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We love our new friend, and she is now known as Princess Leia!  She is the sweetest little baby and has such a loud purr when she cuddles – which she does a lot! She is the first kitten my 6-year old daughter has ever had, and she was the perfect choice!

My husband and I are animal lovers, and it is very important that we raise our daughter as one too. When we were waiting to finalize our adoption, a man abruptly dropped off two cats that he had found abandoned in an apartment he was moving into and left. As sad as we were that the man did that, it was a great way for my daughter to see what you and the staff do tirelessly for animals in need and for our family to discuss the situation and ultimately come to the conclusion that those kitties were actually very lucky to end up at NEAS, where they now have a chance at a better life! We cannot thank you enough for all that you do for animals!!

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Frisky (Jack) is doing very well. He has taken over the house and our hearts! He eats and sleeps without any problem. He also plays to his heart’s content. We have purchased a few toys and a climb post, which he enjoys climbing and jump to and from.

He will have his first vet visit on Oct 14th to get his shots and the once over. We will be taking him to Atlantic Veterinary clinic in Marblehead which was our dogs veterinarian.

Thanks you for all your kindness in our adoption process, which was enjoyable and effortless except for leaving with only one!

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We had a wonderful experience with your shelter. Everyone was very nice to us and very helpful and knowledgeable and made the adoption process simple and smooth. The shelter itself seemed very well run, clean and comfortable. I was very impressed with the care and attention our dog got prior to our adoption. So many dogs and cats and their adoptive human parents are very lucky to have this kind of facility!

Zuma has been renamed Daisy and she has adjusted fantastically well and she is just loving her new forever home with us!

Daisy is so very sweet and lovable and we were so pleasantly surprised to discover that she was actually housebroken and to date she has never had an accident in the house or caused us any concerns at all! We did get her a crate and she seems very content to have her own “house” but she also greatly loves cuddling up with us – so much so that more often than not she’s in the bed with us stealing all the covers and hogging up the space (but we don’t mind!) or making sure she’s right next to us in her dog bed wherever we are in the house.
Daisy is very friendly with everyone (people and dogs) and she loves meeting people and rolling over for belly rugs and giving kisses! She is getting so much attention because she’s so cute and loving and she’s so happy. We just can’t believe our luck in finding her at Northeast Animal shelter! All your dogs were so cute we wanted to adopt them all but we really found the right dog for us in Daisy. I saw a bumper sticker the other day with a paw print and the phrase “who rescued who?” and that really sums up our feelings for Daisy. We can’t image how we got along without out her already! We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the family!


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Doors slamming, strange faces, boxes everywhere -– Cheryl, a fluffy calico and her feline friends, Trudy and Vaughn, scrambled to keep out of the commotion. The three cats and the ten kittens who also lived in the apartment stared wide-eyed at the door as it closed and they heard the key turn in the lock. Three days passed and the kittens’ constant cries of hunger went unheard. Cheryl was sure…no one was coming.

She and the other older cats would be able to survive another day at most, but the kittens appeared as though they might not even survive the night. All ten lay on the floor, breathing with shallow breath, barely moving, starved and exhausted.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of a key turning in the door — their family was back at last! But when the door opened, there stood a man with a paint roller in his hand. When he dropped the roller, it was clear the sense of surprise was mutual.

Frank had come to paint the apartment for new tenants. When he saw the stranded cats and kittens, he knew exactly what to do. Frank immediately called Northeast Animal Shelter.

It wasn’t long before we found a home for each cat — except for Cheryl, who didn’t like her cage and was angry that she had been abandoned. Who could blame her? Unfortunately though, in that state, it would be very hard to find her a home.

But that’s what makes Northeast Animal Shelter different from some other shelters. We knew it would take someone with a lot of patience and understanding to care for Cheryl — and we were willing to give her the food, shelter and time needed until the perfect person walked through our door.

