”



SALEM and Boston, Mass., April 7, 2021 – In many ways, three-month-old Pit Bull mix puppy “Bradley” has come so far—traveling more than 1,100 miles from rural Georgia to Massachusetts, and the promise of a new and loving home—but his most dangerous journey is still ahead of him.


Little did anyone know that Bradley—the shy, playful pup with a heart-shaped nose, relocated to Salem’s Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) with 37 other dogs and cats on March 20th—was gravely ill.


A health check performed upon arrival at NEAS revealed a congenital heart condition called Pulmonic Stenosis (PS), a grave diagnosis that put Bradley at risk of sudden death after just 90 days of life. For the NEAS team, the discovery was devastating.


“His condition is so severe that we had to determine if surgery would even be an option for him,” said Dr. Lindsey Rynk of the Northeast Animal Shelter. “None of us were prepared to give up, however, so we turned to the MSPCA-Angell for help.”


Angell Animal Medical Center Offers (Guarded) Hope
The NEAS team booked an appointment with Dr. Katie Hogan of Angell’s Cardiology service, who has treated PS at least 60 times in her career—and who made clear that, while surgery may offer Bradley a second chance, there are no guarantees.


“PS is a challenging diagnosis for any dog and without surgical intervention may prove a fatal condition within a couple of years, and Bradley’s case is very severe, but we’re hopeful that surgery will save him from immediate danger and prolong his life,” said Dr. Hogan.


Armed with this information, the NEAS team decided the risk is worth taking, and Bradley’s surgery is now scheduled for April 13th. Bradley is staying in a foster home with one of Angell’s cardiology nurses until then to ease his stress and provide as normal a life as possible before his operation.


The minimally invasive procedure that Dr. Hogan will perform is called a balloon valvuloplasty. Bradley will be anesthetized, and then intravenous catheters will be placed in his jugular vein, with larger catheters, and wires, passed through the right side of his heart.   A balloon will then be passed through his heart and inflated multiple times to open his abnormal valves, after which the value will be removed.


Dr. Hogan has made clear that even with a successful surgery, Bradley will never be out of the woods. “Even if the operation is a success—and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure the best outcome—it is still possible that this condition will shorten Bradley’s lifespan,” she said.


“But given all he’s been through, he deserves every chance we can give him, and he’s going to be in very good hands,” said Dr. Hogan.


Help Bradley!

Bradley’s surgery and aftercare are likely to exceed $7,500 and NEAS and the MSPCA are asking that anyone able to offset the costs donate at


The Road Ahead

According to Dr. Hogan, most dogs who undergo the procedure are discharged the same day—and her hope is that Bradley will be, too. “Most patients are able to resume normal activities within a few days, and we believe he may be cleared for adoption after 10 to 15 days,” said Dr. Hogan. She added that Bradley will require a checkup at Angell four to six weeks after his surgery.


NEAS and the MSPCA will provide updates on Bradley’s condition, and more details on the kind of adoptive home he will require. “He’s shy and will do best in a quieter home, and we’ll need to ensure his new owner is committed to his ongoing cardiology care,” said Dr. Rynk.”




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This is Bailey! She has been my best friend and side kick for three months and she is amazing! She loves being trained and going on new adventures every day. In these short three months she has gained thirty pounds and made so many puppy friends and human friends alike! She loves to do zoomies everywhere she goes and then plop down on Mommy for a nap 🙂 Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter for introducing me to my best friend and perfect match!!

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I decided to go check out the new puppies that had just come in on Saturday afternoon, but I wasn’t the only one with that idea. When I arrived at NEAS, there was a line of eager soon to be pet owners around the corner of the building.

When we were finally allowed inside, there was a rush to see all the new puppies. I walked from kennel to kennel looking at all the adorable puppies just waiting to be adopted. Left and right, people snatched up the cards off the gates to adopt their new best friend. But as cute as all these pups were…none of them were mine.

I then started to leave and entered the large dog room. I past older dogs, and puppies 5+ months old until I saw Sadie (now Sydney). I knew from the minute I saw her snoozing in her kennel that she was my pup. It was love at first site. I sat down at the kennel and waited for her to come over to greet me.

She eventually got up, walked over to the door to her kennel and stretched her long legs out to me, so I could pet her paw. As I sat there, tears welled up in my eyes because I knew I had found my dog.

