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At first Sunshine was a little shy but she opened up to us very fast.

We had to monitor her behavior over a week to see how she would adjust to her new home. She was very vocal at night until she settled in.

Now she seems to like our company and always follows us around the house. She does fine when she is alone but prefers to be around us. She is a very social kitten.

We allow her to roam the entire house now and she behaves very well. She is at her curious stage in life so we try to keep house cleaning products and potential dangerous objects away.  She sleeps anywhere she wants to, sometimes on the bed with our daughter, sometimes under our bed, sometimes on her kitty tree.

We would like to thank everyone at NEAS for giving us the opportunity to adopt an amazing animal. 

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It’s been 6 months since we adopted Prissy from NEAS and I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how great she is doing!!!

She now goes by Chelsea and has completely come out of her shell. She is loving her new home and family.

Chelsea is super friendly, loves to play in the yard, getting belly rubs and is a very loved member of our family. She loves car rides and has become much better on the leash and enjoys walks.

We just celebrated her 2nd birthday – when we adopted her on January 20 we were told she was a year and a half so we celebrated her turning 2 on August 20. She loved her new chewy and doggie birthday cookie.

As you can see from the picture she also enjoys napping on the couch.

We look forward to many more years of love and making memories with Chelsea.

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I would like to start off by thanking Julie for her help and knowledge in the adoption process. Despite the research we had done, she gave us so much great advice that it made the transition easier for all of us.

“Lyssa” is going by “Lady” now and she is doing great. She is such a smart girl and is doing well with training through positive reinforcement. She has done amazing with crate training and potty training; she’s only had a few minor accidents in the house. She has learned come, sit, and bed already and we are working to reinforce the command every time it’s said. 

She has been great around our family, even our young niece and nephew. She has interacted with a few dogs (so far only family dogs we know are properly vaccinated) and has been playful without being aggressive. She enjoys playing with her different toys, especially her tennis ball (which if you remember she wouldn’t go near at NEAS).

We had a visit with our vet who absolutely loved Lady and said she was in perfect health. Her puppy piaderma has cleared up, she was vaccinated against Lyme disease, and has a follow up appointment next week for he last distemper shot.

She really has become my sidekick very quickly. She sleeps in her bed on the floor right next to us, she loves car rides to visit family members, and wants to sit in your lap for belly rubs while we watch TV.

We are still working on learning to walk without pulling and teaching her that not everything in site is a chew toy. Otherwise she is a great lovable companion that just wants to be around people that care about her. I can’t believe somebody would abandon such an amazing pet, but we are so glad we could take her home and give her the love and attention she deserves.

Thanks again for all your time and help.

PS Minerva (our cat) still is not amused, but they are learning to get along and getting better with each other every day.

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“Tex” is now “Max” and he is doing very well. He knew to use the litter box right away.

Max loves to run around and attack his plastic springs. He also likes the wand with a feather on the end of it. After he is done playing, he loves to snuggle with my girlfriend and myself. He does sleep at night; however he likes to get up around 4 am to wake us up. 

I have been bringing Max to work so I can feed him three times a day. He is limited to my office only; it has doors so I can keep him contained (he is very curious about everything). He does very well with my coworkers. He does not swat at people or try to claw anyone. I do not let him play with people’s hands or fingers. 

We are very impressed with Northeast Animal Shelter. We really appreciated the guidance and advice for Max. We also liked that Max came with some toys so we could figure out what he likes to play with. 

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Connor has quickly become a member of our family! Even Sophie (our 3 year old Calico) likes Connor. It takes her a minute to love anything though. Connor is one of the sweetest pups we’ve ever met and wants desperately to do the right thing, always. He’s learning new tricks, like roll over and he high fives us already. He’s such a smart fella. 

Eating? He’s eating like a horse! Lol At our last Vet visit he weighed 50 lbs. I’m sure he’s added even more weight now. He’s eating twice as much as he originally was when we adopted him! 

We love Connor. Thank you for helping to make him a part of our life. 

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“Hi, I’m Gus.  I am just a happy and goofy guy from Georgia.  I was rescued by Old Fella Rescue, and lucky for me they send all their dogs to NEAS, even the ones with medical issues like me.  You see, I was born with a heart problem, but NEAS still wanted me! 

