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We adopted Moose, (formally Andy), who is a pup from Sassy’s litter in August.

Our shy guy is now learning to be super confident. He loves snuggling with his family and running around with any and every dog. He loves jumping up on picnic tables wherever he can find one.

Its crazy to see the progress he’s made! We feel extremely lucky to have found Moose, he’s the perfect fit for our family and just overall the best pup! Thank you NEAS !

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Haley has been wonderful! She seamlessly adapted into our home and gets along great with her feline sisters. Already housebroken, we established a regular feeding and exercise schedule for her. She understands boundaries and is well trained with commands.

Haley loves going road trips to a new adventure, whether it’s the beach, lake, forest, or New York City. On the forest trails, she often meets and plays with other new doggie friends. If you’re out there for a workout, she loves to show off how fast she can run, with plenty of energy to go for miles. If there’s water around, she will splash and play all day!

At the end of a long day’s play, Haley loves to lie by your side, or on top of you as a 60 lb. lap dog!

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I am very grateful to have found this sweet girl through Northeast Animal Shelter!


She brings so much joy and laughter to my home.

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“Buffy,” who is now called Abby, is doing amazing. We are totally in love with her. She has so much love to give to us.

It is such a different experience with a dog because we are used to raising cats. She snuggles us in bed and sometimes doesn’t like when we have to put her in her crate because she wants to be by our sides constantly.

She has really learned to go outside and even sit by the door when she has to go to the bathroom. She has such a personality and even loves the snow.

Our cats are still adjusting but they are able to eat their meals together and sit next to one another. This week we started her in doggy daycare and she loved it. She was completely wiped after coming home.

In January we are starting her in puppy classes even though she knows sit, down and stay already. We are so thankful for her and the experience we had at the Northeast Animal Shelter. It was totally worth the hour and forty minute drive it took us to get there!

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My mom and I adopted Goblin & Ghost and renamed them Tomo, which means “friend” and Ai, which means “love”.

They are the most lovable and energetic kitties! They have brought us so much love and joy to our family and we love them so much!

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Lyla (formerly Shayla) is doing great! She adapted very fast to my house and is very social with everyone that comes to visit. 
She is feisty like a kitten, but so much fun. She’s starting to get more cuddly and loves to play. 
She definitely likes to eat, and begs, and climbs up my leg when I am trying to prep food. 
She loves her scratching posts and toys and is a little mischievous! 😊

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Fidget and Widget are basically joined at the hip! They are doing great. They are growing fast (Fidget was 2.4 lbs about 5 weeks ago when we got him and he’s now 4lbs; Widget was 2.3 lbs, now 3.9 lbs).

They are the sweetest, funniest little kitties in the world. My husband and I are absolutely smitten. We are loving being cat parents to these sweethearts.

They love food and their toys (they have a favorite toy that they drag around the house). Most recently they love exploring the tub and playing with the shower curtain. 

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We have renamed Sophie “Rosie” and we are completely in love with her. She checked out well during her vet check up and has been growing very well.

We couldn’t be happier with Rosie!

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Toby (adopted October 22nd and formally known as Konner) is a whole new dog and loving life! The first few days he was extremely timid, scared and shy, and would not even go on a walk around the block. Now he loves meeting new people (and their furry, four-legged friends), sleeps through the night in Mom and Dad’s bed, is king of his new back-yard and has 11 best friends at doggie daycare!

He loves walks, but still needs to learn to not pull. He must have had some previous training though, because he’s pretty good at sitting on command (or without even being commanded!), and mostly does his business outside. Mom and Dad are working on new commands like “Paw” and “Down”, but Toby is more interested in the treat in their hand to master them yet.

Overall, we are so happy we adopted Toby and can’t imagine life without him. Our friends and family love him too, and the comment we hear most is how friendly he is! He’s accumulated a few nick-names with our friends and family too: Tobes, Toblerone, Tobe-City and Toby-Wan-Kenobi. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter for allowing us to bring him into our lives!