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Ruby and her puppies had been dumped right outside a veterinary clinic – so close to the care they needed — yet hours went by before a care worker found them and brought them in from the elements.

Once safely inside, the dogs were given food, water and immediate medical attention. It was then that the vet discovered that Ruby’s left hind leg had been broken long ago — most likely as the result of being hit by a car. The bone had fused back together improperly, causing her great agony.

Sadly her chronic pain, in addition to the stress of caring for her three tiny pups, left Ruby too weak to undergo surgery to correct her injury. Not wanting to give up on her, the vet decided to postpone the procedure so that Ruby could grow stronger.

When it was finally time to fix Ruby’s leg, however, the doctors once again hit a road block. During the operation, they found that Ruby’s bones were brittle from the malnutrition of a rough life on the streets. The normal procedure which called for placing two metal pins into the leg for stability was impossible.

After a great deal of thought, the vet chose to put one pin in rather than amputate her leg. And while it was not the perfect solution, Ruby was able to walk two months later! And even though she limped, the heroic dog was finally out of pain.

With Ruby recovered, and the puppies all adopted into loving families, it was time for the deserving dog to come to Northeast Animal Shelter through our Puppies Across America Program…and find a forever family of her own.

Ruby stayed at the Shelter scarcely one week before the Thompson family discovered her warm and generous spirit. We told them of Ruby’s complications — that she was healed but would forever walk with a limp. They willingly accepted the responsibility and challenge of the adoption.

Now the Thompson family reports that Ruby is at the center of their very happy lives. Asked about how she is faring with her leg, Ruby’s adopters were pleased to tell us that, despite her disability, Ruby has the distinction of being the “fastest Chihuahua in the neighborhood!”

From the very beginning, Ruby’s rescuers were determined to save her life…because they knew there was a place where this wonderful dog would be given a second chance.

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“At 4 O’Clock all 13 puppies will be put down unless you send a transport.”

In all her years at Northeast Animal Shelter, Betty had never received a call like this one. With so little time and so much at stake, she knew she had to act fast.

Betty knew that anything could happen to these young pups if she wasn’t able to arrange a transport. While we are proud to be a no-kill shelter, many facilities throughout the U.S. have kill rates as high as 90%.

She immediately called a horse transporter she knew who was willing to help. But, finding help wasn’t the only bump in the road before the puppies were transported. Just as she thought the crisis solved, bureaucratic red tape in the state where the puppies were located barred their departure.

Betty told them that she wouldn’t rest until each and every one of the 13 puppies was transported safely to Northeast Animal Shelter. She told officials about our 32 years experience, the over 90,000 rescued animals we have paired with adoptive families, and the support of people like you who help make it all possible.

Less than one hour before the deadline, the officials relented and the puppies were sent on their way.

We know you’re as pleased as we are that forever homes were found for each and every animal! It’s hard to imagine the fate of those 13 puppies had Northeast Animal Shelter not stepped in to help.

Your support will pay for truck transport or airfare so we will be able to arrange even more extraordinary rescues like this one.

Betty didn’t give up because she knew she had to save 13 innocent puppies. We hope her determination inspires you to make a commitment to Northeast Animal Shelter.

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I think Abbigail is a typical puppy, chewing on everything, getting over excited when the kids play with her etc. She has picked me as her main human and we will go on walks and cuddle. She even tries to sit on my lap like the cat, except she’s too big for that already!

My son has been so great with her which is surprising as he was always more weary of dogs in general. He always asks to take her out to the bathroom and has been really good with listening and doing it the way we’ve been training her to keep the consistency. My daughter is loving her too but she gets too overwhelmed when she jumps up since when the dog jumps up she’s taller than my daughter. We hope to do a puppy class with her to learn how to break that habit as well as teach her the basic dog moves.

I have been following your facebook page for a while knowing we eventually were looking for a dog when the time was right for us. We love what you guys do for all of the cats and dogs, and love reading about it on the page as well. Everything from our first step in the doors to the adoption was perfect and you were great helping us when we found Abbigail. We had a lot of questions as new dog owners and you answered them all for us. Kudos to you and all the staff there at NEAS. We have told everyone where we got her and how great it was, and my brother and sister in law will be coming down soon to look for themselves as well!

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My son was trying to think of the perfect name for his new kitty. He decided on Rin which means bell in Japanese. Rin is a love and extremely high energy kitty. Her sisters are getting used to her.  They are all very spoiled cats and rightfully so.  None of the three are aggressive at all, so welcoming a new sister was not a problem. Even though Rin spends most of her day running around, she has still managed to gain almost 2 lbs since we’ve had her. Rin loves her new home, complete with tons of cat toys and 2 huge cat trees to play on.

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We love our new friend, and she is now known as Princess Leia!  She is the sweetest little baby and has such a loud purr when she cuddles – which she does a lot! She is the first kitten my 6-year old daughter has ever had, and she was the perfect choice!

My husband and I are animal lovers, and it is very important that we raise our daughter as one too. When we were waiting to finalize our adoption, a man abruptly dropped off two cats that he had found abandoned in an apartment he was moving into and left. As sad as we were that the man did that, it was a great way for my daughter to see what you and the staff do tirelessly for animals in need and for our family to discuss the situation and ultimately come to the conclusion that those kitties were actually very lucky to end up at NEAS, where they now have a chance at a better life! We cannot thank you enough for all that you do for animals!!