I arrived in Salem last month and I sure got a lot of attention.  I went to see a special heart doctor, who did some tests, gave me some pills, and said I was OK to be adopted.  But, then I had diarrhea … yuck.  NEAS figured out out why – I was eating my poop.  Hey, no one told me not to, so how was I supposed to know?  The nice people at NEAS gave me some tasty food instead of kibble and it did the trick.

Then something wonderful happened.  A family said they wanted me!  The really incredible thing is they live in Michigan, and they have two other dogs, one who also has a heart condition. 

My new mom and dad drove all the way to Salem to get me, and I got to ride in their car all the way to Michigan.  It was so much fun.  NEAS gave me a send-off care package filled with Kongs.  At each rest stop, I got to meet new people, and I even slept in a hotel, but not on the bed.  Mom told me to be quiet, and I did, but you know, for a hound dog like me, I prefer to howl for the whole world to hear.  I decided instead to be on my best behavior.  I didn’t want to mess up a good thing.

I’m now settled into my new home.  I love to play with my youngest sister and I am very respectful of my older sister, a 13 year old basset hound (the one with the heart condition).

This is really a great place.  I play in a big back yard, with lots of grass, but best of all, I’m so loved, and I’m loving them back as much as I can.”

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Hi everyone, my names Louie. I used to be called Tate, but I like Louie better.

I’m a 5-month-old lab mix,and I was just adopted 7/30/2018. I love my new home and moms -they’re great! I love going on hikes, riding in the car and swimming in the lake. I also enjoy lots and lots of treats and puppy frozen yogurt from Petco. (I just can’t get enough of it!)

I really like going to the dog park and meeting new doggie friends to chase around and when we get home if I’m lucky, my humans let me snuggle in bed with them! I’m a big goofball baby who will give you lots of kisses when I see you. I can’t wait to see what else life has in store for me!

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Kay is doing wonderful!  Our family mantra has always been “Don’t forget where you came from, but never lose sight of where you are going” so, Kay’s new name is Georgia, and wow is she going places!  We have big dreams for Georgia who is without question part hound, she can sniff out anything and at the moment she is the best Flip-Flop Search and Rescue dog in the world, hands down!

She started off quite nervous in her new home but has quickly adjusted and claimed her spot on my lap!  She has a new friend next door, Lexie the lab! Georgia is now 20 lbs, Lexie is about 80 lbs but they seem to have hit it off, size definitely doesn’t matter!  Except with cars, those are still very scary.  They are so big and loud but Georgia has recently discovered that there are treats hiding all over the car so maybe soon we will be off on a joy ride!  She enjoys treats and loves breakfast and dinner time; however she also enjoys eating ants.  Guessing maybe they are a southern delicacy? 😂Eventually she will realize that peanut butter is better! 
Sweet Georgia, she is a wild child but also a snuggly one!

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August 25, 2018

This week, NEAS had to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize three dangerous dogs, all of whom had histories of unprovoked bite incidents to people, including children, and other animals.

It was a difficult decision that we did not come to lightly. It was made in close cooperation with our staff veterinarian and a certified consulting behaviorist who evaluated these dogs, carefully considered their histories of repetitive unprovoked aggression, and determined that the likelihood these dogs would cause additional harm to people or other animals in the future was extremely high – making them unsafe to place into other shelters or to be adopted by the public.

One of these dogs was adopted as a puppy, then returned months later after attacking the adopter’s other dog and inflicting serious injury to the owner. The second dog attacked and harmed several dogs while at our shelter. We later learned that information about her prior history of aggression toward other dogs had not been provided before she was admitted. The third dog was recently surrendered after he bit a member of his household in an unprovoked attack, which caused the owner to seek medical assistance.

Yesterday, NEAS staff and volunteers shed many tears. This outcome was, and will continue to be, devastating to us. Ending an animal’s life is the last decision we ever want to make, but we also must place the utmost priority on protecting the people and animals in our community.

We understand that this is a highly emotional issue for the people in our community – ourselves included. Our supporters should know that NEAS will continue to relentlessly pursue our no-kill mission, which means that we will never euthanize adoptable animals even when the shelter is full, reserving this difficult decision for instances where an animal is terminally ill, in acute, irreversible pain or considered dangerous to public safety.

In 2017, NEAS’ save rate was 99.7%, a record that far exceeds the 90% criteria for a no-kill shelter.

We hope that you will continue to join us in our fight to save as many homeless animals as we can.


Donald R. Shapiro, Director