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August 6, 2019 Galaxy became a member of our family. On the first night, as recommended I had him stay in the bathroom. This was his one room until he got adjusted to our home.

That night I heard his cries and couldn’t ignore him. I brought in my pillow and blanket, he curled up on me and slept the rest of the night!  I let him explore my bedroom the next day, by that night he was sleeping by my side all night long.

He is AMAZING with children, he really does put up a lot with the little ones!

Galaxy is super cuddly, comes to me most of the time when I call him and he purrs all the time!! By day four he was exploring around the entire house without any problems.

Did I mention kisses? Well he loves to do that and even waits by the door when I come home. I truly enjoy playing with him! Galaxy just had his first check up, he is a very happy and healthy kitty.

I am so grateful to everyone at the shelter for making this possible.Thank you for all you do and Thank you for making our home complete again.


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Zephyr (formerly Loki) was the missing piece to our family. He is a beautiful soul. He and our one and a half year old pup became immediate best friends. She needed a companion and her days are now filled with play and snuggly naps. He is goofy, when he is feeling extra affectionate he will go head first and slide down the couch to complete a somersault into our lap. He is socializing well. He met a human baby friend that is our neighbor and they love each other.

The first few days home, he wouldn’t make eye contact or engage. But now, his brown eyes stare into ours until our hearts melt. In three weeks, he has learned sit, stay, touch, come, paw, lay down. Potty training is going well, already giving us cues when he needs to go out. Loves his crate! He had his first visit to the vet and charmed everyone there. Vet said he is very healthy.

He is terrified of rain, but not thunder or lightning. We bought him a rain coat so he doesn’t feel the drops and can have fun in the rain, so he is coming around. He cries when we walk just a few steps away but he is learning to settle on his own.

We could go on forever…and guess we have!

Patrick was our counselor. Zephyr wasn’t our first pick, but Patrick encouraged us to take our time, and meet other pups. He was patient with our many questions and got to know us to help find the perfect match. We came in with an idea of the pup we wanted but left with the pup that was meant to be. We will be indebted to him forever.

Thank you and Northeast Animal Shelter…you are changing lives!

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We adopted Indie in September of 2017 and Ohana joined our pack this past April.

We are so thankful to have found two beautiful pups to join our family from Northeast Animal Shelter.

They instantly bonded with each other and we enjoy them both being part of our family!!

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My boyfriend and I first found Lily while exploring the NEAS website. We were moving from a tiny no-pets apartment in Boston to the suburbs and were incredibly excited to adopt our first dog together. About two weeks before we moved, my boyfriend sent me Lily’s picture from the website and I immediately fell in love. I was so sad we couldn’t drive right over and adopt her that day! As we looked through Lily’s photos and read about her difficult journey, I felt more and more attached, but we still had two weeks until we moved! WeI started checking the website everyday, multiple times a day to see if Lily had been adopted. As it came closer and closer to our move date, Lily was still at the shelter waiting for her new family.

Finally, the day after we completed our move, we drove out to Salem to be there right when the shelter opened. As we drove over we worried that Lily would have already been adopted, I mean look how cute she is! When we got to the shelter, we knew exactly who we were looking for, and there she was! Lily was lounging in her kennel chewing on her paper food bowl, we looked at each other and smiled.

Fast forward a few weeks and Lily now lounges around our apartment sometimes on one of her many dog beds, but mostly on the couch and the queen bed (fit for her royal highness of course). Lily is an absolute love and is adjusting very well to her forever home. We ask ourselves everyday how she was in the shelter for so long, she is simply an amazing dog. Other than lounging around, Lily’s favorite pastimes include taking walks (and getting better at leash training), learning to “lay down,” meeting new people, and cuddling her humans. The best time of day is cuddling in bed with Lily after her morning walk, she gets right up next to me and uses all the pillows!

All Lily wants is to love and be loved. We are so grateful to everyone at NEAS for allowing us to receive the unconditional love that only a shelter dog can provide, and give that love right back in return to our beautiful girl! Lily had a rough start to life, but her future is very bright!

Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!


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Broly (formerly known as Tanner) was just around 6 months old when we stumbled upon him at NEAS and he is now about a year and a half!

He loves going for walks, playing in the sprinkler/pool, chasing around his 9 year old shihtzu mix brother named Jack, and playing fetch with his never ending supply of toys! He is very smart and knows sit, stay, down, paw, other paw, both paws (super cute to see btw), and hi-five!

He loves going on off-leash walks in the woods and running around, but he also adores cuddling up on the couch or in bed! He’s the best snuggle bug! He is still a little nervous around new people but he absolutely loves his doggy friends! We might just have to get him a brother or sister to run around with at home! (Jack adores playing with Broly but can’t quite keep up energy wise!)

The process of adopting Broly took a little while and there were a few bumps in the road but it was only due to finding out that his front right leg is slightly deformed, but that just makes us love him even more! Thank you thank you thank you for letting us find each other! He’s the best!

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When we first brought Jesse home in March, she was a timid puppy who was even afraid to go for a walk. Since then, she has become very happy well adjusted girl who loves hugs and kisses and her toys.

She has become best friends with a family member’s dog who is here for the summer. She is now even the leader when we go for a walk! She also loves our 2 cats very much.

Can’t imagine life without her!!!!! She is definitely a Daddy’s Girl, but loves everyone she meets.

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My wife and I were looking for the perfect dog. After going through multiple adoption agencies, we did not receive a response due to the busy and aggressive schedule that those programs carry with it. We wanted to go to a rescue shelter and adopt the same day. We were ready. We went to two different shelters and they both would not let us even meet the dog we were interested in. Luckily we found Northeast Animal Shelter!

The experience we got here was better than we could have imagined! We found the next member of our little family to be a lab mix puppy! She was 3 months when we adopted her. Her name was Addie, but my wife and I thought she looked more like a Cali. Not to mention I have a niece with the nickname Addie already, so Cali is now her name.

Cali was 3 months old and about 8.5 pounds. She is now approaching 4 months and at whopping 20.4 lbs! She is so smart, in less than 2 weeks she was able to sit, lay down, stand up on hind legs, and shake paws!! She is the greatest pup we could have ever wished for! Its cliche, but we truly believe she rescued us!

THANK YOU NEAS!!! We will be back to adopt a sibling for Cali in the future!

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We adopted Nellie (now known as Marla) a little over a week ago. She is absolutely perfect. She adjusted to our home the moment we opened her carrier case and welcomed her to her forever home.

She found her spot on the bed under the skylight where she could sunbathe. She is a gentle friendly cat with a sweet personality and disposition. She loves to play, snuggle and give head bumps.

Marla is a wonderful addition to our family and I am so happy and grateful to Northeast Animal Shelter for letting us adopt this precious cat. You will be happy to know Marla is being spoiled with treats, a soft fuzzy cat house, a box filled with toys and lots of attention.

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Max came to our home in July, and he has adjusted quickly. From the second day he was running the house!

We tried to keep him separate so he could adjust but that was not his plan. He came right out and went right up to our black lab, Dean. They have been fast friends since.

Max is so fun to have around, he loves to play with crunched up pieces of paper and run and jump all over the place. He sneaks out to the kitchen to eat the dog food and then hides when the dog comes to investigate.

He makes us smile everyday 🙂 We are so glad to have him in our family.

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Tangela and Sweeny are sister and brother. They came home with us on 6/29/19 and have settled right in!

They play and run until they pass out and when they wake up are ready to snuggle!