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Teddy now goes by Obie (short for Obama) and he is getting along just fine. Obie has been eating regularly and got into a routine for going outside, walks, meal schedule, and bedtime.

He’s met my friend’s dog and a few neighborhood dogs in passing. Obie is excited to meet new people and dogs but it loses its appeal to him after a few minutes.

We’ve had a lot of time to bond and get to know each other. I’d say he’s very attached me as I am to him! 

I’m very happy with my new fur baby and the experience I had at Northeast!!

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Casper is now Romeo!! It took a few days to decide whether to change his name or not, but after getting to know him so well it was clear he is such a lover that he needed an appropriate name. 

Romeo has adjusted even better than I could’ve hoped.  He loves to bask in the sunny window and run up and down the halls.  He eats wet food twice a day and always has dry food in his bowl.  He is very healthy and seems to be very happy too. 

Casper the shy cat is gone and now we have Romeo, a very spunky and loving boy.  Every day when I get home he follows me around until the moment I leave again.  He’s become very social and is adjusting to meeting new people really well.  At first he was scared when friends would come over that he did not recognize; now he has no problem making sure all eyes (and hands) are on him. 

We’ve yet to introduce him to the cats and dog upstairs, but every single day he gets more and more adventurous and we’re hoping to introduce them this week.  Thank you so much for bringing this bundle of joy into my life, and taking such great care rescuing and taking care of him up until this point.  He’s become the highlight of my days and nights.

I admit that while signing the papers I was a little nervous that I was jumping the gun, but there is no doubt in my mind now that I couldn’t have made a better choice!  Keep up the amazing work you all are doing!!!

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Etiene is now called Dillon, an Irish name meaning among other things, like a lion, like a son, and ray of hope.  He is doing great.  He and our other cat, Molly, were a bit standoffish at first but are more than comfortable with each other now. She’s becoming a patient and caring big sister and he is a happy little scamp.

Although he had been a somewhat sickly little kitten he is far from that now.  He loves to run and play between power naps and is an enthusiastic eater.

I’d especially like to thank our adoption counselor, Angela, for your help in the adoption process.  All the best to you and all at the shelter.

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Wyatt, now Eddie, is fully part of our family. He is eating and sleeping like a champ.

Eddie loves to give us kisses, and he is generally really friendly with other people. He is getting bolder with other dogs. He does like to play but he loves his naps too.

The first half of our walks can be a challenge sometimes but once we turn around to come home he is very excited.

We love him. Thank you for letting us adopt him. 😍

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We changed Marley’s name to Ducky! 😀

Ducky and our other dog Rufio have been having a lot of fun running around our yard, playing and tiring each other out. Ducky has been sleeping in bed with us since the first night. She loves to snuggle and has been sleeping by our heads recently. 😀

She loves toys! We have a basket of toys that our other dogs rarely play with and she took out every single one. She loves the ones that squeak! 

When we take her to the office, she enjoys being with the other office dogs. 

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Ava (pictured on the left) and Zha Zha  (Azalea, pictured below)  are my little Gabor sisters.  They are such a joy to have as part of our family. They both have adjusted very well. They play hard and sleep a lot.

They both have their own personality. Ava is a purr muffin love bug and loves to have her chin and cheeks rubbed and will look at you with her head tilted and wants to be picked.  Zha Zha loves to be petted but dont pick her up! She will plop on the floor in front of you and beg to be petted. Love’s her head and nose rubbed, BUT don’t pick her up! I try to pick her up only by her front paws to get her used to have your hands on her belly. I kiss her forhead and let her be. She now will let you hold her for a hot minute and then she’s done with that, but will then plop on the floor and look for you to pet her.

Ava is definitely the denominator but Zha Zha will only take so much.  When I feed them and Ava wants Zha Zha’s food, Ava taps her on the head and Zha Zha moves to Ava’s dish.  

I feed the birds outside our back door and the both stay crouched down with their ears flat and watch the birds and squirrels.  When Ava wants the spot Zha Zha has and taps her head, Zha Zha swats back like saying not this perch.

They both are such a joy to have and I’m so glad we went Northeast Animal Shelter to adopt our Little Gabor sisters.  I can’t say enough about how fabulous the staff is and how they treat and care for these fragile and special animals. All the animal units were spotless and cleaned constantly each time we were there looking to adopt.  Then we saw Ava and Zha Zha (Azalea) and fell in love. The rest is history!

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Mila (originally Lauren) is truly the best doggie anyone could ever ask for.

Gentle, kind, and an absolute love bug, she has turned our lives upside down in the best way possible. Although a little shy at first, she has quickly become an outgoing puppy, happy to play with other dogs, adults, and even little kids. She has learned crate training well and happily hangs out in her crate while we are gone (I watch her on our petcube – guilty as charged).

Her favorite things are belly rubs, playing tug of war with her squeaky toy, and falling asleep in random places. She usually sleeps on her bed for most of the night, but come morning you can be sure that she has found a cozy spot between us, ready to shower us with kisses and licks. We couldn’t be happier to have this golden girl in our lives.

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George (we kept his name) is doing well. Given that he came from a farm in West Virginia, it has taken him a little while to get used to the sounds, sights and rhythm of suburban living. I spoke to the woman who fostered him from age 2 days to 4 month (when she sent him to NEAS), and she said George had never previously seen a car! 

All in all, he’s been very good. George loves to snuggle (he’s now up to 51 pounds), and everyone in our community marvels at how generally calm he is for a 5-month-old puppy. He loves people, he enjoys playing fetch with a tennis ball in the backyard, and REALLY enjoys getting brushed by my daughters. 

Our youngest daughter just turned 7, and this year she didn’t want people to bring her presents because she feels she has enough toys/stuff. Instead, she wanted people to donate to the Northeast Animal Shelter to help others dogs and cats find a loving home like George did. We set up a donation link through an Evite invitation page and raised $250 for NEAS. 

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Can you spell Love? It’s MIA. We adopted Mia on 1-17-2018. Mia is amazing. So much joy in our life. Mia is growing and doing well in all aspects of a puppy life. Eating. Playing. Walking. Training. Sleeping.

Thank you NEAS for all you do! Lynette and Steve

P.S. We loved her shelter name so we kept it.