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As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we are so thankful we were able to add Winston to our family. He fits in beautifully and we are enjoying his snuggles and antics. Our five year old dog, Brody has been a wonderful big brother and Winston has managed to get him off the couch to wrestle and play.

We go to the dog park every day and Winston loves playing with the big dogs – he is pretty scrappy for a little guy. His favorite game is “chase” (either chasing or being chased) and he is incredibly fast and nimble. Not many dogs keep up with him as he darts around boulders and trees and over the rock walls.

He gets plenty of exercise and stimulation, and the activity has paid off – he has not displayed any of the “mouthiness” or the “zoomies” that his former owners experienced. The morning walks, Brody’s company, and trips to the dog park keep him busy and tired.

Winston joined us already housebroken and knowing his basic commands. We appreciate the work his first family did with him. We feel so lucky to have adopted a trained, sweet, well-adjusted puppy. Thank you for letting us be Winston’s forever home. Winston is the smaller pup and you see him with his brother Brody playing and waiting to go out. We’re biased, but we think they are the cutest!!

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“Hello! My name is Lola. I was originally named Daisy but I think Lola is a better name for me!

I was one of Rosie’s twelve puppies! I miss my brothers and sisters, who I hope I can reunite with one day. For now, I’m with my loving family who enjoys my cuddles and taking me out to parks.

Within my first week home, I learned a few commands – how to sit, lay down, give paw, and stay. I’m an intelligent puppy who loves spending time with my family.

I’m still learning how to pee & poop outdoors but I’m working on it! I have pig paws, so I know for a fact that one day I’m going to be big and strong like my mommy Rosie. I’m going to go learn some new tricks and play with my family now! Woof!”

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Our new little fur baby Abigail (formally Abby) is doing wonderfully here in her new home! She is such a smart little girl and is doing great with her training and already knows “sit” and gives her paw.  She is also learning “stay” and “heel.”

She loves to snuggle in her people’s lap!! We are so happy Abigail has joined our family and we would like to thank all the wonderful staff at Northeast Animal Shelter for helping to make our family complete!!!

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Earl (pictured on the left in the photo) was an unexpected adoption that truly changed my life.

I tagged along with my parents as they picked up the cutest kitten in the world (“Chester,” now “Sixx”). I knew I was moving soon and that I would maybe want a fur friend with me, I just didn’t know if or when. I have also always had dogs in my life, and have deep compassion for almost every dog…. in the world…. (crazy dog lady!)

Back in July, I told myself I would never get a dog again as we have had a long few months as a family sorting through some serious health issues with one of the most special dogs in my life, Izzy. As I walked around the dog/puppy rooms, I thought they were all cute; but as soon as I saw Earl – I looked at my dad and broke my own rule, declaring that he was the one.

I waited for hours to meet the little guy – and it was worth it! My sister and I visited with him in the small room, and then he came over and put his two front paws in my lap – SOLD!

It hurt my heart that he was so afraid of everything and I just wanted to give him a safe, loving life. Earl has enjoyed the past few weeks with his human grandparents, aunts and uncles; his dog aunts and uncles; and his aunt Sixx. Earl most recently had a great time at Izzy’s and my favorite place, Castle Island. Now Earl and I are taking on the world in my new condo, and he has so many new furry friends in the complex.

Earl is living the safe and loving life I wanted for him. Now, it is just a girl and her Earl! 🙂

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He is from Georgia. He was curious. And so he became Curious George.

He lives up to his name every day. He loves to be part of every social situation and greets every single person coming into the house.

Our greyhound Tiffany has accepted him into our pack. And our 5-year old son is in charge of his dinners. When George thinks I am working too much, he walks across the keyboard, and turns off the WI-FI. He knows how to speak up for himself.

We take him out on adventures on a leash at the back of the house. And he lets us rub his belly and trim his nails every week! He is a great match for our family. Thank you!

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Charlie (formerly known as Kory) has changed our lives for the better. He is a fun, loving beagle that is ready to play all the time. We never realized how much a pet would improve our lives.

We are beyond happy and cannot express how much we love Charlie! We are a little family now and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Thanks again Northeast Animal Shelter!

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We saw Rudy (formerly Pockey) on your website and were very lucky to get to a chance to meet him on a very busy Sat morning at the shelter.

He is taking to training, but has the stubborn side of a teenager! He loves walks and meeting other dogs. He is totally aware of his surroundings and even chased an airplane, yup!

Rudy is an awesome little guy that seems to fit right in. We are very lucky to have him become part of the family!

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We Adopted Kippy 2 months ago… He is a big dog with a big heart. He has fit in wonderfully with our family!

He is very friendly to all people and their pets, and a joy to take on long walks or to watch the kids play soccer. We couldn’t have asked for a better pet! Kippy just celebrated his first birthday yesterday!!!

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We fell in love with this little guy at Northeast and named him Arlo! He was called Beric at the shelter. 

He’s been adjusting to his new home here – doing really well in his house training and puppy classes. And of course he’s so cute, we can’t walk down the street without someone stopping us. 🙂 Good thing he’s extremely social.  He’s already made friends with all the local baristas.

We’re so thankful for everything that the staff at Northeast did to get this little guy to our home!

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We are so happy with our new puppy Amy, whom we renamed DOLLY.

She is a wonderful dog, so smart, and her addition to our family has been amazing.

We have two cats that we adopted 3 years ago from Northeast Animal Shelter, and they have a blast playing.

The best place to adopt a pet for sure!