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I got my dog from Northeast Animal Shelter roughly 3 years ago and Max is everything that we expected and wanted from a dog.

When I first got Max he always wanted to go outside and go to the dog parks around where I live and loves to play with other dogs.

Max also likes to go on trips in the car. Another great thing about Max is that he loves to cuddle with you when it is time to go to bed and is not afraid to jump up on the bed and lay down and sleep right next to you.

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We adopted Jake in August 2019. He has been a joy to have in our lives!

Jake is the sweetest little boy and a gift to our family.

Please adopt…because when you save an animals’ life, you will be rewarded with love, devotion and companionship.

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Northeast Animal Shelter and Wellbridge Athletic Club are excited to partner up for puppy yoga! Join us this Saturday at Northeast Animal Shelter at 9 am to get your workout on, and hangout with adoptable puppies looking for forever homes!

Individual tickets are $20 and all proceeds benefit Northeast Animal Shelter. Purchase tickets here:

PS- don’t forget to bring your yoga mat!

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I adopted Rex on December 23rd, and he is doing GREAT! He loves to play outside and make short walks on the trail near our house.

He is really curious and energetic, but also loves to take naps with me or my husband. This guy is the sweetest boy ever met. if I don’t pet him when I wake up he starts to trilling, and I think it’s really cute!

He follows me in every step I take in the house, and likes to stay tucked on me when I’m watching tv or doing anything on the couch.

Adopting him was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, he is my best friend. I can’t thank you enough Northeast Animal Shelter for sending me my little fur angel!

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We got Max back in September. He was shy at first but he came out of his shell and now he’s a super goofy 8 month old pup! He has made our home so happy and full of life again.

I get excited coming home from work knowing he’s going to be at the door waiting for me. He’s an incredible little guy! He listens extremely well, he has learned many commands and is such a little love bug.

Max’s favorite thing to do is to give you tons of kisses. He loves the snow and has a blast in it. He was the missing piece to our family.

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Ryleigh (formally known as DJ) joined our family on January 21st, 2020. She is the most lovable, energetic and happy puppy!
She loves to play with her squeaky toys, play catch with her tennis balls and go walks!

Ryleigh loves to meet new people and new dogs on her walks around our apartment complex! She loves snuggling every night with her Dad and sleeping right at his head.

Ryleigh has brought laughter and happiness into our home and we cannot wait to watch her continue to grow!

Thank you NEAS and Celia for making our love story possible!

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Scooby has been a wonderful addition to our family! He loves to go on walks in the Town Forest, loves to eat, and loves to play with our two boys. He fit right in from day one, and even sleeps with our kids each night.

Scooby joins his big nine year old canine sister, and has brought her new life. They have serious play sessions each morning!

We feel very lucky to have Scooby in our family. Thank you NEAS!

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Thanks NEAS for connecting me with such a great companion! Binx is lively yet cuddly, loyal yet independent, silly yet graceful. He’s utterly fearless and so easy going that he settled into his new home almost immediately and proceeded to explore, attack or devour pretty much everything he could get his playful little paws on. His kittenish antics have even converted my father into a cat person.

My favorite part of the day is in the evenings when Binx has played himself into a stupor and is ready for some down time. Then he stretches out along my chest with his head on the pillow next to mine and dozes. I call it teddy bear cuddles.

As far as mischief goes, he likes to walk (or sprint) across every horizontal surface he can find, no matter how high or full of breakable objects it may be. He also wasted no time in tearing to shreds the plastic insulation on every single window. As a result, the temperature in our house might be a little colder this winter but the atmosphere is infinitely warmer thanks to him.

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Jasper is the most loving kitten that I adopted in January. When I first saw him he was such a ham, looking for attention rubbing up against his cage. Since I brought him home, he is still a ham.

Jasper loves to play with the cat toys I have in the company of my two other cats. He loves to run, talk, and play with my other cats…they just can’t keep up with him, but he does not care because he will amuse himself all of the time! And when he’s done he takes a time out kitty nap.

I can’t say enough about Jasper and all the funny things he does. I am so glad that I was able to give him a forever home with all the love and affection he has shown me.

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I adopted “Sace” back in 2004 when my only son was being deployed to Iraq with the US Marines. I think it was the best thing I ever did! The shelter waited for us until 9 p.m. . I took one look at this pup & my decision was made.

The reason I was there, was that months ago, I left my name on a tiny piece of paper that was shoved into a drawer & later thought “They’ll never see it.” I had been to the rescue months before only to find a baby fawn IG and wanted it. I went back the next morning to rescue this pup and they said it was already adopted. I was heart broken. That’s when I left my name.

Well, when I received the call from Northeast months later and was told that they took in an eight month old boy, I couldn’t wait to get there. He was a beautiful white baby with a black satin face.

“Sace” and I were best friends, companions & therapy for each other. When he turned two, Sace unfortunately developed Giardia from dirty water at a dog park and developed colitis where he suffered with attacks at least twice a month for the rest
of his life. The attacks lasted 12 hours each. It was rough going as I am disabled, but he was worth every minute of it.

Time went by and by and by and we grew closer. Sace was a gentle dog, happy and loving. He was by my side until he was 16 1/2 years old two weeks ago. It took me over two weeks to post the announcement. It has been a very sad time for me as Sace was all I had. I did, although, have him cremated and he will be buried with me when the time comes. He was not just a pet, he was my family.