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Smith is adjusting so fast and doing so well. He was afraid of the car at first and now begs to go in! He sleeps through the night, not a peep and eats well too. He didn’t know how to jump at first but quickly learned that. He loves his big back yard and running in circles with his toys. He has zero health problems and loved his visit at the vet. He has some separation anxiety we are working through, but that’s only because he LOVES spending time with other people and dogs. He has more than enough family and friends that visit him. He loves to explore. We had a good experience, and feel like the luckiest people in the world!

Thank you for bringing us together,

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We have renamed Abbey.  We now call her Libby! She responds perfectly to her name and knows it well.

She is doing very well adjusting to our home.  She is still very playful and puppy-like. She has met our cat Frizzle who we also adopted from NEAS. They like each other a lot and like to play.

Libby is still learning her own strength when it comes to playing with Frizzle or with us. But Frizzle enjoys having a friend to play with and knows when to tell her he’s tired.

She often play bites, which we are trying to teach her not to do and this has been a bit difficult. However she is very friendly and loves to meet new people and especially new dogs. She has met a few of our friends’ pups and many of the neighbors’ dogs and enjoys going on walks with them.

We have a large park and fenced in area next to our home which she likes to walk around and do lots of smelling! There are a ton of bunnies that live in the park and she always gets excited to sniff them out. We have taken her for  a couple long nature walks and she has done great. She has a lot of energy and is very sweet and loving. She loves us already and knows that we are her parents and we all love her! We sent an email to the foster mom as well giving them an update late week, it was great that she provided her email to us to do so I think she enjoyed hearing how she is doing. 

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We kept Oona’s name, because that’s what her previous family named her, and my daughter loved the name. This feisty young girl is a perfect match for our crazy family! She immediately bonded with my 3 year old Aly. She’s very vocal, and will hold actual “meow” conversations. I meow at her, she meows back at me, and so forth. She is SUPER playful! Day one, Aly was playing “Fetch” with her. She picked up a little cat ball, threw it across the room and watched Oona go flying after it. Don’t even get me started with the laser pointer (HAH!!)

Her description at the shelter said she wasn’t a lap cat. But I beg to differ! This little girl loves snuggles. And I can’t get over how amazing she is with kids. It’s not easy being a cat having a 3 year old chase her everywhere and hugging her. Oona just takes it in stride. She doesn’t freak out, she just lets Aly love her.

She is truly a beautiful cat. After researching different cat breeds, I swear she has some Abyssinian in her. The description fits her personality to a T, not to mention the big expressive eyes, curiosity and high intelligence! I love to call her my real life beanie boo! 🙂

We love her. She loves us. This was a match made in heaven.

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My boyfriend and I adopted Munchkin beginning of this year. We kept his name Munchkin because it fit him so well.

Munchkin is truly loved, adored and very much spoiled. Every time I go to a store that has cat stuff I get him something.

He’s an amazing little boy. He just turned 1 August 1st. He came with a letter from the lady who rescued him and we keep in touch. I send her pictures.

He loves to play. Still trying to get him to not play bite but it will come with time.

He’s his mommas boy. He follows me everywhere I go. He loves watching me cook in kitchen. He loves playing with the water after I shower or wash dishes.

I’m so glad we picked each other. He’s the perfect kitty for me. I love him so much.

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Mac is the ninth kitty I have adopted over the course of 40 years and I have to say, by far, he is the sweetest (please do tell the others I said that). He follows us around the house and likes to be close by. He loves to look out the window and watch the world, and birds, go by and then, of course, a nap to follow. He and his housemate “Donnie” have adjusted well together and love to romp and play.

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Brandie, formally known as “May,” came into our lives a few months ago. She has been such a blessing to our home.

She loves her siblings, even the chickens! She has brought life back into our older dogs. She makes them want to play again!

She loves playing outside, swimming and destroying her new toys. She loves to cuddle and go for car rides with mom. She is such a sweet girl and I am so happy that we adopted her!

Highly recommend adopting from this shelter.

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Duke has the biggest personality of any dog we have ever had! We got him when he was four months old and have now had him for three months. He is perfect.

He was potty trained within the first two weeks of having him, he knows his name, sit, stay, come, eat, fetch, and drop it. He is just like a baby, loves to eat, sleep, and play.

Adopting him has been the best decision our family has made! He loves belly rubs and cuddling up on the couch and bed. I want to thank Northeast Animal Shelter for helping us with the process, as it was not easy being patient trying to find the fur baby that was meant to be with us.

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I just had to write to tell you, there is never a day I am not grateful for the gift you gave me in my much-loved Gigi (adopted from you as Jaylah).

Every single day, she makes me smile and laugh. She is so gentle and loving. All the children around my home love her (and she them) and they clamor to join us on our walks, to get a few minutes holding her leash.

Thank you a hundred times over!

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We renamed China to Chyna (ha ha).  It wasn’t too challenging keeping her calm while she recovered from her heart worm.  It was the end of winter and there was so much snow on the ground that there was not a lot of places to run. 

We soon realized how intelligent Chyna is and she quickly mastered SIT, STAY, DOWN, PAW, STAND, etc.  When spring broke we began to discover what she really likes.  We quickly realized that any toy that has stuffing doesn’t last long around Chyna. It seems her goal is to DE-stuff the toy! 

The toy she loves the most is a tennis ball – and funny thing it HAS to be a WILSON tennis ball or she tears it up.  We have tennis ball launchers and of course the “Chuck It” became a daily necessity.  Chyna LOVES the beach, the sand and smells, the water although not so much when waves crash over her head.  She chases her tennis ball and has learned how to behave on the beach responsibly.  Chyna is enrolled in Play All Day doggie day care for the few times we might take a day trip.

Recently and after much positive reinforcement, we have taught Chyna how to swim in our pool.  We have so much fun throwing the ball in our yard and playing in the pool when it’s hot.  By Chyna being able to cool herself off in the pool, we are much more comfortable spending time outside on those hot summer days.  When she’s not at the beach or in the pool, she and my husband like to walk in Stratham Hill Park where she runs and plays with other dogs. She has become the most wonderful addition to our family, energetic, bright, full of personality and not surprising, she’s a “foodie”!  Oh and when she’s tired, she’ll sleep in just about any position she lands.

Chyna has gained about 15 pounds, all of which she needed.  She’s very muscular and even more beautiful than when we first met her.

Thank you for all your assistance in adopting Chyna.  Although I someday hope that animal shelters are no longer needed, I admire the work you all do.  WE LOVE CHYNA!!!

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Tenny is doing great. She is very playful and just about get’s into everything.

She  is very comfortable with everyone and took to us very quickly.

We were very happy with our experience at the shelter and would recommend it to anyone looking to adopt an animal.