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Seen together, you would think these two cats have known each other their whole lives – but they actually met at our Shelter! 


When they first came in, these frightened kittens were totally overwhelmed and antisocial. They didn’t want to interact with anyone and would hide in their beds.

But as soon as they were placed in a cat community room together, everything changed! Pounce made the first move – quietly sitting in front of Ginger’s bed. 

Ginger apparently thought this was just fine and responded by sharing her toys with Pounce. In no time at all, the kitties were cuddled up together in one bed! They even began eating out of the same bowl. 

Witnessing their special bond, we knew they had to stay together. Fortunately, a caring gentleman adopted them both – and today the three of them are as happy as can be!

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It’s heartbreaking when loved ones can no longer care for themselves, and even more so when they can no longer care for their pets.


That was the situation facing a family whose mother had raised Puddin’, a 12-year-old Himalayan show cat. When the woman was diagnosed with dementia, her family reached out to Northeast Animal Shelter for help.

Upon arriving at the Shelter, staff quickly realized Puddin’ was in need of considerable grooming and dental work – so our medical team got to work right away, providing the cosmetic and medical care she desperately needed.

Once Puddin’ recovered, it was time for her to find an adopter who would shower her with love and affection… and did she ever! Puddin’ now spends her days cuddling with her canine brother – and new best friend – on the couch until her dad gets home from work. Her bed of choice is her dad’s pillow, and he happily obliges.  It’s safe to say Puddin’ has found her forever home!

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Talk about a first impression! When Heather arrived at Northeast Animal Shelter from one of our Southern rescue partners, she immediately made it known that it was going to take a while for her to warm up to her new surroundings.


Not only was Heather very vocal in her kennel, which didn’t endear her to potential adopters – she was not particularly fond of other dogs either, which didn’t endear her to her kennel mates.  Heather was continuously overlooked, and we wondered if she’d ever find her forever humans.

But underneath that tough, anxious exterior was a spirited, smart, and affectionate pup who needed lots of exercise and love. Once Heather was outside in a play yard chasing a ball, she became a different dog! Afterward, she’d roll on her back to enjoy a good belly rub.

Our behavior team worked tirelessly to help Heather. Still, it took a long time for her to change her outlook on meeting new people and other dogs. Under our care, she grew into a confident, more relaxed pet – and a staff favorite!

After five months of hard work, Heather was finally ready for a home of her own.

Her new parents love her unconditionally and help her burn off all that energy by taking her on brisk walks and playing frisbee in the backyard.  

Today Heather is not only happy, she is thriving.

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Remy is doing fantastic! She settled right in and the kids are really enjoying having a dog.

One day my daughter came home from school and I could tell she was exhausted so I told her to go lay down and take a little nap. A little while later my husband and I went to see what she was doing and she was cuddled up with Remy in her dog bed sleeping. Unfortunately we didn’t get a photo because she woke up and caught us.

The boys love to take her out and play ball and just plain run around with her.

We all just love our newest family member!

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We are so in LOVE with our new baby boy, Levi (formerly Ringo)! Day by day, Levi continues to come out of his shell and show more of his beautifully gentle, kind temperament. Levi made himself right at home on the couch and took to his crate like he knew it was there waiting for him the whole time!
Levi’s now fully housebroken, very good on leash, and 100% a squirrel-chaser! We have a park one block away where the local dogs and owners meet up for daily dog-parties, fetch and general dog fun. There’s even a WhatsApp group to let everyone know who will be at the park and when.
I only hope we bring Levi as much happiness and love as he’s already brought to our lives. My husband and I have been wanting a dog for over twelve years; we could not be more thrilled to have Levi be our first puppy together! 
 None of this could have happened without either the amazing NEAS team or Julie, specifically. Julie not only guided us through the process seamlessly, but more importantly focused on us, our wants in a dog and our home-life so she could find the right dog for us and the right family for the dog.
Within twenty minutes of Julie’s suggesting Levi (Ringo), we were processing his adoption papers. For this attention to detail, personality-matching and true care for all involved, we cannot thank you enough, Julie!

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Koko just celebrated his 1 year birthday!

He was originally named “Bugatti” and we adopted him to be a buddy for our kitty, Tomo.

He is such a lovable and energetic member of our family. He loves to play fetch and play the piano!

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I adopted Lola in the spring and could not imagine life without her!

I bring her everywhere. She makes me laugh every day with her silly puppy antics.

She loves going for a hike or playing on the beach with her ball and then coming home to cuddle and nap on the couch.

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We hit the jackpot when we adopted Poppy and Luna! They are remarkably sweet and loving, and are both so eager to please. We feel really lucky to have them.
Of course there were issues during the initial adjustment period. Sometimes I didn’t recognize their need to go out and ended up with messes to clean up, but that didn’t last long: they did a good job training me to pay better attention LOL.  Both dogs, but especially Poppy, wanted – at first – to be with us constantly and, even better, to be licking us. It’s taken a while, but they’re comfortable being independent of us now and have pretty good respect for the fact we don’t care for dog licking. 
We take the dogs out for 2 to 3 mile walks several times a week. They love, love, love racing along the trails and “hunting” for squirrels. 
Thank you for the great work you’re doing at the Northeast Animal Shelter. We are very grateful for the gift of these two pups in our lives.

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Chowder now goes by Louie.. mostly “Lou”! He’s been settling in so well in our home! He loves to snuggle. Loves to chew on crunchy leaves on the deck.. which he’s actually doing right now! He’s been doing so well sleeping in the crate, which was definitely a big help in easing him into a routine here! He eats well and loves his training treats and frozen peanut butter Kong’s. We had his first vet visit a couple weeks ago and he did amazing with the shots and blood draw. So sweet and gentle.  

We’ve been working on the training and walking on a leash. He occasionally likes to play tug of war with the leash, so we are working on that in training. We are also working on socializing him with other dogs. He still is a bit rough when he plays. We actually brought him to a doggy day care today just for an intro/intake session and he had to be put into his own area for a little while just because he doesn’t seem to know his own size yet!  

We are so, so incredibly happy with Lou. We feel we got very lucky in finding him that day. And we appreciate everything you did to talk us through the process of finding a good fit for our home. He’s definitely our baby now! 

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Coco is doing well.  The whole family loves her! 

We have been taking some training classes to teach her to walk on leash. 

She loves chasing frogs that get into our pool at night! She’s quite good at catching them but she doesn’t eat them. 

 She likes being outside but has no interest in escaping the yard (fenced in). She definitely prefers being with the family.