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We adopted Cooper, our gigantic lovable boy in 2013. He loves walks in the woods, snuggling with his family, and all kinds of treats. He brought so much happiness into our lives, and is such a wonderful goofball. In 2018, we adopted Rocky, who we affectionately call Rocky Horror. He is a tiny chihuahua mix who loves barking, peanut butter, and his mom. He also loves hoarding toys from Cooper. The two of them are adorable brothers, who have very different personalities but we love them both just the same. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter for bringing these two to our lives!

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We adopted Ollie (also known as Baby Cow) about four years ago on a whim. The minute I saw him, I knew he was our dog. He’s full of energy and incredibly sweet. Every member of our family absolutely adores him and we wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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We adopted Molly a year ago from NEAS and she quickly became the center of our world. She is the sweetest dog and loves to play. We were looking for a friend for her and when we saw Bubba (previously Jugger) we knew he’d be a perfect fit. Bubba also loves to play and is very tolerant of Molly’s energy. The two of them get along so well, it’s like they’ve known each other all their lives. They spend hours playing with each other in the yard and then fall asleep on top of each other. We couldn’t have asked for a better pair. We love them both so much!

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Ralph (formerly Thor) came to us from NEAS almost two years ago now and has fit right in – we can’t imagine life without him! He stood out to us on Facebook right away and was an unfurgettable friend as he is diabetic and FIV+, but that doesn’t stop him from anything and we’re glad to say he’s been healthy and happy since joining us. Ralph enjoys running around the house chasing toys, sleeping on our bed, people/bird/squirrel watching over the Boston Common, being on both the naughty and nice list at Christmas, sunbathing in the window, reading the classics, long walks on the beach, and freeze-dried chicken. Thank you to the NEAS for all your work!

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We adopted Peggy and Carol (fka Puppup and Sweat pea) in September 2020. Peggy was so so scared and anxious moving from her lovely foster home to a new house, but once she saw Carol get comfortable and trust us, she slowly came around. Now she is the bigger cuddle bug of the duo! We are so thankful to NEAS and the girls’ foster family.

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When Northeast Animal Shelter launched our community outreach program in the midst of the pandemic, our goal was to build trusting relationships with neighbors in underserved communities – neighbors like Sabrina.

Sabrina takes in the stray cats in her Revere neighborhood, gets them spayed or neutered, and makes sure their bellies are full. She also serves as the point person for all of her neighbors’ pet concerns. When we first met Sabrina, she was caring for 14 cats!

That’s when our Community Pet Food Bank stepped in to assist. We now provide Sabrina and her neighbors with cat and dog food on a regular basis. And when the cats she cares for have medical needs, she reaches out to NEAS and our affiliate MSPCA-Angell for help. So when Sabrina found yet another stray cat, we were the first ones she called.

A spay procedure was scheduled for the new cat named Precious, but two days before the appointment, Sabrina called to share that Precious had delivered two kittens overnight. We quickly placed Precious and her babies into foster care and later that day, Precious gave birth to a third kitten.

Although only two of the kittens survived, they have since found loving permanent homes and Precious was spayed and returned to Sabrina, who had checked in on her every day while she was in foster care.

If you or someone you know needs assistance with pet food or affordable veterinary care, please email

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Before arriving at our shelter, Deagan’s life could only be described as heartbreaking.

Tethered to a logging chain, weighing just half of what he does today, Deagan suffered a lonely, neglected life. But from the day he arrived, he became a happy, wiggly guy who adored everyone he met.

But Deagan’s neglect left him with two serious medical conditions. For months, he was treated at our shelter for heartworm and babesia, a tick-based disease that infects the red blood cells. Although he quickly became a staff favorite, this lovable dog with a goofy grin had no interest from potential adopters.

After remaining with us for nearly 100 days, Deagan needed a break from shelter life, so we placed him in a foster home. It didn’t take long for his foster moms to realize he was a keeper, and they joyfully adopted him.

Soon, Deagan will enter service dog training so he can accompany his mom to work. And we have no doubt that he will be much loved at the senior centers where she provides music therapy!

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Once upon a time, a tabby cat named Chinderella came to Northeast Animal Shelter from one of our partners in Georgia. 

She was friendly, happy, and sweet as can be. But something about her was unusual…

At first glance, it looks like Chinderella is sticking out her tongue… but that’s actually her chin! Trauma to her jaw detached the fur on Chinderella’s chin, exposing the skin underneath, despite the originating shelter’s best efforts to repair it. An exam by NEAS’ medical staff revealed that the same blunt force that caused the injury – probably an impact with a car – also fractured all of her teeth.

Although Chinderella’s fur could not be reattached, she still needed dental surgery to remove her teeth. Due to the delicate way that cats’ teeth are affixed, it was important that Chinderella get the best possible care. So we sent her to the MSPCA-Angell, whose dentistry staff has the experience and technical expertise necessary for full mouth extractions.

Through it all, Chinderella’s sweet disposition never changed – and she just couldn’t get enough attention from our staff! If her petting sessions were halted, she would lean in and meow for more, never failing to vocalize her appreciation with deep-throated purrs.

In spite of her quirky appearance, Chinderella’s affectionate nature caught the attention of an adopter, and before too long her greatest wish came true. Chinderella found a home with someone who will adore her forever – and who doesn’t love a fairytale with a happy ending? 

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We rescued Sonny from NEAS back in April 2010. At that time, his name was Bopper and he was about 1 year old and came from Indiana. He had been at the shelter for almost a week and they were surprised it took so long for someone to pick him. Next month will be 11 years since we took him home. He is the biggest lovebug/snugglebug, though is still very protective of us and our home. He has been with us for 2 moves and 2 babies. We can’t imagine our lives without him and love him to pieces. Thank you, NEAS!

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We adopted Felix (formerly Dorito) as a kitten from NEAS last July. After our eldest cat passed away last December, we decided that Felix needed another brother to keep him company. Last month we came back to NEAS, and the moment we met Moose we immediately felt he would be the perfect fit. After just a couple of weeks, they are already the best of friends. We couldn’t imagine our lives without either one of them! Thank you NEAS!