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Josh is absolutely amazing. He fits in perfectly and did not require any training.

He is very “talkative”, playful and has quite a bit of sass. He wakes us up 5:30 every morning with kisses following with meowing until he gets fed. I would like to think he is part dog as he has a habit of biting when he is hungry, mad or wants to play. The bites are gentle and I find them very cute.

He loves to be around people and keep company. He is an absolutely GREAT addition and it’s like we’ve always had him. 

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Leia and Luke are adjusting amazingly!! Leia was the brave, take charge one right away. She is very protective of Luke, but will come out of their hiding spot (under my bed) first to see me. Luke has now also warmed up and loves being pet, and is no longer shy about voicing his want for food. They play so much at night and have gotten into so many things, teaching me so much about cats and getting the house in order. Leia loves the cat tower and Luke loves to hang out on my bed.
Their favorite toy is definitely the laser pointer!! They never get tired of chasing the little red dot around the house. And they eat like little piggies!!!  Luke still gets scared very easily. If there are any sudden moves made or loud noises, he will jump or run away. But will come back to make sure all is well.

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Duke is doing great 💗.

Getting less shy everyday. He’s eating, and sleeping and using the litter box fine! He loves to play always, and snuggle when he’s feeling like it. 

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Rylee (formerly Bella- on the left) is doing amazing!! She is learning and growing so fast!

She already knows how to sit and lay down. She knows to potty outside, but we’re still working on her letting us know when she has to go. She’s super eager to learn and if I had to describe her in one word she is absolutely the SWEETEST. She loves snuggling anywhere that’s cozy and doesn’t mind all the kisses in the world (even when she’s sleeping…cant help it cause she’s so darn cute).

She loves wearing sweaters and even had a blast at her first vet visit. She loves all her new doggo friends and is learning how to play with the big boys. Her canines already fell out and her big girl teeth are growing in!

One funny quirk is that she is definitely on the lazy side. Whenever we take her out to potty (especially in the morning), she does a huge stretch and then slides down the steps on her belly. She loves spinning in circles when she’s super excited with her paint brush looking tail.

We are so in love with her and the process with NES couldn’t have gone better or smoother. 

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We adopted Simmons a few weeks ago and we are all so happy he’s part of the family.

Though he’s only 3 months old, he’s a quick learner and sleeping well through the night. He is energetic and having a blast romping around with his new brother and just absolutely loves to be with us at all times!

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Sadie (formerly Cece) is adjusting quite well! She is very sweet. She loves her crate and sleeps all night in it. 

We are working on housebreaking – she gives very, very quiet cues. We have had so many play dates with other dogs and she seems to get along with all types. 


We are working on training and will take an obedience class – she gets very excited when meeting new people
– tail always wagging!

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We adopted Theo in April when he was just three months old, and now he is ten months old. He learned commands very quickly like sit, lay down, hi-five, hand, spin, and up. He loves to play with other dogs at the dog park and he is gentle with kids.

I remember when we adopted him I had doubts because he was my first dog but now I can see how incredible it is to have him in our life. He is always so happy waiting for my husband and I to get home from work, wagging his tail. I take him everywhere I can; we went hiking in N.H a couple of times and we also visited Washington D.C.

I love having Theo and I look forward to more adventures with him.

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I was hit by a car while crossing a road in April. I wasn’t sure I would be able to hike again. My dear girl and I would have been devastated! But we are back!

Rune was with me every step of the way to recovery. Adopt!

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Zeley is a joy to have.  You could say we rescued each other. She has adjusted well, but does not like the car at all! 

She loves her toys, loves to be close to us and gets in bed in-between us in a ball. She knows how to give paw and now every time I ask her to sit she automatically gives me her paw without asking.

She loves her treat of dog ice cream, and when she hears the freezer door open, she comes running even if she was sleeping!

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Mary Poppins – now known as Willow – is doing absolutely wonderfully since adoption! She is the most loving and affectionate/cuddly pup and has adjusted well to her new home.

Since the day she came home she has had a great appetite and sleeps soundly through the night without accidents. She is more or less house trained and has begun mastering some simple commands (sit, stay, down, etc).

She loves going to local dog parks and running around with new friends! We also discovered she is quite good at fetch! We are so happy to have her in our lives and couldn’t have asked for better rescue pup. We thank Northeast Animal Shelter for their help and guidance during our rescue search and for making this process so easy for us! And of course for connecting us with our baby willow.