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Peaches is happy and the boss of her new home! She was in charge of our 60 pound dog in two days and made friends with the cat within a week!!!

Her only bad news is her new owner is a teacher and went back to work in September!!!!

Peaches is happy and well adjusted to her new home – thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!!!

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My papa adopted Mollie (formally known as Corina) on June 9th this year. She lived in the city with him and nana for a little while before deciding that she was much happier in New Hampshire with me, my mom, and my stepdad, where she can live a more active life.

Here she gets to play with her big brother Diggle (who is also a NEAS dog). Mollie and Diggle can freely run in their big backyard and dig holes and play. She loves to jump on and off of the front porch swing to make it move and then lies down and enjoys the rocking. She also loves to go to the lake and play and swim in the water with Diggle.

Mollie loves to visit her papa and nana in the city twice a month where she is loved and spoiled. She has the best of both worlds. She’s both a country and a city girl who has a variety of fun experiences. She is a very smart, agile, fast, energetic, cuddly, and funny pup.

Mollie and Diggle are two peas in a pod and seem to always be using their talents to be up to something. It certainly is a comedy show with the two of them. She loves to get her big brother to chase her, and then quickly dashes and hides under a chair where he can’t reach her. She loves to dig up the bones that he buries and bring them back to him. Sometimes he even shows her where he’s buried them so she can dig them up to give back to him.

She is a master slipper thief, though she doesn’t mind getting caught red handed. In fact, she’s pretty proud of herself. We too are very proud of our little, not so little girl. We couldn’t ask for a better dog and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

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My boyfriend and I adopted Bunny (a Siamese, DSH mix) on 8/17 right after we moved into Salem. I had planned on keeping her name, but accidentally called her Kiki and felt it matched her sassy personality very well, so it stuck!

She has settled so amazingly, and really loves her new home. She is sweet, loving and VERY talkative. We feel we can have entire conversations with her. She really loves mealtime and asks for food when she wants it — even at 3:30 am 🙂 but is starting to adjust to her feeding schedule very well.

We love her very much, and look forward to growing with her!!

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When our beloved 17-year old cat died, we knew that one day we would be ready for a new cat to love. A few months later, we arrived at NEAS and we were adopted by Oliver (who was at that time called Doug).

From the moment we picked him up he has been part of the family. He brings so much love and laughter into our lives!

Something as simple as a shoelace or a kitty-sized ball are enough to keep him entertained for a long, long time. When he finally runs out of energy, he curls up next to one of us and purrs himself to sleep.

He is just the right amount of frisky curiosity and playfulness combined with sweet, loving affection. We’re so grateful that he’s part of our lives!

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Yoshi changed my whole mindset on cats. I went to NEAS only looking to adopt a dog… I walked out with a 9 month old kitten, who is now just over a year old. I was not even a cat person! But Yoshi has absolutely stole my heart in more ways than one.

He is the funniest animal I have ever met and is always cheering me up without even knowing. He loves playing fetch, sticking his tongue out and splashing his paws in water (he is basically a dog).

Yoshi is my shadow- he follows me everywhere I go and sleeps on my pillow every night. He walks me to the door when I leave for work and he greets me when I walk back in.

I just recently adopted a new kitten and he is so loving and accepting. If you’re thinking about adopting, please do it. Even if you think you’re not a “cat person”, these animals will be everything you didn’t know you needed!!!!

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Benny has been with us for less than a month now and he has made his mark! We adopted Benny (formally known as Atticus) on August 6th at 12 weeks.

He is the perfect kitten! He loves to cuddle at all times and always needs to be right next to me. He gets along so well with our 1 year old cat- they love their cuddles and play time.

Benny loves his laser, kneading, avocado blanket, and watching running water.

Benny has been an amazing edition to our family. His unconditional love makes our days a little bit easier… and he’s just the most adorable little ham ever!

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We adopted Tyrion (previously named Taco) about 3 months ago. My boyfriend and I were just browsing at first. When we saw Tyrion, it was an instant connection with me. I knew I had to get him. We went in the visiting room and he acted like he has known us his whole life.

We brought our other dog into the shelter to meet Tyrion, and she fell IN LOVE. They were playing and acting like BEST FRIENDS. We had to wait to bring him home because he was having tummy issues, but it was 100% worth it.

Fast Forward to present day, and they are still best friends. They play everyday with each other, sleep next to each other, and walk together. They are so adorable. He is the perfect fit for our home. He has adjusted so well. He follows us around and follows our other dog around. If we were to get another, we would come back to this shelter for sure. They were so sweet and blessed us with a perfect companion.

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We adopted Fiona and Finley about a month ago, and they made themselves at home from the moment they arrived. They love wrestling with each other, chasing both their own and each others’ tails, and are pretty aggressive snugglers!

They both love cuddling on a lap at the same time, even if they don’t quite fit.

We have completely fallen in love, and they have too. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have found the two of them.

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August 6, 2019 Galaxy became a member of our family. On the first night, as recommended I had him stay in the bathroom. This was his one room until he got adjusted to our home.

That night I heard his cries and couldn’t ignore him. I brought in my pillow and blanket, he curled up on me and slept the rest of the night!  I let him explore my bedroom the next day, by that night he was sleeping by my side all night long.

He is AMAZING with children, he really does put up a lot with the little ones!

Galaxy is super cuddly, comes to me most of the time when I call him and he purrs all the time!! By day four he was exploring around the entire house without any problems.

Did I mention kisses? Well he loves to do that and even waits by the door when I come home. I truly enjoy playing with him! Galaxy just had his first check up, he is a very happy and healthy kitty.

I am so grateful to everyone at the shelter for making this possible.Thank you for all you do and Thank you for making our home complete again.


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Zephyr (formerly Loki) was the missing piece to our family. He is a beautiful soul. He and our one and a half year old pup became immediate best friends. She needed a companion and her days are now filled with play and snuggly naps. He is goofy, when he is feeling extra affectionate he will go head first and slide down the couch to complete a somersault into our lap. He is socializing well. He met a human baby friend that is our neighbor and they love each other.

The first few days home, he wouldn’t make eye contact or engage. But now, his brown eyes stare into ours until our hearts melt. In three weeks, he has learned sit, stay, touch, come, paw, lay down. Potty training is going well, already giving us cues when he needs to go out. Loves his crate! He had his first visit to the vet and charmed everyone there. Vet said he is very healthy.

He is terrified of rain, but not thunder or lightning. We bought him a rain coat so he doesn’t feel the drops and can have fun in the rain, so he is coming around. He cries when we walk just a few steps away but he is learning to settle on his own.

We could go on forever…and guess we have!

Patrick was our counselor. Zephyr wasn’t our first pick, but Patrick encouraged us to take our time, and meet other pups. He was patient with our many questions and got to know us to help find the perfect match. We came in with an idea of the pup we wanted but left with the pup that was meant to be. We will be indebted to him forever.

Thank you and Northeast Animal Shelter…you are changing lives!