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Peaches was shy at first coming home, but it didn’t take long for her to open up and adjust to her new home!

She is a pleasure to have at home. Peaches enjoys cuddling up at night and loves sleeping on pillows. She also loves taking showers!

Peaches eats all different kinds of cat food. She will always run and wait by her bowl when it is time to eat.

I am very happy to have her be apart of my family.

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Cricket (formerly known as Pharaoh) is settling in nicely. 
She is a crazy, fun and adorable addition to our family.  She’s playful, curious, funny and sweet.
Cricket jumps around chasing toy mice and occasionally attacks the bath mat and slippers.
It surprised us a bit how Cricket is getting along with our older cat, Pickles. Pickles is pretty aloof and we thought Cricket’s “jump around” style might annoy Pickles. Pickles has now been playing with the toys too (when no one is looking), and may be a little less annoyed than she’d like us to think.  Cricket likes to get real low and stalk Pickles and eventually pounce on her tail!

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Where to begin….. Sammy aka Poppy has adjusted very well.

She is a super snuggle bunny and is a wonderful companion to my 16 yr old kitty Oliver.

She is eating and in good health.

Her personality is wonderful…she is friendly curious and gentle.

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Fletcher is adjusting well to his new home. He is still very reserved when we arrive home everyday but he is quick to warm up after a few minutes. He loves playing fetch with his soft ball. He’s always eager to be snuggling or sleeping on the couch with us. Fletcher is curious and wants to be involved in our activities, and knows when its feeding time because he meows and purrs. Fletcher doesn’t mind having his nails cut and is learning to climb and jump high up now. At his last check up a few weeks ago, he gained 1 lb and is healthy.
Overall, he has been a great addition to our family. 

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Jackson aka Jack O Lantern is doing wonderful. He is such a sweet little guy. We have two children ages (3yrs old and 12 yrs old) so I was a smidge nervous about how possibly nervous he could be coming into our sometimes-loud-house. He fit in as if he was made for our family! He loves to be snuggled and close to everyone. He will rub his tail along my 3 year olds face to get her attention so she can pet him. He loves people!!!! 
He comes running out from his secret hiding places when he call for him or shake his treat bag…. although he is a messy guy with his litter box. 🙂 
He has the cutest little markings on his nose that give his face such character. He also loves the camera. 
I’m in love with him. He is the perfect fur baby for our family. 

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Riley is doing well… she is great at playing ball and sloppy kisses. Riley likes going to the dog park and running around with her puppies as well as the human friends she makes in the park. Riley has gained about 5 pounds since we brought her home. 
We absolutely love her and we walk and play with her every day.

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Professor Chaos is doing wonderful and it didn’t take him much time at all to make himself at home! He brings us so much joy and he has had a lot of fun exploring his new home. 

He loves eating, and turns out he’s not much of a picky eater at all! He loves sleeping in a red chair with foam padding. He brings us toys throughout the night so we wake up with all his toys in the morning. He sleeps on the end of our bed and knows exactly when it’s time to be fed. He loves being pet… when he gets really excited he starts suckling on his paws (it’s adorable). When he wants to be fed he rolls over on the kitchen floor. 

All in all he is doing great and we love him very much. 

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We adopted firefly and named her Samantha.

She loves us all! She makes sure she cuddles with us at night too.

Thank you Samantha for filling our void. She is frisky, funny, friendly, happy and very hungry because she is growing. But oh-my-god is she is a love.

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We’ve always been a multi-pet family and lost our oldest dog (age 14) and oldest cat (age 15) within 2 days of each other in late November. Crazy to think that with one remaining dog and 3 remaining cats the house still felt empty.

In December we adopted the next dog to become part of our family. About a month ago we visited NEAS to meet an adult cat I was interested in. He had been an only cat, was timid and would not have been a good fit for our family. We then met Elizabeth and fell in love with her.

Elizabeth, now known as Izzy is the perfect fit. She is sweet and cuddly, and has totally won over her 3 feline brothers, dog brother and sister. Our December rescue dog, Sasha thinks Izzy is her baby and Sasha is definitely Izzy’s favorite. They wear each other out playing and running through the house, then snuggle up together to rest up.

Even though Izzy has only been with us for a month we can’t imagine life without her. She fills our days with laughter and smiles and is loved by all.

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We are in love with Zira (formerly Adrienne). See is such a sweet girl. We got her a little before Christmas and we are already so attached to her.

She has more than doubled in size since we first got her. She loves all her toys which are all around the house… and loves to hide her milk bones!

We are forever grateful to have Zira as part of our family.