When Jane came into the Shelter, we sensed that she knew exactly what it would take to provide a loving home for a cat like Cheryl. And when the two left the Shelter that day we knew we had found a forever home for yet another very deserving kitty.

If you believe, like we do, that there’s a perfect family for every one of our homeless animals, then please…make a donation to help give animals like Cheryl all the time they need to find their second chance at life!

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Come to our open house at the shelter for some pre-Halloween fun.  11 AM to 2 PM.   Bring your pet(s) for a Trick or Treat photo opportunity.  $6 per photo. We can’t wait to see your pets in  creative costumes.

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Steve and Emily are a couple with enormous compassion for the abandoned creatures of the world. Emily in particular had been a missionary in Peru working with homeless children. Now living in New England, they came to the Northeast Animal Shelter hoping to adopt a dog. Although Emily was thinking about taking home an abandoned puppy, it was an older dog named Harley who immediately caught Steve’s eye.

Harley had come to our Shelter tired and hungry. He had spent over a month living on the streets and then another 10 days at the Salem Animal Control Facility before arriving at our Shelter. Although he had a collar with a tag that said “Harley,” no one ever came looking for him. Homeless, he was just waiting for a couple like Steve and Emily to find him.

Steve and Emily took Harley into the Shelter’s outdoor play yard. Harley was energetic and friendly, and more than willing to show off his skills at catch. And just like that, Harley wasn’t homeless anymore.

Thanks to the love, patience and attention of his new owners, Harley loves his new home, his new family, and their frequent guests. In his mind, every visitor is there to see him. He wags his tail, cuddles with newcomers, and is always sad when it’s time for his new friends to go home.

Like many parents, Steve and Emily like to spoil Harley a little bit. To them, it’s their way of helping erase some of the darker moments in their pet’s earlier life. Harley sleeps in the bed at night and always takes the passenger seat in the car – even if someone else is already there!

Everyone who takes the time and energy to adopt a pet is a compassionate person. But to the staff at the Shelter, Steve and Emily’s warmth and spirit stand out as exceptional. Thinking of them always warms their hearts.

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Harley was left at Northeast Animal Shelter when difficult economic times forced her owner to take a second job. This heartbroken cat lover knew that with a demanding new schedule, she would never be home to provide the human companionship and affection that Harley craved.

During her first few months with us, Harley wasn’t able to make a good impression when potential adopters came to visit. This 7 year old cat was understandably set in her ways and was having a hard time adjusting to life at the Shelter. But after some extra attention from our staff – and plenty of time playing in our cat community room – Harley finally came out of her shell. Thankfully, she was ready for a loving home when Sara and David came to visit.

Sara and David, whose cat had recently passed away, had been following Harley’s progress on our website. They wanted a new addition to their family and hoped Harley would be a good fit. When Sara and David came to meet Harley, she purred softly and curled up in David’s lap. They were won over and immediately decided to adopt her.

As Sara and David prepared to bring Harley home, the adoption counselor mentioned that the sweet, long-haired cat had recently become fond of a fellow feline named Jay. The couple looked at each other and made a great decision – they would adopt both Harley and Jay! That way the cats would always have plenty of company. Sara and David knew they had enough love for another cat and they knew Harley would enjoy spending her days with Jay in a loving home.

When we talked to Sara a few weeks later, she told us that Harley and Jay were doing great and that the formerly reclusive Harley is now very chatty! It may have taken Harley a while to find a forever home, but now she’s right where she belongs.

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Abby lay under the limited shade of a car, trying to brace herself against the summer heat. She watched as people, bikes, and cars all passed her by, most without so much as a glance in her direction.

If she had the strength, this five year old cat would have called out with a meow, but the heat and her exhaustion had taken much of the breath and energy from her body. She knew she was near the end of her days, unless she could get some help.

Later that day Abby watched as a man, Melvin, got out of his car and glanced across the street at what looked like an odd shadow underneath a car. When he got a closer look, he realized it was a cat, but thought perhaps it was just a neighborhood pet napping in the shade.

