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Hello my name is Oliver. I was adopted on Nov. 8th and I weighed in at 5 lbs. My new parents were going to change my name as soon as a good one came to mind.

As soon as I was at my new home I started crying for food. I was always hungry and crying for food over the next few days. Dad thought it was funny and it reminded him of the movie Oliver where the little boy asked, ” Please Sir, I would like some more. ”

Well the name stuck but I do have a nickname… Hellion ( pronounced hel-yen ). I have to lookup the meaning someday.

I have a buddy called Buster who I enjoy sleeping with and playing with. I love to pounce on him from above but we are pals.  I have two pet beds and two people beds to choose from and two condos to scratch and play with.

I was given lots of toys but my favorites are that red laser dot that I just can’t catch, Dad’s socks, and my buddy Buster.

I saw a nice person called a vet on Nov. 23rd. I gained a little weight ( I’m now 6.25lbs ), and loved meeting all the people and other animals. As soon as I learn not to try and bite everything called a mouse I may start my own facebook page. Right now I’m just using a keyboard and a tab button. i will try to keep everyone updated as to how I am doing. Gotta go, that red light is going around the floor and this time I’m gonna get it.


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I got Dozer (formally Felix) for my birthday on October 13th, 2018. He was so shy when I first sat with him. Within a few minutes, he was on my lap and licking my face.

Within the last month and a half, he has become the most important thing in my life. He is the biggest cuddle bug I’ve ever met. I noticed the other day that he smiles when he gets excited to see his mom and dad!

I can’t imagine having any other companion. He has an ‘uncle’ named Harley and he idolizes him. All they do is play and sleep together. I’m SO grateful to the NEAS for giving me my forever best friend!

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Sadie is named after my previous dogs Sebastian and Kodi. She is awesome…super curious and not scared of anything.

Sadie is a total sweetheart. She loves people and dogs and is quite a hiker and rock climber already. She goes to work with me and behaves great. She’s great on leash, she sits, lies down, comes, and knows her name.

She’s not loving housebreaking but it’s kept me on my toes. Yet she sleeps through the night.. actually well into the morning! I usually wake her and she gives me her belly and spends quite a long time getting out of her crate…just like me as I hate abrupt mornings! I had to get a trainer and to help me teach her how to do the stairs, and now she’s thrilled with herself!

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Mookie (Toby) is doing fantastic!! He is a wonderful addition to our family. We lost our Z-man (Zorro) Memorial Day weekend, at the age of just shy of 17. Never thought I could love another, but the MOOk man has got me!! He is very playful, loving, affectionate, cuddly, and smart. He is making us very happy.

He is growing up so fast, but is still a little doll! He has played with his niece Ruby (a German Shepherd) a few times and they love each other. He gives us tons of kisses and loves to steal our shoes!! Especially my flip flops!

He also loves to sleep on his back! He looks so funny. He seems very smart. He already knows his name. We are very thrilled to have him and thank you for introducing us.

I brought him to Petco the other day and a woman walked up to me and asked me if he was a Plott hound?  I said I had no idea and I thought he was some type of hound. She looked up a picture of one, showed it to me and it looks exactly like him! I couldn’t believe how much, so we assume that must be the type of hound. He definitely likes to sniff around the yard when he isn’t busy playing soccer!

He loves to be outside. He was helping rake leaves today. Well, not sure if helping is the right word!

He sure is a beauty! We can’t say enough to express how happy we are to have found Mookie. We love him to pieces! He is a great addition to our family. Thanks again to Pat and Northeast for letting us find each other and for enriching our lives with this little man.

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We re named Anita to Nala, because we feel it fits her more. So far she is doing great!

It took no time to potty train her. Ever since we brought her home sheโ€™s had zero accidents in the house! Iโ€™m sure the foster family had a lot to do with that and we are very thankful.

She is so friendly with people and other dogs, and she loves going for long walks. 

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Ghiradelli (renamed Leo) has adjusted better than we could have expected. He is super playful and curious, might I say even bomb proof.  He’s one of the bravest cats I’ve brought into this house, he’s even tried to fight the vacuum cleaner!  His temperament is perfect: he’s super playful and high energy, but has no qualms taking a nap on me or my boyfriend’s lap and rubbing up against us whenever he can.  

He’s quite the talker and is always mewing around the house, especially when he’s hungry (which is all the time!).  

The first night we brought him home he was licking my face and fell asleep on my neck, to which I almost died because it was the cutest thing ever.  We also got him a bunch of new toys and a scratching post, but his favorite toy is an empty toilet roll.  My boyfriend and I laugh about it constantly while we watch him bat it around the apartment.

We are so in love with little Leo and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect addition to our family!  He makes us laugh everyday.


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Beethoven (now named Crash) is doing great! He is incredibly smart, affectionate, and eager to learn – he has been very easy to train, and has adapted to his new home quickly. He does have some dog reactivity, which we were notified about pre-adoption, but we have been going through a weekly training course with him and this has made a big difference.

He gets along great with our cats, and simply adores people! He loves going to the beach and romping in the waves, wrapping himself in blankets and getting cozy, going for daily runs with my husband, or just hanging out with the cats by the window and watching the world go by. He has an insatiable love for both playing and training, which we have been happy to oblige. Our youngest cat is also excited to have a new playmate!

We consider ourselves so lucky to have found Crash, and been given the chance to bring him into our home. He is a wonderful fit for us, and so quickly became a natural and much loved member of our family. It’s hard to remember life without him!

We had a great experience adopting through Northeast, and would absolutely go through your shelter in the future, if and when it’s time for us to add to our family again. ๐Ÿ™‚

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We recently adopted Bourbon (now HeyHey), a 7 month old Dachshund mix, and could not have been more impressed by the people at the Shelter and the wonderful dogs. If we could take every one we would… they were all so sweet.

Our little guy became part of the family immediately. He is everything you would want in a puppy, and we are blessed to have found him. We appreciate the work that Northeast Animal Shelter does to save these beautiful animals. Thank You!

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After spending two weeks in his new home, Lego (previously called Mason) has adjusted to his new life very well. He gained 3 pounds and has one cup of food each meal.

He likes to bring his favorite stuff back to his crate. He brought one seat pad, one pants and a computer bag into his crate during the first night. He loves toys with sounds. He also loves chewing grass and leaves. I guess fall is his favorite season โ€“ lol.

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Mustachio is doing great. Heโ€™s a good boy. ๐Ÿ™‚
I work from home and he visits me throughout the day. He pretty much owns the house now. Heโ€™s friendly but occasionally shy. The kids love him too.