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Pepe (formerly Timmy), is doing absolutely awesome.  He fits in well in his new home and is such a people person. 

He currently is under the care of VCA in Everett and is due to for his last shot on Monday.  He does great in the house and does not need a cage at all.  Housed trained, well behaved and enjoys the views out the window. 

Pepe is in great care and I’m thinking about getting him a friend very very shortly.  Thank you for a great easy experience with adoption. Glad I did!

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We changed Summer’s name to Stella, and she is doing very well. A week ago she went to the vet and she has gone from 9.5 pounds to 11.2 pounds!

Stella sleeps in her crate all night and she also really enjoys mealtimes! She has met some of the dogs in the neighborhood and she is super friendly. She even had her picture taken with Santa and was very well behaved!

She does love to chew so we have been distracting her with chew toys…Puppies! She loves to run during the day in the house and is getting better with house breaking. We will be enrolling her in Puppy training starting next week! We really enjoy her!

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Sadie, formerly Sage, is wonderful! She’s growing strong and very confident.

Sadie loves all the toys she received for Christmas. To start the new year, she learned how to sit and give paw for treats.

We are so grateful to have her in our family. 

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Tinsley (neé Patti) is doing great! She’s come so far since we picked her up. At first she was so afraid of the world, but she’s really been coming out of her shell. She especially loves meeting new dogs. Her biggest asset is that her curiosity always wins out over her fear. She’s really is a wonderful dog. 

We had no idea what she would be like when we picked her up, but she has really blossomed and has come into her own. And even though she’s already chewed through about 6 pairs of our shoes, we couldn’t imagine a second without her now!

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Spencer (formerly Lego) is so smart, he learned his new name so quickly.  He and our other dog Abby (who we also adopted from Northeast Animal Shelter) love each other, they are two peas in a pod.   

Spencer has overcome any anxiety or fearfulness. When we first took him home, he would dart out of the room whenever the TV made a loud noise (we were worried we would never see him at night when the TV was on!), but after about two months of living with us, he now never leaves the room when the TV is on and he always sits (plops) in Dad’s lap (usually under a blanket) when we are watching TV.  In fact, he is not afraid of any loud noises!

He loves going for walks (not in the rain!) and lets us easily dress him in sweaters when it is cold outside.  He loves car rides, food, treats and chewing on a good bacon flavored Nylabone.  He really, really, loves snuggling under blankets.  He and Abby are always at the door when we come home wiggling their buts in excitement.  

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Mittens and Mocha have adjusted very well to their new home! They were a bit skittish for the first few days, but now are quite comfortable in their new house.

We can’t believe their energy level at times; they gallop around the house together and love to wrestle. We’ve had to retrieve a number of fallen objects and have, therefore, gotten better at kitty-proofing the house! But we love how closely they stick together. They play together and sleep together; so sweet.

We entertained a lot of family at our house over the holiday season and the kittens were the highlight for all. As long as there weren’t TOO many people in the house at once, they joined the gatherings.

We have told a lot of people how impressed we were with the staff and facility at Northeast Animal Shelter. All of the animals clearly receive high quality care. Those that end up there are very fortunate! Keep up the good work.

As you can see, they are comfortable throughout the house now!

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Miko is now known as Duck (a homage to his ugly duckling beginnings) and he’s doing great! He was quick to adjust to his new home and he’s been such a playful, silly, and loving kitty.

He sleeps well and definitely no issues eating – he usually wants to eat his own food and then everyone else’s! His cat big brother Domino is still a little wary of the new guy, but overall things are going well. They eat together, will share a lap or cozy blanket, sometimes exchange licks. We still supervise their interactions and separate them if we’re leaving for any extended amount of time just in case.

 Duck hasn’t shown any health or behavioral problems at all – he’s been an easy going little guy and we love him! 

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We are in love with our Rogue!

She drove with us home to Michigan for Christmas and she is the biggest sweetheart even in a new environment with new people.  She loves her Momma, and follows me around the house. Even in our king sized bed, Rogue manages to cuddle us both to the edge of the bed!

Our love is the perfect member of our family.

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Hank (formerly Bingo) is doing fantastic. He’s a great little boy and loves playing with his new big sister, Lily.

We couldn’t be happier with him and are grateful to have him in our lives. He’s received all his shots and is very healthy.

We had a wonderful experience with the animal shelter staff. You all made this such an easy and pleasant experience!

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We love our little Bailey girl️! She adjusted really quickly (I always joke that she knew she was home the first time she walked in the door)… she has great confidence.

Her first vet appointment went great! She sleeps through the night in a dog bed next to her fur brother, and she is still doing great in her crate when I’m at work. Bailey loves her friends at doggie daycare (once a week), but her favorite pal is our senior dog (who adores her even though he still wants all mom and dads attention)! She has learned her name, as well as come, sit, paw, and down! She is very responsive to a simple ‘no,’ and leaves whatever it is alone.

Bailey loves to snuggle and sleep on the couch with the whole family. She is such an amazing dog (smart, sweet, loves everyone, easygoing, happy, and very loyal). I have no complaints, in fact she has been easier to train than any previous dogs we have had (family or otherwise) because she is just so eager to please. I believe she is happy, healthy, and loved! I can see that she is really acclimated to the routine here and we can’t imagine our family without her.