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The first day we brought her home, Ginny couldn’t even stand up. Whenever anyone came near her, she would immediately plop on the ground and lay there.

Having her for almost two years now, she is so smiley! She loves her two older siblings and wants to play with them all day. She always carries around her stuffed animal even after it’s been chewed to shreds.

The progress that she made, and the personality that is shining through after two years makes adoption so worth it! I’m so happy to have found my little gin-bug and can’t wait to make so many more memories with my precious baby.

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We are newlyweds and adopted little Ember at just 10 weeks old. We named her Ember because of her ashy/firey coloring, as well as her spunky and spicy attitude. She and her siblings were found abandoned in a fish restaurant in Florida, and we are SO thankful to have her in our family now. From the second we picked her up at the shelter, she did nothing but purr and snuggle.

Ember is equally sweet yet sassy. She LOVES carrying around her favorite toy the “cuddlestache,” a stuffed pink mustache that she runs around the house with. She sleeps in between our heads every night and we fall asleep to her loud purrs. She has filled our house with so much joy and fun.

She is very fond of walking on keyboards, swatting board game pieces, and meeting new people. She will snuggle up and purr with just about anybody, and she happily greets us when we come home. You can often find Ember running by with a toy in her mouth, giving us kisses all over our face, purring in her kitty condo, or watching her brother Nox (betta fish) swim around.

We are so grateful for little Ember and the love she has in her tiny body. We cannot imagine what our lives were even like before she joined our family.

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My husband and I adopted Toothless (formerly Sam) in November 2017. Though his name seems to confuse quite a few people, for those who have seen “How to Train your Dragon,” I believe the resemblance is quite clear.

As you can see in the Spring 2018 Animal Tales Newsletter’s story on his mom, Sable, Toothless’ origin was fraught with some obstacles. Luckily, Toothless caught my eye on the NEAS adoption page, and within two days he became a part of our family. From the moment he stepped into our home he has been a very happy and confident kitty (some might say too confident).

We live in a little home, nestled in the woods, with a cozy sun room in the back, which he loves to spend most of his time and watch the birds. He loves to play hide-and-seek, bat around his turtle toy, and as my husband would say, “The kid’s got ups!” Whether it’s hiding in our Christmas tree or snuggling in my lap on a rainy day, I can’t imagine my life without Toothless, or as I call him, my little bean.

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Mercedes in now “Dixie” and she knows her name well.  She is a quick learner and is truly amazing us.  She has just started scratching on the door to do out, smart girl.  She loves her positive reinforcement!

Her first night with us she slept nine hours!  She loves her crate and continues to sleep through the night without disturbances and takes naps in her crate during the day.  

She absolutely loves the wild life here – especially watching the rabbits.  Though she is it trained enough to run free, she gets plenty of exercise.  She likes looking at the animals from our deck and will adapt well to her new environment.  Yes, some days she is a handful, but this is not our first pup.  It’s all good here and we can’t thank you enough!

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Channel, whom we have renamed Georgia after her home state, is a complete delight!   She adores our daughter, is bright, playful, funny and has already started training classes and doing very well. 

She is now over 20 pounds.  She tries to make friends with our three cats, but they’re not really interested.  She sleeps through the night and has no problems eating and still loves carrots. 

We had an incredibly positive experience going through the adoption process with you all and are always telling others about your shelter. 

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I adopted Sansa in January, 2012 from NEAS not long after my first dog passed at age 15. Sansa was 2 and an absolute love bug from the start. She’s now 8 and while she might be a little grayer, she has not slowed down at all.

Sansa has a hiking pack twice a week while I’m at work and many neighborhood dog friends who we visit with. Otherwise she’s content to go on our 3 mile walks and lounge around the house. I limit her backyard time – too many rabbit treats to eat or something stinky to roll in. Yup she’s one of “those dogs” but I love her anyway! Even the emergency baths….

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Riley came to us four years ago as a tiny puppy from Alabama. My fiance went to go pick her up. It was a snow storm. I was trapped at nursing school due to the snow and no snow tires. It was about 9pm when I finally met my new puppy.

Since then she has been super spoiled. We take walks everyday. She sits in the bay window watching the world go by and waiting to bark at the mailman. She is my little furbaby.

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We adopted Lilly just before March. I had no idea what to expect. We have two cats and at the time, a small apartment.

But everything went great.  We moved into our house shortly after and the cats and dogs seem to just walk by each other now. Lilly has gone to the dog park down the street a couple of times now. She is learning new tricks everyday.  She is so smart.

My family absolutely adores her and I think she’s falling in love with my father in law. Lilly is the sweetest gentlest pup I have ever owned.  She just wants to love you and sleep. I couldn’t be any happier with her! She has taken to my husband very quickly as well. I think she has a connections with males!

But anyway, we are happy as a clam with her!

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Our whole family is smitten! Ernie (the cat formerly known as Stripes) has managed to quickly worm his way into our lives and our hearts. Within just a few hours of arriving at our home — after racing around the bedroom exploring every surface and space, of course — he was up on the bed giving head butts, snuggling on warm laps and looking for belly rubs. Needless to say, he’s settled in quite nicely over the last month!

He loves playing with the laser pointer, helping my husband type on the computer, attacking ankles and other “tender bits” under blankets, and cuddling all night long on the bed. I can’t gush enough about this funny, quirky, little (but growing quickly!) guy. Thanks for bringing him into our lives!

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These two kitties moved in almost a month ago. Lola started sleeping with my little boy on the first night. She follows me everywhere, tries to eat people food and loves to hang on the couch at night. She found a favorite sunny windowsill to hang out during the afternoon most days.

Ivana loves to play with cat toys, eat catnip, stretch out on a sunny spot on the floor and sleep in our room. She also loves her cat food and lets us know when it is mealtime. Both cats love the kids and the kids love to play with them.

We are so happy they found their forever home with us and look forward to many years of happiness with them.