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I had been wanting a dog to complete our family and kept asking my partner to go to the shelter with me and “just look.”  After numerous visits and non-connections, we saw this little guy back in March of 2010 with big brown eyes who didn’t talk and was kinda shy…. a Jack Russell Terrier. Unnggghhh… a JRT – too smart, too willful, too much trouble…. until one comes into your life and totally turns it around. He was a little guy, 12 lbs… who is now 23 lbs with a booming voice, the energy of a pack of huskies and the intelligence to outsmart 2 adults! But man…. those “Krypto-kisses” make it all worthwhile!

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After losing our 12 year old mini poodle in July of 2013, we really didn’t know when our family would be ready for another dog. In November, we were itching to visit the shelter to see if we were ready. We finally came in “just to look” and bring some supplies to donate and we noticed a little dog named Montie, who we just couldn’t take our eyes off of. Montie literally “reached out to us” from his cage. As soon as we got to spend some time with him, we knew he was the one! Montie is now named Comet and is an energetic love bug. He needed a little extra care at first, but within a few weeks he was doing much better. He is a perfect addition to our family. We would especially like to thank our adoption counselor, Jenna, and everyone at the shelter for their hard work and dedication!

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When I first met Milo he was very skittish, depressed, and not very affectionate, but I was determined to take him home with me. Today Milo is a completely different dog! He has tons of energy and is a complete snugglebug! I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

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Sadly, our 12 year old black lab passed away on Dec.14, 2013. We were hurting a lot. He was the love of our life. It was so painful walking into an empty house. We couldn’t take it anymore. On January 21, 2014, we took a ride to the shelter. We went into the puppy room. There were so many puppies to choose from. It was difficult to choose. We looked around and noticed 2 Shepherd mixes. The one that caught our eye was Sammi (known as Cal at the shelter). We knew he was ours when we looked at him. We’ve had him for 2 weeks now and he has brought so much joy back into our house. He is such a funny puppy. He loves to be held. We may have already spoiled him, but the most important thing is he is in a loving home with a family who cares for him very much! We look forward to watching Sammi grow everyday!

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When my cat passed away I was heartbroken and it took me awhile to get over his passing. I would come home to an empty house and I was depressed. I went online looking for a Maine Coon Cat and after a few weeks of having no luck I found The Northeast Animal Shelter’s web site and they had two. I drove to the shelter on March 27, 2010 and inquired about the two Maine Coons that they had. The staff informed me that they received 13 cats in two boxes that were left on the steps of the shelter. All of the cats had just come out of quarantine and were in this one room. When I entered the room,I saw two cats hiding under a couch;one was an older cat and the other was a kitten. I grabbed a toy stick with a feather attached to it and ran it in front of the couch. They immediately came out from under the couch and started playing. I fell in love with both of them,but could only take one,as I was looking for an older cat and not a kitten. I adopted this cat whose name was Max.  He was skinny and looked like a junk-yard cat when I adopted him. I brought him home and it took a whole week of his hiding before he was comfortable in his new home. I renamed him Woozel in honor of the cat that I had lost. He has been my best bud ever since and I look forward to coming home every day. He has brought so much joy to my life and I want to thank the staff at The Northeast Animal Shelter for their patience and their professionalism.

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I adopted Soze (formerly Simon) in December as a Christmas gift for my 3 young daughters…terrific experience at Northeast Animal Shelter…the volunteers were friendly and eager to help! Soze is eating and sleeping great!! He loves watching and playing with his human “sisters” and loves all of their toys and stuffed animals as well!! He’s so friendly and cuddles up with one of us at bedtime every night!! Best Xmas present ever, we love him so much. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!

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Our family went to Northeast Animal Shelter just to check out the puppies and consider adoption. Spice won all of our hearts with one look at her and her sister Berry. Spice was quick to house train and learn a couple commands. She is called little sister by my daughter. Spice loves greeting the kids when they get off the bus! She comes running when she hears the vegetable peeler or cutting board, excited to get some fresh veggies! Thanks Northeast Animal Shelter for completing our family!

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A True Family Affair DeeJay Service is sponsoring a fundraising event to support the pets at NEAS.

Join us at Family Skate Night – 7-9pm at The Roller Palace, 130 Sohier Road, Beverly, MA 01915. Bring family & friends to enjoy a fun evening of skating, 50/50 raffle, laughs and great music all while helping to raise money to save more pets.

$7.00 for skaters, $5.00 for non-skaters. Bring your own skates or you can rent skates free of charge.


Click here to download our flyer and spread the word!

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We adopted these adorable brothers in December. After seeing their picture online, we drove all the way from Concord, NH to bring these guys home. We LOVE them! They bring us a lot of happiness and hours of entertainment. They are very inquisitive and loving. They are a great addition to our family. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter.

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Bella’s owners had to surrender their four dogs in mid January after a fire made their apartment unlivable.  It was a heartbreaking decision to give up their pets, but they had no choice.  Bella was pregnant, so we placed her in foster care.  In late January she gave birth and immediately went about the task of mothering her five cute pups.  The pups attracted a lot of attention, and all were quickly adopted as soon as they were old enough.

With your support, we are able to help families who must surrender their pets, and provide them with a safe environment, either in foster care or in our shelter.  We hope Bella’s original owner will find a new home for themselves and be able to reunite with Bella soon.

Please donate now to help more pets like Bella and her pups.

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