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Caroline is doing great! Though she does not like being held, she loves her new home and enjoys being around us.

In her first few days, she meowed every night at 3AM, but she stopped after a few days.

She has great appetite, and is SUPER playful. She loves chasing balls and toy rats – somehow, she even knows how to fetch!

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Portia is doing great! I renamed her Phoebe and she is understanding her name and comes when called. She is growing so fast and learning a lot. She eats very well and sleeps through the night.
Phoebe is super curious, loves giving kisses, and snuggles when napping. There is a dog park onsite and she looks forward to playing with the other dogs. There are a couple of puppies that she truly plays with and the older dogs she runs up to and licks a bunch – it’s really cute.
Phoebe is super friendly with all – I think she was offended the first time someone passed and didn’t stop for pets and kisses!
She has responded well to our routine and living her best life!

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Chrissy is now Lola because of her bunny ears. She is our Lola bunny.

We love our little ball of energy. She is full of kisses and snuggles. 

She sleeps well, but rises early. She is a bit skittish around other dogs so we start socialization class on 10/30.

She’s a very loving pup and we are one happy family. Thank you for giving us our little baby. She is perfect.

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Savannah has become such a wonderful addition to my family! She always keeps me on my toes and has a HUGE personality!

She has been such a good learner (with some accidents still but we are getting better!) and is the BEST snuggler!

She is loving our walks and meeting new humans and animals. She’s still not a fan of the rain however!

I can’t get enough of this girl! New adventures await and we are so excited for them!

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Devin now goes by Georgia Bell! She was the missing puzzle piece to our little family. Ben, our older dog, fell in love with her right away. They are the best of friends and run around our backyard for hours on end. 

Georgia at home is a wild, brave and tough girl, but when we go for walks, barking dogs or cats driving by scare her. But as long as she is with her big brother you can tell she is comforted by him. She is also scared of the car if she is riding alone. If Ben is with her, all is well! 

Georgia sleeps in a crate where she has NEVER had an accident. She stays in there when we leave the house as well. When it comes to potty training, we are so close. She still has a few accidents a day, but she’s learning to tell us when she needs to go!

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We have changed Bruno’s name to Murphy!  When we brought him home, he could not stop purring. Not once did he try and hide, he just wanted to play and be curled up with his new humans.  
Once he found out he had a brother, he was eager to escape the space so he could play!  He is a cuddle bug and is obsessed with fluffy pom-pom balls.  His favorite place is curled up on the cat tower or as close to his brother as he can get.  
He was the perfect fit for our 2 year old cat, and things are going better than expected!  We swear we catch him smiling occasionally. He had his first vet visit last week and was beyond healthy & ready for a neuter! 
We are so thankful and appreciative of the care you had for him before he was our family member.

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Drum (now renamed Peaches) is adjusting wonderfully to my home. She is just the sweetest little snuggle bug I have ever seen.

She loves cuddling next to my head while I sleep and will meow like crazy if I don’t pet her first thing in the morning.

I love her more than anything and can’t thank the Northeast Animal Shelter enough for sending me my furry little angel! 

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Josh’s new family given name is Mr. Pickles. He is the friendliest and most adorable pup ever!

Mr. Pickles has a fixation with sticks he finds in the backyard…he loves running around with them. He definitely has a unique personality. He fits perfectly with our family and when we told the kids Mr. Pickles was staying with us forever, they were so excited and happy!

We have been spoiling him and introduced him to some friends and he went to pick up the kids from school with me for the first time on Friday and everybody was crazy about him.

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Jake is now an Alys, and is doing really well!
She’s super sweet and is lots of fun to be around. Alys is really smart and has the phone sussed! When I was video calling my family in the UK, she was tapping the screen as they moved and putting her head to the speaker!
Another thing she’s learned is that in the morning/evening when I’m doing my skincare, I throw my cotton rounds in the bin. So now, once I get my creams and things out, she sits waiting at the bin so she can try and catch them! 
Her favorite place to sleep is typically under my arm or on my face, and the last couple of nights she’s been sleeping between my husband and I with her head resting on the pillow – she’s a riot! Once we stir in our sleep, she purrs so loud (in our ears) we have to love on her until she falls back asleep. 
She’s started playing with one of our other cats, Tanner, and is loving teasing and chasing him! He wasn’t sure at first but I think is starting to enjoy it.
Thanks so much for bringing her into our lives! She has made us so happy.

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We got Rudy (formerly Trey) at NEAS a couple weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier!

Rudy is settling in quite nicely to his new home. He loves to play with his toys and follow us around the house to help with chores.

Rudy is definitely a cuddle bug! He climbs in bed and and has to cuddle up with one of us to fall asleep. He is getting used to his new surroundings – all the new sounds and smells of his new home, and adjusting very well to life as our new family member.

We’re working on socializing him with other dogs…he went to a dog park recently and learned that he can play with the big dogs!

All in all, it was a great experience working with NEAS and we already couldn’t imagine life without Rudy! Thank you NEAS!!