A kind volunteer came over and asked if I was ok and I told her, “I think I found my dog”. She looked at me and informed me that unfortunately since she had a pink card on her gate, she couldn’t be adopted yet. My heart began to break and I asked her if she knew when I could adopt her. She informed me that she had to be fixed before anyone could adopt her.

I then asked if I could reserve her, pay the fee, fill out the application, anything but I was told that was not the policy at the shelter. I would have to wait for her to be spay and then come back after and hope I was the first one there to adopt her.

I told the volunteer I’d be back because I knew I had to have this dog. She was my dog and I’d be crushed if someone else adopted her.

I called to check in on her the next day and then again another day and I found out she was due to be spayed the next day. I then called on that Monday to make sure she was ok post surgery and they told me she was fine and would be available for adoption the next day.

Right then and there, I emailed my boss to let him know I’d be late to work and the very next day I got to the shelter 15 min before it opened and there were already 3 other people in line. I had to be the first one to her kennel. As soon as they opened the doors, I walked quickly to her kennel and saw that the pink card was now blue, which meant she was eligible for adoption!

7 years later, the rest is history and I’m so grateful I was able to find my girl that day!

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 Perfect for dogs over the age of 5 months, Good Manners is an enjoyable and easy course built to strengthen the bond with your best friend while learning basic obedience skills. In this class you’ll be taught proper handling for leash walking and other fundamental skills to improve your relationship with your dog.

Taught by the behavior staff at the Northeast Animal Shelter, Good Manners is a four-session course that takes place on Sundays at 10 am – beginning April 11 – with classes to follow on April 18, 25, and May 2. All classes will be taught at Walk A Pup facilities at 41 Mason St #4, Salem, MA 01970. Cost for each course is $80 per dog. All proceeds support Northeast Animal Shelter.



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Designed for pups ages 5 months and under, Puppy Kindergarten is a fun and engaging way to help your puppy gain an understanding of the world around them. In this course you will learn how to raise a happy and well adjusted dog through proper socialization, acquire basic obedience skills, build a lasting bond, and start off on the right paw! 




Taught by the behavior staff at Northeast Animal Shelter, Puppy Kindergarten and Good Manners are four-session courses that take place on Sundays at 9am and 10am — beginning April 11 — with classes to follow on April 18, 25, and May 2. All classes will be taught at Walk A Pup facilities at 41 Mason St #4, Salem, MA 01970. Cost for each course is $80 per puppy/dog. All proceeds support Northeast Animal Shelter.




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After waiting so long to get into the shelter, and as soon as I saw her…I knew she would be coming home with us that day. It had been so long since I have had a puppy..and boy did I realize how much hard work is involved in keeping her safe and healthy! I am almost too busy with her to even type this letter! On the other hand, we are so in love with her and we love letting her explore all the wonderful places she goes to with us on walks. Yes – Moira was meant to be with us! My appointment was cancelled due to a snow storm and when I went the next day -there she was! If I had gone on the scheduled date..I would have never seen her – because she was being spayed that day! Thank you so much for caring for our baby! She is definitely a keeper! Thank you NEAS!!

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This is Kai adopted on 12/4/2020, but we call him Harley. He likes to help me work and do the laundry! He’s a sweetheart! We are so happy that we found him. He fits into our family perfectly! Thank you NEAS!

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We are so grateful to NEAS as we’ve adopted most all of our pets here, Leia being our latest new love! We visited NEAS to start the process of finding a dog, thinking it would for sure take time and many visits as we had some specific needs and desires for our canine friend. After meeting a few dogs who we loved, but didn’t feel like the right fit for us, we were about to wrap up our first visit. But then, as we were exiting the kennel, my daughter and husband spotted Leia (formerly Roxie) and wanted to meet her. Within minutes, we knew she needed to join our family. She is a perfect mixture of playful, high energy, sweet and cuddly. Leia has settled in with our family well and is happily cohabitating with our cat, Goose (also from NEAS!). She gets walks in the woods around our house, plays lots of fetch, watches the turkeys in our yard, and loves going on the hunt for a new favorite stick. Leia is our first family dog and we’re so looking forward to many years with her! Thank you NEAS for finding our little baby!