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I am very pleased and happy with Jo Jo.  He is the most perfect dog I could have ever asked for. 

He adjusted very well right from the beginning.  He gets plenty of exercise between the back yard our daily walks and the dog park.  He likes kissing noses and snuggling up with me on either the couch or in bed at night.

He is very friendly with most strangers and I have not had any kind of issues with my grandkids either. So I would like to thank you very much for making it all possible for me to have adopted him. Here’s a picture of him riding in my car.

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Gizmo is adjusting great! As I was typing this he just jumped up on the couch and snuggled.

He is great with everyone who visits and just goes about his day. At first he was scared of his toys and hid, but now he is playing with us with his string toy and laser.  He also likes playing by himself with his little mice, walking around the house comfortably, and taking nice snoozes on the couch or rock chair.

He is a wonderful addition to our little family! 

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Our new family member is adjusting quite nicely!  We love him and he loves us!  

We have renamed Rastus – his new name is “Little Buddy.”  He is the cutest thing, incredibly cuddly, purrs A LOT, and we are so happy that we adopted him. 

When we brought him home, we felt the best room to keep him in for the first week was our bedroom. It’s the largest room in the house, and would have lots of area to run around. He adjusted quite well, and didn’t seem to have any problem with being in that room. Since then, we have introduced him to the rest of the house, and he has a BLAST running all around….up and down the stairs… and out of rooms!  Lots of “kitten energy!” His favorite place to sleep is back in our bedroom, though. 

Little Buddy plays with his little “mice” toys, and a ball with a smiley face on it that he runs around after. He does have his mischievous moments. At bedtime, he jumps up on the bed and wants to play “bite the feet!”  We are trying to teach him that bed time is “sleepy time” and that biting feet is not fun for us! We rub his belly and chin, and he settles down quickly, and then all is quiet. 

He has had a few visitors come by who have been eager to meet him, and he is not frightened by new people. The only thing that seemed to frighten him was the trash and recycling trucks coming up the street on his first week here. We assured him it was only once a week, hopefully he understood, and to not be frightened of the noise. 🙂   Oh, I would say he is not fond of the vacuum cleaner noise, either!

Adopting Little Buddy (Rastus) was our first experience at adopting from a shelter. I have to say that we thought the whole process was great, very efficient, and we truly appreciate all the efforts that staff (both paid and volunteer) put forth in helping animals find new homes. You are to be commended! 

We love our new kitten so much. He has given us a lot of laughs, as well as a lot of love. 

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We happily adopted Fern & Felix on Valentine’s Day. What a better day to bring more love into the family!

Fern and Felix are brother and sister. They love rolling around the floor with each other and chasing each other through out the house. They are super cuddle bugs at night in my bed. They have adjusted significantly well and are often seen playing with my 2 daughters along with the toys we bought.

Fern and Felix are healthy and happy cats. They are super playful all of the time! They also enjoy looking out the window while laying snuggled on the couch. My girls and I cannot be more happy to have them in our home.

Our hearts are full. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!!

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We are so lucky to have Duchess (now called Millie) as apart of our family.

She is doing great! She loves running around in the backyard and loves cuddling with us at night! Since the weather has been nicer we have been going for long walks together. She’s such a fun loving dog. She still nips but I know that that is normal since she is teething.

She recently graduated a puppy course at PetSmart! She sits, lays down and stays for her treats! We are going to continue with training either at PetSmart or with the list of trainers I was given by the shelter.

I had a great experience at the shelter! Everyone  was very kind and loving and if I ever decide to get another dog I will definitely go to Northeast Animal Shelter!

Millie is 20 lbs now and still growing! Thank you so much for allowing me to be her mom.  It means the world to me!

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Teddy now goes by Obie (short for Obama) and he is getting along just fine. Obie has been eating regularly and got into a routine for going outside, walks, meal schedule, and bedtime.

He’s met my friend’s dog and a few neighborhood dogs in passing. Obie is excited to meet new people and dogs but it loses its appeal to him after a few minutes.

We’ve had a lot of time to bond and get to know each other. I’d say he’s very attached me as I am to him! 

I’m very happy with my new fur baby and the experience I had at Northeast!!

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Casper is now Romeo!! It took a few days to decide whether to change his name or not, but after getting to know him so well it was clear he is such a lover that he needed an appropriate name. 

Romeo has adjusted even better than I could’ve hoped.  He loves to bask in the sunny window and run up and down the halls.  He eats wet food twice a day and always has dry food in his bowl.  He is very healthy and seems to be very happy too. 

Casper the shy cat is gone and now we have Romeo, a very spunky and loving boy.  Every day when I get home he follows me around until the moment I leave again.  He’s become very social and is adjusting to meeting new people really well.  At first he was scared when friends would come over that he did not recognize; now he has no problem making sure all eyes (and hands) are on him. 

We’ve yet to introduce him to the cats and dog upstairs, but every single day he gets more and more adventurous and we’re hoping to introduce them this week.  Thank you so much for bringing this bundle of joy into my life, and taking such great care rescuing and taking care of him up until this point.  He’s become the highlight of my days and nights.

I admit that while signing the papers I was a little nervous that I was jumping the gun, but there is no doubt in my mind now that I couldn’t have made a better choice!  Keep up the amazing work you all are doing!!!

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Etiene is now called Dillon, an Irish name meaning among other things, like a lion, like a son, and ray of hope.  He is doing great.  He and our other cat, Molly, were a bit standoffish at first but are more than comfortable with each other now. She’s becoming a patient and caring big sister and he is a happy little scamp.

Although he had been a somewhat sickly little kitten he is far from that now.  He loves to run and play between power naps and is an enthusiastic eater.

I’d especially like to thank our adoption counselor, Angela, for your help in the adoption process.  All the best to you and all at the shelter.

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Wyatt, now Eddie, is fully part of our family. He is eating and sleeping like a champ.

Eddie loves to give us kisses, and he is generally really friendly with other people. He is getting bolder with other dogs. He does like to play but he loves his naps too.

The first half of our walks can be a challenge sometimes but once we turn around to come home he is very excited.

We love him. Thank you for letting us adopt him. 😍

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We changed Marley’s name to Ducky! 😀

Ducky and our other dog Rufio have been having a lot of fun running around our yard, playing and tiring each other out. Ducky has been sleeping in bed with us since the first night. She loves to snuggle and has been sleeping by our heads recently. 😀

She loves toys! We have a basket of toys that our other dogs rarely play with and she took out every single one. She loves the ones that squeak! 

When we take her to the office, she enjoys being with the other office dogs.