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We could not be any happier with Snow! She is a VERY sweet and gentle dog. She loves to cuddle, especially on our giant been bag chair. She also LOVES her cousin Sarge, who is a border collie lab mix. They can play for hours together!

She loves her walks and she has a nice routine going at home.  She has warmed up to us and our family members. My nieces love her and she loves to play with them. 

Snow is the most perfect dog for us and we are so thankful that we were able to get her!  

Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter for giving me the BEST first dog ever. I love her so much!! 

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Pretty Girl is now Bella, and she is doing great.  She didn’t seem to know the name Pretty Girl and does now respond to Bella, but mostly responds to finger snapping.  For some reason, it stops her in her tracks and she turns right around and trots over from day 1.  

She has not scratched either one of us, hissed, nothing.  We didn’t push her initially and let her do her thing.  We provided her a bed as she had at the shelter and it seems to be her go to when she needs alone time, but that is changing. She now has 5 places she “sits” just in the living room alone. She prefers to be with us most of the time, whether she sits with one of us or just in the same room as us.  

We took her to the Vet for 1st check-up and she did great, was super calm with the vet I put her in the carrier both times without any scratching.  She fully trusts us.

She has changed almost every day we have had her. She is now very sure of herself.  She has fully explored the house, loves sitting in the windows, prefers the window open but still sits there when closed.  In all, I think she is very happy, and she does not seem bored.  I know we are very happy with her and fortunate that we were able to get her.  We have no other pets, she is our 1 and only, I think she prefers that. 

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Batch (we’ve changed his name to Logan) is doing wonderful!!!  He’s been a great addition to our family and seems to be settling in quite well.

He loves people and other dogs.  He is great on our daily walks and loves when we meet up with other dogs.  He does love socks and will sneak into one of the bedrooms and come out very casually with a sock or two.  lol.  He had been underweight, but we just took him to our vet and he’s gained weight and the vet said he’s at a great weight now.

We had such a wonderful experience dealing with the shelter and I’ll definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

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Beauty and Sunny are both energetic and playful, and they are best friends as you can see from the picture.  With just a bit of imagination,  I hope everyone can you can see that their heads and limbs form a heart. ❤️

The first few weeks they were especially active around 4:30 am every morning, but now they seem to be settling in not disturbing us so much when we are sleeping.  

We love our new additions and couldn’t see life without them.

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I adopted Timmy (formerly Julian) in July. He quickly became friends with my two senior cats but they had no interest in being his playmate. Timmy’s energy level was through the roof and it became clear that toys were not enough to keep him satisfied. I knew he needed a friend his own age.

I searched for several months looking for the perfect kitty to fit in with our family. I went back and forth to Northeast Animal Shelter many times in my search. Finally one day I went to the shelter and was just about ready to leave when I decided to look around one last time. As I was leaving one of the rooms I saw a volunteer preparing a cage and an animal crate on the ground. Through the holes I could see three little fluff balls moving around inside. As she removed the three kittens, I immediately fell in love and knew I found the perfect little boy for my Tim! It was meant to be!

Warren (now Tomasse) became instant friends with Timmy. They are inseparable! My senior cats are grateful that Timmy has expelled his energy elsewhere. Now all four live in perfect harmony. We couldn’t be happier with our fur family. Thank you Northeast for bringing these amazing cats into our lives! We couldn’t be happier!

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Koda Bear has now got his forever name “Gus.”  He is a bundle of energy.

He gets to sleep in someone’s bed every night and has a bunch of toys. It was a pleasure working with you folks.

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I adopted Mila when she was 4 months old, and she’s now turning 4! Since her adoption we have moved to Oregon. She made the drive out here with me. She saw the Great Lakes in Chicago, explored the Badlands in South Dakota, and watched the sunset on Mt. St. Helens. She is the best adventure companion I could have asked for.

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We are absolutely smitten with Karma, who we’ve re-named Callie. She is such a gentle and loving pup. Our 2 dachshunds love playing with her and she has settled in beautifully.

She’s extremely smart and a fast learner in comparison to her dachshund brother and sister! She has completely stolen our hearts. ❤️ ❤️

Thank you for letting us take her home!

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We absolutely ADORE Little, now known as Malcolm!!  He is a total love bug and just the sweetest thing.  He really helped fill the huge hole left behind by the recent death of our cat Maggie.

Malcolm is as sweet and cuddly as we hoped.  He is also very comical in his own way. He is finally joining us on the bed at night.  I am so happy to have him snuggling with me on these cold winter nights!

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Gromit now has a new name – Maggie. We love her very much. She is a lovable and cuddly kitten, but very playful and rambunctious. She makes us laugh everyday. She loves to hide under mats and move them around. We find mats moving all over the house.

She sleeps between our pillows at night. She purrs every time we come home. She always wants to be around us. Even when we go outside, she waits by the door and looks out the windows. She follows us around the house. She is a smart kitten who taught herself how to open doors in less than a week by using the door knob on shut doors. So much for containing her in a small space at first. Now she has the whole house to explore. 

We couldn’t be happier.