The next day Melvin once again pulled into his driveway from work, and when he got out this time, immediately looked across the street. The cat was gone! Well, no doubt the cat moved on, or went home to a nice dinner with family Melvin thought. But just as he turned to go inside he noticed the same cat, this time sleeping under a different car. Again, Melvin thought this most likely was nothing to be alarmed about.

When day three arrived, Melvin drove faster than usual back to his house to see if he could spot the cat again. This time she lay under the same car. Melvin knew something was amiss. He got out of his car and began to walk toward the cat. Abby watched as Melvin approached, but had not even enough strength to lift her head. She could barely keep her eyes open against the glaring sun. Just as he got close enough to touch her, Melvin turned and ran back into the house. Abby was sure she would never get the help she needed. She couldn’t last more than another day, and Melvin was her last best hope.

Much to her surprise, Melvin emerged again, this time with a can of tuna. Abby ate voraciously from the tiny can, and when finished, she let Melvin carry her inside. He put her down on the cool tile in the bathroom and gave her plenty of water, and went into the living room to call a friend of his, one of the staff at Northeast Animal Shelter.

Laurie from the shelter examined Abby and found she had a terrible infestation of fleas, crawling all around her delicate eyes, and parched lips. In addition, it looked like some of her teeth were missing and the few remaining were cracked, indications she may have even been kicked. Abby weighed just five pounds. It would take a lot to bring Abby back to health. Laurie combed out all the mats in her fur, and bathed her in flea treatment, and fed her plenty of food. It was a long road uphill, after which Abby had gained two pounds and was free of the mats and fleas that infested her body. She was healthy enough to take to the veterinarian.

At the office, the veterinarian told Laurie at least one of Abby’s teeth was missing and the three around it were definitely cracked. A cruel individual had indeed kicked her. Now healthy enough to withstand anesthesia, Laurie allowed the veterinarian to do his important work. Several hours passed. Laurie began to get impatient, hoping to see Abby well again. Just then the door opened and the veterinarian emerged with Abby in hand. Abby’s wounds had been tended to, and she had almost completed her journey to full health, all she needed now was a forever family.

Laurie brought Abby to the Shelter, where the staff smiled at her near miraculous recovery from an emaciated feline living on the streets with a flea infestation to a healthy, happy cat ready to be adopted. Just a short time passed before Ellen Casey and her two children, Kevin and Emily, came into the shelter. They spotted a beautiful black and white cat sitting patiently in her crate…it was Abby!

That day the Casey family took Abby home. They now tell us that Abby is very happy in her new environment, and can be found almost always on one of the windowsills of their sunny home, or in the laps of her new family.

Happy endings like this are made possible by the people who support Northeast Animal Shelter. You really can save the lives of more pets…please donate now.

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Dusty and Dexter’s tale began on a blustery New England night five months ago. Their mother — weary, pregnant and homeless — made her way down the snow-dusted streets of Billerica, MA in hopes of finding a warm place to escape the dreadful cold.

She managed to climb through a small opening in a garage door and sought the warmest and safest place she could find: the dark recesses of a street sweeper parked inside. In the weeks ahead, the cat made a home and gave birth to her litter of five kittens.

But when the weather turned warmer, the idle vehicle came to life. The engine let out a deafening roar and the kittens scrambled in fear and confusion. Only after a 25-mile journey did the driver, James, notice his stowaways! James immediately transferred the kittens to his friend’s house where they were fed, cleaned, and nursed back to health.

Eventually, two kittens went to live with James’ brother, and a third went to a friend. Only Dexter and Dusty remained, and that is when they were brought to our family here at Northeast Animal Shelter.

They were vaccinated, neutered and given desperately needed medical attention. These kittens had to be checked for a list of possible diseases that could have been passed to them through their stray mother. Fortunately both turned out to be in remarkably good health considering their ordeal.

