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Northeast Animal Shelter had been recommended to me for quite a while. On May 2, 2019 I finally decided to give it a go.
I went on the website, scrolling through all the cute pups, and I had found a puppy on there that I had wanted to go in and meet. It was very busy in there that day as I remember.

My son and I were finally called in to the room and talked to the counselor. Things didn’t work out with said puppy because she needed to go to a home with no children. That being said, this is how we brought our little girl Daisy home.
The counselor had brought us straight to Daisy and in that instant, I knew she was going to be coming home with us.
We brought her into a room to meet her and one of the first things she did was roll on her back for us to pet her tummy. She knew sit, come, and paw. In that moment I knew she’d be a perfect fit for our family.

Now, having her almost 3 months this upcoming July, she is doing great. She is so happy to be home with us, learning new things every day, and we couldn’t be any happier.

I highly recommend Northeast Animal Shelter, not only are they very helpful, but they are very nice too!!

Thank you NEAS for letting us bring our baby girl home!

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We fell in love with Waylon (now Hank) the moment we set eyes on him. When we took him out and he hooked his little paw over our hands we were goners.

Since his adoption on May 4 he’s grown ENORMOUSLY. At four-months old he’s already taller than his big sis, Wendy, and nearly as heavy at around 33 pounds. He loves to chase Wendy around and he loves morning cuddles. He doesn’t seem to mind his crate at all, and has been such a well-behaved little man (minus the few expected accidents as he got used to the house).

He’s had his first bath, and found himself the happy member of a new dog pack (see pictured: Big sis Wendy and his cousins, Comet and Cupid the golden retrievers).

We’re in love and Hank seems to be wiggle-butt happy with his new home and family.

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We adopted Louie (formerly known as Frodo) a little over two weeks ago and we are so in love with this little fella! He is so sweet, locked and loaded at all times to give kisses and he loves to snuggle.

Louie loves his nylabones and toys with squeakers, and sometimes if he gets really excited while playing he does somersaults!

He has been doing a great job at crate training! One day last week, he managed to get out of his crate earning him the nickname Loudini. Louie has only had a handful of accidents in the house and is very proud of himself every time he goes to the bathroom outside.

We’re so happy we found Louie and that he is now a part of our family!

We’re so grateful for Northeast Animal Shelter and their help in finding the our perfect four legged family member!

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Northeast Animal Shelter is pleased to welcome its new Executive Director, Bob Citrullo. Citrullo will lead Northeast Animal Shelter’s efforts in continuing its mission to save homeless pets across America and succeeds Randi Cohen who served until 2018.

“After conducting a thorough national search, the board is exceptionally pleased to welcome Bob Citrullo to lead Northeast Animal Shelter, “ said Cindi Shapiro, NEAS’ president and founder. “Bob’s visions align perfectly with our values to provide a caring community where every adoptable and treatable pet finds a life-long, loving home. Bob brings to NEAS a deep knowledge of all aspects of animal rescue. His business, financial and management expertise, combined with his medical background, will enable Bob to lead our organization as we prepare for the future. We are delighted to bring Bob on board and feel fortunate to find such a qualified executive.”

Citrullo joins NEAS with extensive experience in the animal welfare world. He has nearly two decades of experience in nonprofit shelter management and community engagement where he focused on increasing lifesaving efforts for animals in underserved communities. Before getting involved in animal welfare, he was an ER nurse and ran a military hospital in the U.S. Army for nearly 25 years.

“I am excited to join the NEAS family, and to build upon the Shelter’s past success and unwavering commitment to saving homeless animals over the last 43 years,” said Citrullo. “I am deeply inspired by the human-animal bond and believe we must not only work to save animals’ lives, but have a responsibility to serve the community where we play a vital role. Northeast Animal Shelter has made significant strides on behalf of animals, but our work does not stop here. I look forward to working with the management team, staff and volunteers to continue to pursue our mission, deepen our presence within the community, and develop successful initiatives and programs to enrich the lives of those we serve.”

Throughout his career at various rescues and shelters, Citrullo was instrumental in reducing euthanasia rates and increasing medical efforts to not only save lives, but to keep those in his care comfortable, healthy, and happy; a mission he plans to continue to pursue at NEAS.

“Northeast Animal Shelter constantly strives to improve everything we do,” said Donald Shapiro, a member of the Shelter’s board of directors. “Now, with Bob Citrullo leading the way, Northeast Animal Shelter is poised to really develop its vision to become one of the most admired and successful no-kill animal shelters.”



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Found an Animal?

Help Them Find Their Way Home

1) Fill out our Found Report.
This information will help us match up the animal with any lost reports we may have received from owners looking for their missing pets.

Found Cat     Found Dog     Found Other Animal

2) Contact all surrounding city and town animal control offices to fill out a found pet report. * This is essential if you have found a lost dog. 
Boston Animal Control can be reached at 617-635-5348. In Massachusetts, animal control is handled individually by each of the 351 municipalities and towns. Owners looking for their pets may only contact the city/town where their pet was initially lost. It is important as the finder of the pet to let all surrounding animal control facilities as well as surrounding private animal shelters like the MSPCA know you have found an animal in case the owner has been in contact with that facility. Please call your town hall to find the animal control officer in your town. If the animal was found in the Boston, Dedham or Cape Cod area, we strongly recommend calling the Animal Rescue League of Boston at 617-426-9170.

