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I adopted Theo (formally Aesop, the brown pup in picture) in early February and I couldn’t imagine life without him. Theo completed our little family that now includes himself, Leia (another adopted pup), my sister and I.

He’s the best boy, a rather quick learner and loves play time with Leia. She’s been much happier since he’s been home. We’re all excited for the adventures to comes this summer.

Thank you to the Northeast Animal Shelter team for making the process an easy one and giving me this new friendship.

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I adopted Lucy at NEAS in August 2019. Prior to Lucy I had never owned a pet.

That saying ‘who rescued who’ truly fits our relationship. She has brought me so much joy and happiness.

She loves being out in the Sun and hiking. She also loves and frequents the local dog park and every time she goes she makes more friends.

I can easily say that adopting my girl was the best decision I have ever made. Not only is she my pet she is my best friend. Thank you NEAS!

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My boyfriend and I adopted little Eva, now named Stella, over the summer in July.

She is the queen of the household and chases our feet much less now that she is a bit older!

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Tillie, formerly known as Temperance, is the sweetest nugget. In June 2019, we set our eyes on this baby fluff ball and we knew she was meant to be ours.

She brings so much joy and happiness into our lives – from her snuggles, playful energy, and following us around the house. She loves to play with her favorite toy, Mr. Stick, which is a stick with a little piece of string (she ripped the feather off).

Our little companion has such a strong personality, but melts our hearts with her purrs, her little squeaky meow, her fluffy tail, and her big eyes. We couldn’t imagine our home without Tillie.

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Northeast Animal Shelter is committed to keeping our community, employees, and pets safe. As of March 24th, we are closed to the public, and animal adoptions will not be offered at this time…rest assured we will still be caring for our pets as usual. If you have a question about an available pet in our care or an urgent matter, please call 978-745-9888 x301, or email We will continue to post updates on our social media channels and our website at

If you wish to fill out a pre-adoption form for one of our available pets, click here.

We want to reassure you that the Centers for Disease Control and World Heath Organizations have issued advisories saying there is no evidence at this time that companion animals can spread the COVID-19 Virus. Updates can be found on the World Health Organization’s website.

We hope this emergency will be over soon, and in the meantime we hope our community stays safe and takes care of one another.


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I had been looking for a dog for a bit. I originally went to NEAS for Rory. However, his personality was not a good fit for my apartment, doggy daycare, or my other dogs. I was sad. I was so disappointed. But the amazing counselor Celia said there was a pup in the back, just coming off quarantine.

“Would you like to see her”. Um yes. Her name was Brooklyn.

She is now Stella. She is the absolute perfect dog. She attends daycare every day while I work. She is the staff favorite! They all want to take her home. She is funny, energetic, and looks at me with the big brown eyes, yet a smirk when she knows she is not supposed to have that sock!

In all seriousness, she is just an amazing pup. In two weeks she is sitting, shaking both paws, sits pretty and rolls over. 🙂 Im a happy mom.

Thank you Celia and Northeast Animal Shelter.

PS: This is her first day at daycare. Stella and Baxter have been inseparable ever since.

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Charlie (formerly known as Hank) has filled our home with so much love! Its hard to envision our home pre-Charlie. He puts a smile on our faces each and everyday and always has us laughing.

I grew up in a household with dogs and always loved them dearly, I am that person that will stop in my tracks and pet every dog that walks by, or lay on the floor and play with them when visiting friends who have dogs. With that being said i was nowhere near prepared for the love of my very own dog. It absolutely fills your heart with a love you never knew you could feel.

Since leaving the shelter Charlie has settled into his new home very well, he enjoys being the king of his backyard and his daily doggie play group he attends while mom and dad are at work. He even ventured to Cape Cod to visit Nana and Papa and took a stroll on the beach! He wasn’t quite sure about waves at first but grew to love them!

I cannot thank Northeast Animal Shelter enough for making it a seamless process to adopt our new best friend. You have completed our family, and our hearts are so full!

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Bentley and Willow wouldn’t be here today without our Saving Homeless Pets Across America program. 


These six-year-old siblings were surrendered together to an overcrowded shelter in West Virginia.  Despite their lovable dispositions, time was running out, and their fate was uncertain.  Our rescue partner alerted us about these two sweethearts, and we arranged for them to be transported to the safety of NEAS.

Willow and Bentley are not only siblings, they are the very best of friends too! They love children and other dogs, and were in search of a home where they could stay together … and eventually we found one!

Thanks to our Saving Homeless Pets Across America Program, Willow and Bentley can spend the rest of their days side by side, as they were meant to be!


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At 11 years, Duke was content growing old alongside his beloved owners. 


But when they passed away within nine months of each other, this senior Pug suddenly found himself all alone. With no one to take him in, Duke was surrendered to our Shelter.

The first thing we noticed is that Duke walked with a limp, which the family believed he had since he was a puppy.  Given his advanced age, our medical team sent Duke for X-rays, which showed he had a curvature deformity in his tibia that could cause arthritis.  A dental exam confirmed he needed to have nine teeth extracted too.

Knowing he would recover more quickly in a quieter environment, we placed Duke in a foster home … and his fosters quickly fell in love!  They adopted him and plan to make Duke’s golden years his best ones yet. 

Duke now has a pug sister, Chloe, who could be his identical twin!  His parents tell us they get along great – and even cuddle and nap together.  But Duke is by no means exclusive in that regard – he loves to cuddle with his new humans, too!  Even though he’s no longer a pup, Duke still has so much love to give. 

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Melody’s family loved her very much … So when they realized their daughter was allergic to cats, they were utterly heartbroken.


They brought Melody to Northeast Animal Shelter in the hopes that we could find another family for her.

When Melody arrived, she was very nervous and shut down – which was understandable given her situation and new surroundings.  It was clear she missed the quiet, loving home she had always known.  She wanted to be left alone.

Although we gave Melody time and space to settle in, we noticed she became unusually startled by visitors and wondered if perhaps something else was going on.  An examination by an ophthalmologist confirmed that Melody had Progressive Retinal Atrophy – an inherited, painless, yet untreatable disease that causes blindness.  No wonder Melody was always so nervous!

Now that we understood the problem, the solution was easy.  We asked staff and visitors to simply make their presence known upon entering her room – after that, Melody was friendly and happy to have company. 

This allowed her sweet personality to shine, and in no time at all, she found her forever home!

Despite her vision loss, Melody has adapted to her new home quite well.  She is safe and loved, and has quickly learned how to navigate her surroundings.  Her favorite spot is on the couch next to her new mom, and she even rolls over for belly rubs!