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I renamed Tigger to be called Clementine, Clem for short, and she’s an awesome addition to our household. She’s super curious, get’s into EVERYTHING (including the trash can!), loves to snuggle, and has charmed her way into my other cat’s, Chewy’s, heart. She really is a sweet little lady, and the vet says she might have some Maine coon in her because of her long tail and long, tufty ear hair. I think she looks like a pretty little lynx. 

So far no health issues! She got a great report from the vet, and we’ll be going back in about a month to get rabies and her final distemper.  As far as eating and sleeping are concerned? That tiny little lady has NO issues with her appetite! And she looooves to sleep by my feet at night. So cute. She’s the queen of the household!

I had a great experience taking her home from your shelter, and I’ve recommended it to my friends since this experience. It’s clear that you all take your work with the animals very seriously and take pride in what you do, and that makes a big difference to me. So, thanks for your assistance and expertise. Little Clem seems pretty happy here, and we love having her.

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May 31, 2018.  Salem, MA.  NBC and Telemundo owned stations are teaming up with hundreds of shelters across the country to host Clear the Shelters, a nationwide pet adoption drive on Saturday, August 18, 2018 to help find loving homes for animals in need. More than 150,000 pets found their forever homes since 2015.  

But Kip & Pete don’t want to wait that long!  These great dogs need homes now, and they just got their chance to be on NBC TV to show off their tricks. 

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Chance is doing fantastic.

He has slept through the night since day 1. He is up to 25 pounds and growing. He gets to go with my husband to work every day but really doesn’t mind being left home if necessary. We start puppy school tomorrow night but he has already mastered sit, down, paw, high five and we are working on his distance recall. 

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We are all absolutely smitten with our Sixx (formerly known as Chester, the girl). She moved right in and seemed comfy from the start!  She’s incredibly loving and amazingly brave!!  Our pups (Axl, Duff and Izzy) were super curious and gave her immediate respect. We were all fascinated by their reaction(s). I’m not sure if they remember Cannon (our beloved cat who passed away 2 years ago), so they just knew to give Sixx respect or if she just innately demanded it.

Sixx is so loving and sweet, especially at night when she’s sleepy. And when she’s active, she’s super active. She absolutely loves exploring the house. She thoroughly enjoys being with her people and her fur brothers and sister.

We couldn’t be happier with our newest family member!!  

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We adopted our sweet little boy a little over a month ago from NEAS and we couldn’t be more happy with how much love, joy, and energy our Sully (formerly Brutus) brings to our lives. After adjusting to the stairs and elevator in our condo, everything has been on the up and up with Sully.

He’s a very curious and inquisitive pup that loves people and other dogs – always wanting to be a social butterfly. He ‘s become a routine member of a play group with other dogs in our building who have helped him quickly learn the ropes.

He enjoys playing with the many toys given to him by our family and friends and has been learning essential commands through training with his dads and trainer. We knew from the day we picked him up that he would be a sweet, kind, intelligent boy and has become just that! We love our Sully and are thankful to NEAS for giving him the chance to be part of our family!

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We changed Cal’s name to Buster and we absolutely love and adore him.  He is the sweetest dog. He extremely happy and playful also loves to cuddle and snuggles with all of us and has brought so much happiness and joy to our family.  We are very pleased with entire adoption process.  

Buster has become a very special part of our lives and we are so grateful for having such a loving family member.

Thank you!

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Butter was the perfect addition to our family. He climbs on top of me, loves to scratch my couch 🙄🙄 (I got him a nice tower with 7 scratching posts) and he doesn’t like to be alone.

At nights he goes in front of my door and starts meowing and he even hits my door lock so I can let him in my room. His favorite place is the window behind the TV. He loves to see the outside. 

Since he doesn’t like to be alone, he now sleeps with my son, in his bed, lol. We are definitely really happy with Butter and he adjusted really quick.

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We adopted Leo (formerly Sam) in September of 2017. He is playful and loving to his new family and friends at the park, dogs and humans alike!

He enjoyed his puppy training and loves to learn new tricks. He enjoys playing with his neighborhood buddies in the park every morning. His favorite time is when all his human pack members are home to play with him and love him!

We feel so lucky to have adopted him. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!!

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I adopted Alex about 3 weeks ago and then he hid from sight.  I didn’t see him for a couple of days!

Gradually, he started to peek his head out … more and more … and we have now reached the point where he comes when I call him.

He loves being petted and tickled, and he purrs like a motorboat.

He sleeps with me now, eats well, and always uses his litter box.

I am so happy he agree to become MY owner!  I missed the companionship of a pet and I can see us having a nice long relationship.