3) Post flyers in your neighborhood.
Click here for a template found pet flyer, including a color photo is ideal. The bigger the poster/flyer size the better and make sure to post flyers at eye level.

4) Tell your neighbors and mail carrier
Make sure you give them a copy of the found pet flyers you made.

5) Bring the animal to a Veterinary Clinic or Animal Shelter and ask them to scan the pet for a microchip
This service is offered free of charge at most animal control, shelter, and veterinary clinics.

6) Adoption – Keeping the animal as your own
Once you have reported the found animal to animal control and sheltering facilities in your area, posted flyers, spoke with neighbors and scanned the animal for a microchip if no owner comes forward after a few weeks, and you are interested in adopting the animal you have found, please feel free to contact us if you need financial support to have the animal spayed or neutered and receive its vaccines – visit to learn more about our low cost spay neuter programs.

If you are not able to hold onto the animal until an owner can be found

If you have found a lost dog, please contact your local animal control office. The Animal Control Officer can let you know where they are located or may be able to come and pick up the dog. If you bring the dog to the MSPCA, we are required to transfer the dog to the animal control facility of the city or town where the dog was found. Bringing the dog to your animal control officer will help them gather all the information they need from you directly and avoid a second trip in the car for the dog.

If you have found a lost cat or other type of pet,  you can bring the animal to the MSPCA during our surrender hours which are Tuesday – Friday 2pm-5pm. We will continue to look for the owner while we have the animal in our care.

Our Reality: The MSPCA is an open admission Adoption Center, which means we never turn an animal or an owner away. We receive more than 9,000 animals at the Boston Adoption Center each year. We have many wonderful success stories of finding homes for pets who are brought to us as strays. At the same time, while we try our best to find homes for every animal that is brought to us, we are often faced with difficult euthanasia decisions when an animal is not medically or behaviorally sound for adoption. We do not make this decision based on length of stay or space.Medical and behavioral evaluations are performed on animals prior to placing them up for adoption. The adoption center environment can be a very stressful place for a pet. While we do our best to make each animal feel as comfortable as possible, it is not a home. It is for this reason that we look to you to try everything you can to work on the situation you are facing or find a new home for the animal you found before surrendering the animal to us.

There are many limited admission shelters and rescue groups throughout the state of Massachusetts. Most limited admission shelters and rescue groups do not euthanize animals but work off of a waiting list if they are full and will only take in animals they are confident they will be able to place in an adoptive home. We recommend you contact limited admission rescue and shelter groups before bringing your stray pet to the MSPCA. Limited admission shelters work off of a waiting lists if they are full and will only take in animals they are confident they will be able to place in an adoptive home. Click here for a list of limited admission shelters in Massachusetts.

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We adopted Rusty on 6/10/19. He’s only been with us for a few days but we are completely in love with him!!!! He had his first interaction, since being with us, with another dog, and he had so much fun!!! He played very well.

His former foster did such a good job with him. If he sees this I want to thank him for putting the time in with Rusty.

Rusty goes right to the door and sits and waits for us when nature calls. He has not had a single accident in the house. All this boy wants is to be loved. And omg is he loved! We are slowly working with his separation anxiety and hopefully he will feel comfortable and safe very soon. We want to thank the entire NEAS staff, as well as ALL of the volunteers for allowing us the pleasure of bringing this beautiful boy into our family.

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Bear (formerly known as Archie) has been with us for about three months now, and we simply can’t imagine our lives without him. It didn’t take long for his unique personality to shine through after bringing him home with us. In addition to his sweet and loving disposition, Bear is perhaps even more curious, adventurous, and silly! Bear comes with me to work most days of the week, and has stolen the hearts of my coworkers, as well. Once we arrive to the office in the morning, Bear completes his “morning rounds” where he goes from office to office greeting each person. Once a week Bear takes a “personal day” and goes to camp to play with his four-legged friends, and always comes home happy, tired and muddy!

Much like his humans, Bear is truly himself when he is outdoors. He is practically a different dog in the woods! Bear loves exploring hiking trails alongside us, and is particularly fond of climbing rocks and tromping through rivers and streams. Bear is also an avid mountain biker, and accompanies his Dad on these excursions, as well. Bear looks forward to visiting his Pop and Noni, where he plays in the lake in their backyard, and even goes on boat rides! While he is there, he loves to play with (and pester) Jasmine and Josie (Newfoundlands).

When Bear isn’t swimming, hiking, and biking, he loves snuggling with his humans. He has quickly grown in size and hasn’t quite figured out that he no longer fits into places he once could, like our lap (and soon, our bed). His favorite toy is anything with a squeaker, but he’d really rather play with shoes and slippers. On special occasions, he gets to play with empty water bottles, and goes crazy for the crinkly sound it makes.

Thank you NEAS for bringing Bear into our lives! The love we have for our goofy woodland creature is insurmountable!

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We adopted Baja, now Cassie, about two weeks ago, and our hearts and home are full!

She is a great little puppy who loves to eat (A LOT) and play outside. At night she snuggles with my daughter and sleeps through the night.

Thank you to NEAS staff for a wonderful adoption experience. We couldn’t have had a more pleasant experience.