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Zev, formerly named Salem, joined our family on 2/8/20, which was a very busy day at NEAS! He has adapted to his new life incredibly well, and loves playing with his human brothers, and attempting to torment his new 15 year-old Siberian Husky sister.

His cat housemates are still hiding most of the time, but I think in time they’ll be friends. Overall it has been a very smooth 3.5 weeks ; he learned the bell training system (ring the bell hanging from the door knob = go outside to do your business) in a few hours, and hasn’t had an accident indoors since week one.

Thanks for bringing this southern gentlemen into our lives!

The Nabel family

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I adopted Bella (formally known as Icy Spots) 3 weeks ago and she is going great! She is a perfect fit for the family and we all love her so much.

She didn’t like to play much when we first brought her home but now she has come out of her shell a little more and loves to play!

She is also a HUGE cuddler. My family and I are so happy to have her and we love her so much!

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We brought 4-month-old Biscuit home from your shelter in January, and we are so happy to have found him. We feel so lucky!

He’s friendly, happy, a complete goofball, and perfectly at home in our house with our 6-yr-old tuxedo cat.

Every day, he makes us laugh. We can’t wait to watch him grow up and be the gorgeous cat we know he’ll be!

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We adopted Max on February 17, 2020. He is the sweetest boy and loves to snuggle.

I am so happy to have been able to adopt him and give him a forever home.

He loves his toys and his fur legged friend Shadow. And he sure does love his naps on the couch.

This is our actual first puppy and we are so excited to watch him grow and give him the best life. Thank you so much NEAS!!!

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We adopted Luna on September 20, 2020 and it was the best decision we ever made.

We absolutely LOVE her.

She loves to cuddle and play and is sweet to everyone she meets. She adjusted very well and trained easily.

She is the most well-behaved cat I’ve ever met to be honest. <3

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We adopted Silver from NEAS in January 2020 after finding out our 12 year old rescue dog has significant cancer and may or may not be with us much longer. We had driven over 2 hours from Western Mass and waited another hour plus to meet with staff, followed by a meet with this little puppy… the Shelter was very busy that day!

After explaining our story to the adoption counselor, she matched us with this great little guy and he joined our crew that day. He slept all curled up on my husband’s lap the whole drive back to his new home.

After a month now in the Western MA wilderness, we are happy to report he is sweet, happy, and great with our 6 year old daughter and older dog, Pandora.

He is so smart and eager to please. He has been learning the routines at home easily. He is just a love. Thank you NEAS for an amazing puppy!


-From his forever family

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As of today, I’ve had Valli (formerly Millie) for exactly 2 years. she was 4 months old then and now weighs 65 lbs. I was not expecting to adopt a dog on this day, but I saw her, felt an instant connection and knew I had to bring her home.

She fit right in like she has always belonged with me. I was told she was the ‘craziest pup’ that they had gotten in, but she has been nothing but perfect since day 1. She’s a great climber, loves to swim and loves her toys. She has tons of energy but also loves to watch movies and snuggle. She is so smart that my mom and I joke that she’s part human.

She is so funny and so sweet and I feel so in sync with her. We go out and adventure every day and then she snuggles up in my bed. She follows me everywhere…she is between my legs as I write this!

I joke to my friends that I found my “soul-dog” but I really believe that I did. I was 18 when I adopted her, she was my first dog, and she has changed me and my life for the better and given me everything I needed and more. Even though I’m young, no part of having her has felt like a sacrifice because she makes every day brighter. I love her so much and every day I am so grateful to have her.

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We adopted Bailey on February 4th, 2020. I have three kids, Emma who is 12, Ava who is 7, and Dante who is 3. We wanted to get a dog for a while now, but never really committed until I promised my oldest that we would get a dog by April. We wanted to get a pitbull, lab mix, but wanted to wait until it was warm enough for training. So we put in papers to all of our local animal shelters.

On February 4th Northeast Animal Shelter contacted me, saying that they had two puppies that matched what we were looking for. I went to see them and immediately fell in love. I took pictures, sending them to my husband and daughter. I then left the shelter to get my youngest from school and came back. Around 5 minutes after I sent the picture my oldest called me saying “GET HER GET HER”.

My husband came with my two daughters after they got out of school and we knew she was the one when all three kids were playing with her. We adopted her and got supplies on the way home. Ava wanted to get Bailey and her sister, but the volunteers explained that one puppy was going to be enough work. Now it has been two weeks and she is the perfect addition to our family.

Bailey (formally known as Corinne) is fitting in nicely with our household. She loves roughhousing with our toddler, Dante. They both have unlimited energy so they wear each other out. The first night she did cry quite a bit in her cage but now she is comfortable with it and doesn’t make a peep. Bailey does love snuggling with us on the couch, and my husband had to throw that rule out the window.

Last weekend we brought her over to my mother-in-law’s house where my sister in law had a dog. Because her dog is two and Bailey is still a puppy it did take a bit for them to get along, but by the end of the day they were playing outside like they had known each other for years.

Also, we are potty training Dante and Bailey is still learning as well, so it does get a bit messy at times. The other day we found pee on the ground, I asked Dante if he had an accident, seeing how his pants were wet. Instead, he pointed to Bailey, saying “Dog”. It got us a good laugh and they have been getting along perfectly.

The staff at NEAS was so kind and understanding when we wanted to see her, and were very helpful when it came to facts about having a puppy. My oldest daughter is planning on becoming a veterinarian and is excited to be able to volunteer at Northeast Animal Shelter once she is old enough. 

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I had been thinking about a dog since our family dog had passed. Looking at the rescues daily, I was waiting for one to really grab hold of me, and then I saw little “Billy” from Texas.

I went one Saturday morning to see him and instantly we had a connection. The smallest of his litter but certainly made up for it in energy and love; he was the one.

Now known as Dexter, he has taken to our new life together remarkably well. Everyone who meets him cannot believe how handsome and sweet this little man is. He is full of even more puppy energy and equal parts love, and is really taking to his new home and routine.

Dexter is quite the athlete – super fast and has a future in the Doggy Olympic high jump. He loves to play fetch and run around the house, chase leaves outside, curl up to nap anywhere he can find a spot on you, and is doing well potty training and learning commands. He has already solidified his place in our family and our hearts, forever.

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Ethel is now named Emily and she is doing very well and settled in very quickly. It’s like she has been here forever.

She’s very affectionate and cuddly. She has had her first vet appointment and all went well. She has a good appetite.

She has used her litter box since the first night. She is easy going and very sweet. We love having her in our family!