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Sir Brutus is doing GREAT!!!! We are actually shocked to how well he has adjusted. That night we came home with him he was exploring the family room within 10 minutes of being there. Even crawled into a basket and let me pat his head. We moved him upstairs to the office after that first night because it was quieter and he liked to sleep on my sweaters.

After a few days we opened the door to see if he wanted to explore because he was sitting at the door when we opened it. He stayed upstairs on his own and would make his way to the guest room with me and hang out on the bed while I watched tv. Within the week he was sleeping with us in bed!

He is full of purrs, gives endless head butts to me and talks to us all the time. He is also quite playful. We will be downstairs and we can hear him running back and forth in the hallway upstairs chasing his toys. He hangs out on the couch with us now, crawls on my lap to snuggle and let’s me hold him. He is still a bit nervous of my husband but he sleeps on his legs each night so he can’t find him all that bad 🙂

We are guessing he probably lived in an apartment because he’s not too great going up the stairs and is unsure of windows but has started laying in the windowsill to get fresh air. He also was putting himself to bed at 8pm and talking to us at 5:30am so maybe was used to an older person’s schedule, ha. If he ever gets scared (vacuuming) he will hide under the bed covers. Other than that he is quite social now, gentle when taking treats, and loves to eat.

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Teddy is doing incredibly well!! Everyday we love him more and more! That is par for the course being animal lovers. 
My husband and I moved to Winthrop to a bigger place, with a huge backyard for Teddy to run around and we are a block from the beach, he loves when we walk there!
We have had Teddy for about a year and a half now and he is still the fun, cuddly, happy, and energetic puppy he has been.
He LOVES other dogs and to play and we finally have the space now for another dog!! Wink wink. 

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Nico is the greatest addition to our home we could have imagined. He is the sweetest dog, even with new people and animals, and he always wants to play and go on adventures.
He’s a little spoiled with fancy treats but his favorite thing is cheese. He is learning all the basics (he got sit and down on his first day!) and he is doing a great job socializing. He is also the best snuggle buddy in the whole world!
We are so happy we were able to work with you guys. Northeast Animal Shelter is a gem.

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We love our baby!

We renamed him Lucca after the town in Italy that first reported a decline in COVID-19 cases because he’s our sign of light and hope! 

Thank you for our sweet boy!

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Hurricane, redubbed Sgt. Pepper and now just Pepper, is doing fabulously! She’s about 15 weeks old now and has packed on about 11 lbs and four inches since we adopted her on March 13th. She’s a wonderful addition to our household at a particularly weird time! 
Pepper is just as sweet as when we met her; she’s 95% sweet and 5% hangry but just around 5pm…but so am I so I can’t really judge. She’s a cheerful little pup who has turned into a sneaky little sock thief who chases sun spots, lives for peanut butter and the chance to attack green plants, and would prefer to cuddle at least 26 out of 24 hours in a day. We’re still trying to get her used to crate training but she’s doing well for the most part with house training, sleeps through the night, and no matter what, truly, madly, deeply hates the rain. We’re pretty sure she’s part cat. She’s already mastered sit, stay, come, lie down, roll over, and the crowd pleaser: a high five. Occasionally when you’re not paying attention to her she’ll sneak up behind you and tap you on the shoulder or leg with her paw. She’s offered to be the flower girl at our wedding, but we’re pretty sure she just wants to eat the flowers… 
We’re trying to ignore her as much as we can despite being with her all the time so we don’t turn her into a sociopath, but man…she’s pretty cute and hard to ignore! 
We had a really wonderfully positive (pawsitive?) experience with your shelter and are so, so happy and lucky to have met Pepper. 

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The day I got the most amazing puppy wasn’t like any other day. I was still upset over the loss of my other dog, Chico, and I really didn’t think any dog could fill the loss, but man I was wrong!

The day I went to the shelter just to look,  I saw him and his sister Hazel. I really didn’t notice him because he was sleeping and tired so I really wanted his sister. The shelter closed adoptions early so I went home and came back first thing in the morning and found out I couldn’t his sister wasn’t available, but the Shelter told me that he was.

The minute we went in the room together I knew he was the dog for me. He’s the most sweet, playful, funny dog I could ever ask for. I thank Northeast Animal Shelter for helping me find something that I was missing .

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August (formerly known as Cheddar) has only been with me since February 2020, but she feels like an old friend I’ve known forever — or is it fur-ever? She settled in from her first night here and we never looked back. She loves looking out the window to see what’s going on outside. She’s so still sometimes that she looks like a gargoyle, but she’s not quite as intimidating — she might lick an intruder to death, that’s about it! Now that it’s getting nice out, she loves our longer walks around the neighborhood. The smells! Must sniff all the things! And her favorite place to snuggle is in between a pair of legs on the recliner. As soon as she hears the recliner going up, boom, she’s curled up!

I decided it was time to adopt because I needed the unconditional love only an animal can provide. I just lost my dad last year, so it’s been a rough road recently. I wanted to pour my heart into something that was going to help heal my aching heart. August has been the absolute best thing for me. She’s given me all the reason in the world to smile again. I really believe we were meant to find each other. I may have even had some help from beyond — who knows. She’s too precious for there to have not been some sort of divine intervention!

And thank goodness I adopted her when I did because this current stay-at-home lifestyle wouldn’t be nearly as tolerable without her constantly by my side! August is hilarious, adorable, cuddly as heck, feisty, and about a million other adjectives. But best of all: She’s mine and I’m hers.

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Sonic was a mess when we first saw him. He was scared to death, shaking with fear, snarly and snappy in the kennel. We asked to meet him and we were given very serious warnings that he had a bite history and life is on his terms only and that is never going to change. They also told us he most likely would be scared of us.

Well they brought him in and Sonic jumped right up into our laps. Since he was brought in from Pasadena we knew he had a tough couple of months.

Sonic is still very slow to warm to new people but he has an Achilles heel…roasted chicken! Anybody who gives him roasted chicken is immediately a friend and accepted.

However, he is a “wing nut” detector. He could walk past 200 people and never notice them, but that rare “wing nut”, Sonic will let you know as they approach.

My partner has since died and Sonic has been a life saving companion. And because I am always aware of him – due to his not being that friendly to chicken-less strangers – he has prepared me for social distancing. 😅

Never overlook the “problem” dog as you never know how things may change.

Sonic was a diamond in the rough.

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Frankie has come a long way since he was adopted back in the fall of 2015. Frankie was shy and timid when he first came to his forever home, but he quickly adjusted and became close with all members of our family and even the neighbor’s dogs.

Some of his favorite things include his toy beaver, frosty paws, and long walks. One of his favorite places to walk is the Breakheart Reservation in Wakefield, Massachusettes. He can walk the entire trail without taking a single break! Frankie also enjoys going apple picking and was even featured in an article in the Boston Globe on one of his adventures with our family.

Frankie completes our family and we are so happy to have welcomed him to his forever home.

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We got Biggie (formerly known as Josh), a lab-pit mix, in September of 2018; Foxy ( formerly known as Paisley), a shepherd mix, arrived in July of 2019. Biggie is now two, and Foxy turns one next week.

Although the two are pretty opposite in demeanor, they are inseparable. Biggie is a gentle giant who wants to make everyone happy; Foxy is a lovable puppy who is sometimes too smart for her own good.

They both love chasing tennis balls, running around the yard and neighborhood, showing off their skills for treats, and pretty much anything – as long as they can be together.

Much appreciation to everyone at Northeast Animal Shelter for helping dogs like these two find homes!