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We met Emery just about 1 month ago. He is such a sweet puppy.

Although he presented some aggressive behaviors in the past with the previous foster/initial adoption home, he has exhibited no such behaviors with us. We feel very lucky that the stars aligned to allow him to come into our lives.

He loves his squeaky ball play time and enjoys brisk walks around our neighborhood. He is meeting new friends along the way.

We look forward to enjoying many years of his loving support and hope we can provide the same to him in return.


Thank you NEAS for not giving up on Emery, helping us find our new four legged friend, and making our family complete.

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We adopted Darla (formerly named Carlin) September 2019 and she is already a big part of our family! She gets along with our other cats as you can see in the picture (Darla is the gray tabby) and gets along smashingly with my 2 year old niece.

Darla loves giving her humans “baths” and snuggling. She also loves playing with cat springs and strings on a stick. She’ll do anything for treats!

We really love Darla and are so glad we adopted her!

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I adopted Sadie on September 28, 2019. She seemed like a good match when we met each other in the meeting room.

Sure enough, she has adjusted well to us and us to her. She’s very energetic (thank God for a backyard), sweet and lovable.

She loves playing with her toys and treats, too. She keeps us laughing.

I feel very fortunate that we found each other. It could have been a different story, but it’s truly a “love story.”

Thank you!

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Charlie was adopted on 7/29 and just turned six months old.

He’s adapting great to life in the city and wishes everyone a happy holiday season!

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Talk about a first impression!  When Heather arrived at Northeast Animal Shelter from one of our Southern rescue partners, she immediately made it known that it was going to take a while for her to warm up to her new surroundings.

Not only was Heather very vocal in her kennel, which didn’t endear her to potential adopters – she was not particularly fond of other dogs either, which didn’t endear her to her kennel mates.  Heather was continuously overlooked, and we wondered if she’d ever find her forever humans.

But underneath that tough, anxious exterior was a spirited, smart, and affectionate pup who needed lots of exercise and love.  Once Heather was outside in a play yard chasing a ball, she became a different dog!  Afterward, she’d roll on her back to enjoy a good belly rub.

Our behavior team worked tirelessly to help Heather. Still, it took a long time for her to change her outlook on meeting new people and other dogs.  Under our care, she grew into a confident, more relaxed pet – and a staff favorite!

After five months of hard work, Heather was finally ready for a home of her own.

Her new parents love her unconditionally and help her burn off all that energy by taking her on brisk walks and playing frisbee in the backyard.  

 Today Heather is not only happy, she is thriving.

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It’s heartbreaking when loved ones can no longer care for themselves, and even more so when they can no longer care for their pets.

That was the situation facing a family whose mother had raised Puddin’, a 12-year-old Himalayan show cat.  When the woman was diagnosed with dementia, her family reached out to Northeast Animal Shelter for help.

Upon arriving at the Shelter, staff quickly realized Puddin’ was in need of considerable grooming and dental work – so our medical team got to work right away, providing the cosmetic and medical care she desperately needed.

Once Puddin’ recovered, it was time for her to find an adopter who would shower her with love and affection… and did she ever!  Puddin’ now spends her days cuddling with her canine brother – and new best friend – on the couch until her dad gets home from work.  Her bed of choice is her dad’s pillow, and he happily obliges.  It’s safe to say Puddin’ has found her forever home!

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We are so happy with Ghost, who we have renamed, Poe. He has adapted so well to our life, and his personality started to show the second we brought him home! He loves playing with balls and paper towel rolls, and really enjoys knocking over things on tables. His favorite places to take naps are next to a sunny window, or on the couch with some cuddles. 
We brought him to the vet a few days after bringing him home, and he weighed a whole 1.77 lbs! He has grown so much since then, we can’t wait to see how much he has gained. Everyone at the vets office loved him and can’t wait for his second appointment! 
We want to thank you so much for helping us through the process of adopting Poe (Ghost). 

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Fospice, a blend of “foster” and “hospice,” provides comfort and care to senior or terminally ill homeless pets like Gertie, a local stray who was brought to NEAS barely clinging to life.


Our medical team discovered this eight-year-old Chihuahua needed immediate surgery to remove two large hernias and a gland tumor. To make matters worse, she was also heartworm positive and had a recurring knee problem. Poor Gertie was found just in time. 

Once Gertie got the care she desperately needed, we looked for a medical foster home where we hoped she might recover. Fortunately, fate stepped in to help – a wonderful family saw her on our website and fell in love. “There were a few photos of a perfectly beautiful soul who captured our hearts,” they said.

In spite of her poor health, Gertie was quite content. She spent her days sampling treats, playing with her fur sibling, and watching squirrels from the window. Gertie was finally home.

Her family told us, “We didn’t know if Gertie would make it or how long we would have together, but one thing we do know is we have our time together now and it’s vibrant.”

Alas, these happy days were also her final ones – Gertie recently passed away in her fospice home, but we take comfort in knowing she was so well loved.

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For such a little dog, Oriah sure had a big journey!


This seven-year-old Chihuahua had to travel all the way from Southern California to New England to find her forever home. Sadly in many overcrowded shelters, older pets like Oriah are often overlooked and their fate is uncertain.

At NEAS, Oriah received much-needed dental surgery and was soon ready to find her forever home. That’s when the Danny Boy Foundation reached out and generously offered to sponsor Oriah’s adoption fee! Soon after, she found a wonderful loving family to call her own.

If you would like to sponsor an adoption, please contact Jenna at or 978-745-9888 ext. 301.