The Shelter is able to provide care and comfort to more than 3,500 lost or abandoned dogs and cats each year…and find loving families for each and every one of these deserving animals… just like Dusty and Dexter. Today the two playful kittens find themselves right at home with their adoptive mom Kathy and her son, Brendan.

Although Dusty and Dexter were the only animals to come to us by way of a street sweeper, all of our animals have one thing in common…they rely on the generosity of people like you and the care provided by Northeast Animal Shelter.

Since 1978, our supporters have helped the Northeast Animal Shelter find loving homes for more than 100,000 animals…one incredible story at a time. But we need your help to continue our mission …Please make a gift today.

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One Sunday evening, Mary, the owner of the “Cantina del Sol” restaurant in Puerto Rico, stepped outside to escape the bustling kitchen for a moment. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted an outline of something leaning against a pile of garbage. Thinking it was probably just part of the garbage, she was surprised when the “something” began to move. But before Mary could step closer to see what it was, it began to cautiously walk towards her.

Mary was shocked to see that there was a small dog coming towards her . . . barely able to take each step, the dog looked gravely ill! Mary immediately noticed there was blood on the dog’s chest, and leaning down to take a closer look, her heart broke when she realized that there was wire embedded in the helpless dog’s chest.

Mary quickly left work and took the small dog home so she could decide what to do. On her way, she named the dog Beautiful to echo the sentiment of the movie “Life is Beautiful” — because the little dog was proving that no matter how terrible the world was around her, she still chose to have faith and trust in the good of humanity.

Seeing how critical the situation was, she knew she needed help if she was going to save Beautiful. Mary called a friend, Linda, who was a local rescuer and asked her to come over. Linda took one look at Beautiful, and knew they both had to fight for the little dog’s life. Thinking quickly, Linda called a vet friend of hers and asked him to come to the house to see Beautiful. He agreed, and arrived shortly with antibiotics and vitamins. He carefully clipped the wire around Beautiful’s chest.

The next two weeks of recovery were difficult. Beautiful struggled, but made steady progress. She was nearly all better, but still suffered from a limp due to serious problems with her knees. It was time to find Beautiful a forever family . . . it was time to call Northeast Animal Shelter.

When Beautiful arrived at the Shelter after her long journey, she was remarkably bright-eyed — wagging her tail and giving the staff kisses — a testament to Mary’s loving care. And miraculously, as if fulfilling Mary’s very wish for Beautiful, the next day a warm-hearted woman named Beatrice walked into our shelter looking to adopt a dog.

Beatrice had never owned a pet but something told her that it was the right time to become a devoted pet owner. Walking through the shelter and looking at all the animals, her attention was drawn to Beautiful. Beatrice decided she would go to lunch and think about it, but as she drove away she knew she couldn’t leave Beautiful, that they were somehow meant to be together.

Beatrice never went to lunch — she drove to the local pet store and picked up all the supplies she would need to make Beautiful’s forever home a comfortable one.

Since Beautiful’s adoption, she has been renamed “Amber.” Beatrice keeps us updated on Amber’s progress and we’re happy to report that, after three knee surgeries, Amber now walks normally and is living a life of unconditional love and joy. Without Beatrice and Northeast Animal Shelter, Amber would never have progressed from a victim to a survivor.

Happy endings like Beautiful’s are what motivate us at Northeast Animal Shelter to rescue dogs from as far away as Puerto Rico. And it is this hope that pushes us to accept all animals . . . and to never give up on them. With your gift, we will continue to find forever homes for all our special dogs and cats.

There are thousands of abandoned, abused and neglected dogs wandering the streets of Puerto Rico — they call them “Sato” in Spanish. Thanks to people like you who support our Sato Rescue Program, dogs like Beautiful are given a second chance at life. Your gift helps bring these homeless dogs to our shelter where we find them loving forever homes.  Please help us continue this program now!

Beautiful is just one of the many Sato dogs who found their way to Northeast Animal Shelter and their forever homes.