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Bart was adopted as a stray from VA so I was a bit nervous about how he would behave around people. I opened the crate when i got home in the living room as he wanted out ASAP. He poked his head up, then went right over to my son (the only other person home), proceeded to walk through the house 2x inspecting each room while I set up the litter box.

He found the box, used it, then sat down on the floor next to my son, rolled over onto his back and let my son pat him. This is clearly a cat used to humans. New people in the house don’t bother him in the least. 

I didn’t realize how big he was in comparison to other cats, which is everyone’s first reaction followed by how friendly he is. Exactly what I wanted…cat maintenance, dog personality.

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We adopted 7-month old Max on March 9th and he has been an incredible addition to our family. A pup from rural Georgia, he’s still getting used to the bustle of the big city, but he’s adjusting quite nicely and is becoming less nervous every day. People always stop me on the street to tell me how handsome he is and how beautiful his amber eyes are. It’s why I immediately fell in love with him at the shelter!

Max loves going on long walks and playing with his friends at the dog park. He loves giving his human and dog friends lots of kisses! He doesn’t really know what I want him to do when I throw the ball, though. He would much rather do a few tricks for a yummy treat.

He likes to be independent when we’re in a familiar place, but at the end of a long day, all he wants to do is snuggle between us and get some belly scratches. He looks at us with the saddest eyes when we stop!

While Max still has a lot of puppy energy, he is such a well mannered dog. If he gets too mouthy or chews on something not for him, he’s excellent at listening. He’s doing very well in puppy kindergarten at the MSPCA. He knows “sit,” “stay,” “lay down,” “paw,” and even “stand up”!

We had such a great experience adopting Max from Northeast Animal Shelter. They gave us everything we need to go home with him and made sure he was the perfect fit for our lifestyle. When we’re ready to adopt a little brother or sister for Max, we will absolutely be going back to NEAS!

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We adopted Martin, now known as Benny, in December.

So we found a 1-year-old beagle mix whom we called Benny. We fell in love with him right away and we are very happy with the choice we made. The picture we posted is his”sister” Beauty on the left and of course Benny on the right.

He’s been very good with our family and our dog and cats and he likes to sleep and he likes going for walks and running around with Beauty and he likes being carried and picked up like a baby and he likes to hop on the kitchen table we are trying working with him on that but other than that he’s a laid-back beagle and he gets along very well with other dogs and people.

I would like to say every time we visited NEAS it was well organized very clean and the workers and volunteers treat the animals like there own and they give people respect and they go out of their way to make sure you get the perfect animal for your family.

Thank you so much NEAS for helping us finding the right dog for our family and we will tell all of are family and friends about NEAS and will be back.

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We adopted Opie (formerly known as Sugar) about 3 weeks ago. It was the best decision we made! He is the sweetest little love bug with a side of sass around. He loves to play, sleep, and snuggle. He became comfortable in no time and now he runs the show in our house!

From the day we brought him home, he was litter box trained and he hasn’t had an accident yet. Northeast Animal Shelter was so helpful and accommodating. We are so happy with our newest family member. It’s become all about Opie and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Benny has adjusted well and was “The Boss” on day one … lol.

We have a 55 pound female dog, Abbey, who is 9 years old and although there are some jealousy issues when it comes to attention, there have not been any territorial issues. They are getting use to each other.

Benny is a character with a sweet personality. He loves going for his daily walks with his sister Abbey, and he is very curious about everything around him. 

He loves going for rides in our van and loves exploring the dog beach, the park, and all new places. He loves looking out the window with his doggie sister and exploring the backyard too.

He also met his human grandparents and loves sitting on his Papa’s lap.

He is also a good traveller. He came with us to Maine to visit his human sister at college. It was a 4 hour drive and we did stop at a rest stop for a walk, food, & water.  He also did very well in the pet friendly hotel that we stayed at. He loved meeting his human sister & all her college friends. He got a lot of cuddles that day along with his dog sister Abbey.

He loves to walk, discover, play, and snuggle. He snuggles on the couch for an afternoon nap and at night during TV time, then he goes to sleep in bed with me (mama) and snuggles right up next to me.

