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We adopted Lucy a year and half ago.

Lucy says, “Look at me now … I go everywhere with Mommy … from walks, shopping at Job Lots, Home Depot, TJ Max, hiking the mountains in New Hampshire.”

Lucy loves life.  Thank you for such an awesome dog – life is awesome with our dog. It did take time for her to adjust and take her to training.  She is now 2 and loving life!

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We adopted Izzy (shelter name Itsy) August 2016 and have enjoyed every moment of our almost 2 years with her. She is an Atlanta transplant but has adapted to the Massachusetts climate like a champ. She runs, cuddles, gets along with other dogs, was easily clicker trained and SO much more. (I’ll leave out the fact that her gas will clear a room.)

I will be forever grateful for the love and joy Izzy has brought to our family (which includes 4 kids under 12). Thinking about buying a designer dog? Do yourself a favor and get a pet that truly knows what you’ve done for them.

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I adopted Pippa, then Jessie, at 10 weeks old in February where she’d been brought in with her two sisters. She was listed as a Lab/Aussie mix but I’ve since discovered she’s a Catahoula, webbed feet included.

She’s smart, demanding, highly energetic but so cuddly, and my best friend. I don’t remember what I used to do everyday without her. I’m so grateful to Northeast Animal Shelter for introducing us!

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I adopted Toby (Topaz) on January 17th, 2018 and my life has been nothing but great since. Now I can not imagine a time without him.

When i first came to NEAS I saw him there sleeping and knew that this cat was made for me. I would soon find out he would become my best friend. Toby adjusted to our house pretty fast and now he is friends with everyone.

His favorite place to nap is in either of his two cat trees. He loves looking outside and admiring all of the birds. At night time he sleeps beside me and licks my ear to wake me up. Boy can he eat! I swear it’s his favorite thing to do.

Whenever we walk downstairs he dashes to the kitchen thinking he is going to be fed. I love my Toby so much.

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We are having an amazing time with our new kitten. We renamed her Lily Kitty.  She adjusted so well to our family and loves my 5 year old daughter (that’s her person).  She sleeps on my daughter’s pillow every night right above her head. It’s very sweet. 

She is a very social and friendly kitty who comes out to greet whoever comes by.  Her favorite spot is on the top of her couch looking out the picture window!  She loves playing with my girls and has a lot of kitten energy around 10pm every night haha! 

We are so very lucky to have Lily join our family. We love her so much and we thank you guys at Northeast Animal Shelter! 

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I adopted Finnick in January of 2017. He has been a wonderful addition to the family! High energy and happy❤

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Hoshi is 17 months old and has been with me for the past year (it will be one year on June 7th).

She is the most amazing creature on earth, in my eyes. Hoshi is eternally happy, friendly, playful, curious and warm.

I adopted her last year, as I am an empty nester now. However, shortly after adopting my young pup last year, I broke my wrist and had to be in a cast for almost 2 months (which made training my little one particularly challenging as a “single puppy parent”). We got over the rough spots though, and have made it through our first year together with grace and lots of love.

Initially I could not imagine keeping her (with the physical challenges and my novice’s ignorance about dog care), but we soon became best buddies and the rest is history. Now I can’t imagine life without her.

Thank you Hoshi, for bringing endless joy to my life, and thanks also to the supportive staff at NEAS (notably Jenna B.). Life is good, we are blessed!!😍

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Stella, formerly Celeste, came into our lives on a whim, but we couldn’t love her more. This quirky girl was so nervous the day we took her home, she wouldn’t even come near us. Now, 8 months and thousands of puppy cuddles and kisses later, she is a true member of the family! Not to mention, a total beach babe!

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We adopted Sweets, now Hobbes, about six weeks ago and are so happy with our decision to adopt from NEAS. Hobbes is such a sweet puppy and he now loves going to the dog park, going for long walks, and being a completely spoiled pup. Even though he’s still full of puppy energy, Hobbes is already proving to be a quick learner and has adjusted to house life, crate training, and playing with other dogs quite well!

Our experience through NEAS was really positive. Everyone was helpful and it’s clear they care a lot about their animals and making sure they find the right kind of home. We looked at every dog adoption group in the area, but I’m really happy we chose NEAS!

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Pearl is so wonderful!  She is a fantastic addition to our family!  She is the perfect combination of playful, cuddly, and patient (in particular, with my two-year old son, who gives her big hugs all day long!)  She loves to be around us and follows my husband and me around the house, including at night, when she sleeps at the foot of our bed!

Housebreaking was relatively easy!  It took a few days, but she has gotten the hang of using her litter box.  She also LOVES chasing around and playing with the little mice toys my in-laws gave to her!  

We truly are so very happy with Pearl!  Every visitor we have had remarks on how friendly and loving she is.  I feel like we truly lucked out with her.  

Our experience at the Northeast Animal Shelter was wonderful!  I can’t say enough about how helpful everyone was.  I would gladly recommend the shelter to any family member or friend who is looking to adopt a pet! 

Thank you for everything!