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Timmy adopted us just 2 weeks ago and instantly made our house his own. He is such a sweet and happy pup. He loves to run around the back yard and play with his soccer ball and “chase” the tiny moths that hide in the grass…lol.

He loves to try to steal our shoes and paper out of the recycling bin. He loves to give kisses and get belly scratches. We can’t wait to see how this pup from Georgia deals with snow.

Thank you to all of you at Northeast Animal Shelter for the ease of the adoption process and all that you do to help not only Timmy and his siblings but all the other cats and dogs that come your way.

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Pria (now Mia) is doing fantastic! She sleeps through the night and loves her treats! She is a very fast learner and loves to go for rides in the car! She loves to play with other dogs and gets super excited whenever she gets some hugs and kisses from people around her. She’s getting along super well with our cat Leo and is growing every day! We absolutely adore her and she has fills my heart with happiness every day!

The staff at the shelter were unbelievable with their help and their kindness went such a long way. We appreciate all of the help and guidance we received and we will be recommending anyone looking for a pet to your shelter.

Thank you again for helping our house feel like a home. We can’t imagine life without her!

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Little Diesel is doing great!!! He’s found a great home and he’s very spoiled. Ha ha. He has such a great personality.

He’s very protective of his personal space with dogs that have come over, but hasn’t done anything but bark. More like territorial. It’s ok, we are working with him on that. We are signing up for puppy training classes in the next few weeks.

I’ve taken him on walks to the lake or in parks and let his leash down and he stays right with me. Outside of the house he is great with other dogs, and he loves everyone he meets. He is such a joy, and he means so much to our little family. He gets hugs and kisses from everyone a hundred times a day.

We bought him a treat that he was scared of at first. He was jumping around wagging his tail and barking at it for 2 days, and tonight he finally learned that it’s a treat and a chew toy. He’s a prince for sure, and is treated like royalty.

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We adopted Figaro this August and we love having him as part of our family!

Figaro is playful, kind, and full of energy! In his spare time he enjoys playing with his toy mouses and cuddling with family.

We are very impressed with Northeast Animal Shelter. Thank you for introducing us to Figaro – our best furry friend!

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Lady, now “Bella” is settling in nicely… We all love her, including Bubba. She is very sweet and is trying hard to learn our routine and visa-versa.  She is a little feisty and can be bossy and rough with Bubba, He is not sure what to make of her sometimes lol, but we keep them in check and give them space/break when needed.

She has a very good appetite and loves to snuggle. She’s a good napper (sometimes on Bubba’s head, oy lol) and sleeps throughout the night, thankfully 😉

She is still a little mouthy so we are working on that too but over all things get better every day.


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I met Kaz (formerly know as Farnsworth) on my 28th birthday, so I do feel like there was a little bit of fate in the air that day. I knew I had to adopt Kaz as soon as he crawled on my lap and fell asleep.

Kaz is special for many reasons (he’s sweet, affectionate, beautiful, and the best cat I’ve ever met), but what makes him doubly special for me is he is my first cat that I am adopting. While I have had cats growing up, Kaz is my first fur baby and I cannot wait to spend the rest of his life with him.

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We adopted Bryce (formerly known as Bryson) a little over 4 months ago and he has brought so much joy into our house. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the wonderful people at Northeast Animal Shelter for allowing me to adopt Bryce.

You can’t help but smile when you see his sweet face, which usually involves him having some toy in his mouth because boy does he love his toys! We are still working on his jumping but we are getting better every day!

Thank you again!

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We adopted Delilah (formerly known as Shelby) eight months ago and from the time we first met her all that she has shown us is love.

She loves being with her older sister River (the husky behind her in the picture,) whether they’re playing with a toy or having an impromptu nap session.

She loves our cat, who couldn’t care less about her. She loves going to the dog park, where she can meet new dogs. She loves showering us with kisses every time we walk through the door.

Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter for giving us the best dog we could ever wish for!