Although with his frequent walks, he does not have to “ask” to go out often. I was able to house train him in just a few days without any problem. 

We also took him to the vet in which he was up to date with all his shots. He got a clean bill of health except for his teeth and weight. He gained a few pounds in the amount of time that we had him (oops) but we are measuring out his food now and being proactive with his dental health. 

He is a wonderful little guy with a huge personality. He is definitely part of our family. 

Thank you for all the work you do in order to give these pets a second chance at having a happy life that they deserve.

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Rhonda (the dog formerly known as Nubby) has been with us now for an entire month, although I can barely remember what our routine was like before her. 

We knew right away that Rhonda was the dog for us when we met her at the shelter. As soon as she entered the visiting room, she planted herself across our feet and looked up at my boyfriend and me with eyes that said “Okay we will go home now.” She was so sweet and we bonded with her immediately. Her sweetness has remained as she’s adjusted to life in our home.

While Rhonda initially seemed very concerned with us leaving her (for the first week it seemed like she always had to be touching me), she has adapted to our schedule and seems to know what when we leave in the morning we are just as eager to get back to her as she is to be reunited with us. As you’ll see in the picture, she sometimes tries to be a lap dog but we are working on getting her to understand her size.

She is always eager to go for her morning walk and especially seems to enjoy being on her lead in the yard where she has a little more freedom to explore. Rhonda is the first dog I have seen roll herself purposefully down a hill, seemingly for entertainment purposes. It certainly entertains me! I am so excited to see what adventures we encounter as the weather gets nicer and we explore more together.

We really appreciate all the time that the adoption counselors took to find us the right dog for our home. We never would have found this perfect match without all the guidance we received. 

We feel very lucky to be able to give Rhonda the home that she deserves. She is truly a gift. We cannot thank you all at Northeast enough for the work that you do and for bringing us all together!

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When we adopted Cleo (Girly) in February, we were looking for a little sister for our other shelter dog, Diesel, a gentle giant who had just completed his heartworm treatment and was cleared to be fully active again.  We knew we wanted a younger pup to help keep him active.  

Well, sometimes we are reminded of that saying,”be careful what you wish for!” Cleo has become the center of attention, always wanting to play, snuggle, and dig holes in our yard.  She is a very vocal young lady, she can howl, yelp, bark, whine, bay, and sing, and always seems puzzled when we don’t know exactly what she’s saying.

She was listed as a lab mix, but that didn’t seem to fit her, so we had her DNA tested and weren’t surprised to see that she is 50% beagle and 25% blood hound. She is a little girl with a huge personality, and the perfect fit for our family. We can’t thank NEAS and our counselor Regan enough for brining us all together. I would also like to mention the APCSM in Brockton who gave us our Diesel and provided all the medical care to treat his heartworm disease.

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Kam is now Maple and she is doing great!   I think she LOVES her new home.  She has her spot on the couch with lots of soft blankets and many toys. She has made a lot of doggie friends as we live in a condo where about 80% of the residents have dogs. She loves people and makes friends everywhere she goes.  She is pretty much crate trained and we are working on house-training.

We are having a great time at puppy kindergarten and she is working on come, sit and leave it.  She also loves walks in the woods and has visited many of the trails in the area where she LOVES to run and smell everything and enjoy the nice weather now that it is finally here.  She does not like the rain or the cold so she has some doggy clothes to keep her warm and dry. 

We love our new family member and are having a great time watching her grow and learn new things. She is now almost 19 pounds.

We had a wonderful experience at the Northeast Animal Shelter and have met a few people in the area who also have adopted from you.  I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a new furry friend. We were very impressed with the size of the shelter and how clean and new it is and how nice the staff was. 

You can see from the picture how big and comfy she is.

Thank you for a wonderful pet adoption experience. 

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It’s been almost fours years since I visited the shelter to look for a puppy. Al was just released from quarantine with his sister Honey that morning I came in. When I adopted him his name was Jake, but since he came up from Alabama I felt “Al” was more appropriate. He’s been a great addition to the family, and he’s the best barn dog! He has also fallen in love with my best friend’s dog who was also adopted from NEAS. Thank you so much Northeast Animal Shelter for bringing Al into my life 🙂