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Frisky (Jack) is doing very well. He has taken over the house and our hearts! He eats and sleeps without any problem. He also plays to his heart’s content. We have purchased a few toys and a climb post, which he enjoys climbing and jump to and from.

He will have his first vet visit on Oct 14th to get his shots and the once over. We will be taking him to Atlantic Veterinary clinic in Marblehead which was our dogs veterinarian.

Thanks you for all your kindness in our adoption process, which was enjoyable and effortless except for leaving with only one!

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We had a wonderful experience with your shelter. Everyone was very nice to us and very helpful and knowledgeable and made the adoption process simple and smooth. The shelter itself seemed very well run, clean and comfortable. I was very impressed with the care and attention our dog got prior to our adoption. So many dogs and cats and their adoptive human parents are very lucky to have this kind of facility!

Zuma has been renamed Daisy and she has adjusted fantastically well and she is just loving her new forever home with us!

Daisy is so very sweet and lovable and we were so pleasantly surprised to discover that she was actually housebroken and to date she has never had an accident in the house or caused us any concerns at all! We did get her a crate and she seems very content to have her own “house” but she also greatly loves cuddling up with us – so much so that more often than not she’s in the bed with us stealing all the covers and hogging up the space (but we don’t mind!) or making sure she’s right next to us in her dog bed wherever we are in the house.
Daisy is very friendly with everyone (people and dogs) and she loves meeting people and rolling over for belly rugs and giving kisses! She is getting so much attention because she’s so cute and loving and she’s so happy. We just can’t believe our luck in finding her at Northeast Animal shelter! All your dogs were so cute we wanted to adopt them all but we really found the right dog for us in Daisy. I saw a bumper sticker the other day with a paw print and the phrase “who rescued who?” and that really sums up our feelings for Daisy. We can’t image how we got along without out her already! We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the family!


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Doors slamming, strange faces, boxes everywhere -– Cheryl, a fluffy calico and her feline friends, Trudy and Vaughn, scrambled to keep out of the commotion. The three cats and the ten kittens who also lived in the apartment stared wide-eyed at the door as it closed and they heard the key turn in the lock. Three days passed and the kittens’ constant cries of hunger went unheard. Cheryl was sure…no one was coming.

She and the other older cats would be able to survive another day at most, but the kittens appeared as though they might not even survive the night. All ten lay on the floor, breathing with shallow breath, barely moving, starved and exhausted.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of a key turning in the door — their family was back at last! But when the door opened, there stood a man with a paint roller in his hand. When he dropped the roller, it was clear the sense of surprise was mutual.

Frank had come to paint the apartment for new tenants. When he saw the stranded cats and kittens, he knew exactly what to do. Frank immediately called Northeast Animal Shelter.

It wasn’t long before we found a home for each cat — except for Cheryl, who didn’t like her cage and was angry that she had been abandoned. Who could blame her? Unfortunately though, in that state, it would be very hard to find her a home.

But that’s what makes Northeast Animal Shelter different from some other shelters. We knew it would take someone with a lot of patience and understanding to care for Cheryl — and we were willing to give her the food, shelter and time needed until the perfect person walked through our door.

When Jane came into the Shelter, we sensed that she knew exactly what it would take to provide a loving home for a cat like Cheryl. And when the two left the Shelter that day we knew we had found a forever home for yet another very deserving kitty.

If you believe, like we do, that there’s a perfect family for every one of our homeless animals, then please…make a donation to help give animals like Cheryl all the time they need to find their second chance at life!

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Come to our open house at the shelter for some pre-Halloween fun.  11 AM to 2 PM.   Bring your pet(s) for a Trick or Treat photo opportunity.  $6 per photo. We can’t wait to see your pets in  creative costumes.

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Steve and Emily are a couple with enormous compassion for the abandoned creatures of the world. Emily in particular had been a missionary in Peru working with homeless children. Now living in New England, they came to the Northeast Animal Shelter hoping to adopt a dog. Although Emily was thinking about taking home an abandoned puppy, it was an older dog named Harley who immediately caught Steve’s eye.

Harley had come to our Shelter tired and hungry. He had spent over a month living on the streets and then another 10 days at the Salem Animal Control Facility before arriving at our Shelter. Although he had a collar with a tag that said “Harley,” no one ever came looking for him. Homeless, he was just waiting for a couple like Steve and Emily to find him.

Steve and Emily took Harley into the Shelter’s outdoor play yard. Harley was energetic and friendly, and more than willing to show off his skills at catch. And just like that, Harley wasn’t homeless anymore.

Thanks to the love, patience and attention of his new owners, Harley loves his new home, his new family, and their frequent guests. In his mind, every visitor is there to see him. He wags his tail, cuddles with newcomers, and is always sad when it’s time for his new friends to go home.

Like many parents, Steve and Emily like to spoil Harley a little bit. To them, it’s their way of helping erase some of the darker moments in their pet’s earlier life. Harley sleeps in the bed at night and always takes the passenger seat in the car – even if someone else is already there!

Everyone who takes the time and energy to adopt a pet is a compassionate person. But to the staff at the Shelter, Steve and Emily’s warmth and spirit stand out as exceptional. Thinking of them always warms their hearts.