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We adopted Honey Bun, now Ember, about 2 weeks ago. We could not be happier with her! She came home to a new sister, Autumn, who is a coonhound mix, 2 human siblings that absolutely adore her and 2 cats that have no interest in getting to know her :).

She is absolutely spoiled! In the short time we have had her, she has been on many car rides, trips to the pet store to pick out treats, walks in the woods and had her first time experience of swimming in a pond that she loved! She gives tons of kisses and sleeps on our bed every night! Every time we take her anywhere we are constantly stopped by people wanting a good look at such a beautiful puppy with her blue eyes! <3

Thank you so much for the sweetest puppy!!

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Charlie, formerly known as Baron, has been home with us for three weeks!

He has become more and more playful as time passes, and loves all the love and attention he can receive. He loved to lay upside down and occasionally sticks out his tongue!

We love having him as part of our family!

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We were looking for the perfect dog to share our new house and lake with. We searched and searched. One day we happened to see Marley on Facebook. There were pictures of her and shelter volunteer Celia on a Field Trip to the beach. We fell in love with her face and smile.

We called the shelter on a Friday night to see if she was available, and she was. We made the long drive out to Salem first thing in the morning, eagerly looking through all of the cages for Marley. Well, we found Marley. She had tipped over her bed, spilled her food all over the place and started to tear apart her blanket. She was barking so loud that people were scurrying by, not even giving her a second look.

I sat on the floor in front of her cage, talking to her for a few minutes. She started to calm down and actually sat down like she was listening. We found a Volunteer and asked to meet her. We were told ahead of time-“She has her people, take your time. If she likes you you’ll know.” She was rambunctious while the volunteer walked her outside. We got to one of the huge fenced in areas and they let her off the leash. She immediately ran over to the pool and started splashing in it. I sat down on the grass, letting her do her thing. A few minutes later she came running over to me with the biggest smile on her face and sat down on my lap, soaking wet still from the pool. The volunteer said “I think she likes you”.

The rest is history. Well fast forward to almost 2 years later and this is Marley. She’s a spoiled pup, has her very own lake to swim in and woods to run through. She makes me and my wife smile every day. We are forever thankful to Northeast Animal Shelter, Celia & all of the other volunteers that helped rescue this sweet Georgian Peach.

Thank you!

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Since buying a new home in July, our daughters (7 and 4) had been begging for a puppy. We told the girls that adopting a dog would be much like finding our forever home – we would meet many dogs before we found the one for us.

The girls and I visited the shelter one evening after a long day of school and after-school activities. Once they brought 10 week Ranger in to meet us, we knew he was the one for us! We brought him home with us that night, with much help from everyone at the Shelter.

He is an energetic puppy, with LOTS of love to share. He loves to make his humans happy, especially the littlest ones. The girls have taught him sit, paw, and lay down.

In the 6 weeks we have had him, he has explored our neighborhood, the girls’ school, Dane Street Beach, Richardon’s, and The Salem Willows. He is always so proud to be out and about on his leash!

We are so thankful that Ranger has found his forever home!

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It’s been 2 weeks with Louie now, and he’s quite the energetic and endearingly sweet little guy! For the first couple of days, we put him in a crate when we left him home alone during the day and overnight. But other than a quirky habit of moving shoes around the house (not chewing them!), he seems fine roaming the house unsupervised. He has decided he enjoys sharing my son’s bed at night, although my daughter’s bed works well for naps (as seen in photo)!

We give him 3-4 long walks a day, and he still has plenty of energy to play at home. He can jump as if he were on a pogo stick. He loves his chew toys and has shown us that if a toy is plush, he can destroy it in a matter of minutes. So Kong and Nylabone only for now! He seems to know his name and we are training him to sit, stay, leave it and take it. We can’t wait to see what else he can do as he continues to get comfortable his new home!

We’re so happy to have him as a member of our family!

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Chief has been the perfect addition to our home. His favorite hobbies are napping, cuddling, and being the house guard dog in the window. He loves all other dogs and people and thinks everyone is his best friend. Except for birds, he is on a mission when chasing birds.

Chief loves his treats and will frequently give you his paw to show you he is a good boy looking for a treat. He has no problem learning commands and is such a good listener. He has gained 20 lbs since joining our family but is still the best snuggler. We are so lucky to have found the sweetest boy.

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Since moving to MA for work last year I have been waiting for the right time and moment to find the right companion to make MA feel like home. After a year of searching and coming to Northeast Animal Shelter my girlfriend and I found Autumn the day after Easter.

While she was not the first dog we saw she instantly became the one who would become part of the family. Her happiness, cuteness, and personality stole us away.

Nova, her name now, is the most outgoing puppy I have ever seen in all my years being with dogs. Her tail is always wagging and she is incredibly smart with a little bit of sass.

Thank you NEAS for bringing Nova and I together!!!

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We adopted Fiona (formerly named Piglet as NEAS) in April just over a month ago – and it’s been REALLY wonderful! She’s made us as happy as we’ve made her!

She’s got such a fun & funny personality, and is a total cuddle-bug. VERY smart, learned how to ring the bells to go outside within a week, and only had two accidents before being pretty much fully housebroken (we have a feeling NEAS or someone else helped her out along the way!)

Fiona loves her two big brothers, and her dog big brother too! I don’t think we could have had a better experience anywhere else!! THANK YOU!!! This is a picture of her nightly airplane ride … she loves wrestling….

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For more than a year we discussed an impending adoption – living with the motto, “When it’s the right time, she will be there waiting for us. We’re never going to ‘miss’ OUR pup”. When we arrived at NEAS on a snowy January evening around 6pm – looking to just start the process – we knew we would find her. We were greeted and informed that they had just released 30+ puppies and we could hop in with the group that was going in right this very moment. It already felt like fate. We walked around the room slowly spending a minute or two looking at each pup, seeing if there was a connection. At some point there was a little group piling up so I kept moving beyond them – stopping at the next to last crate, the one on the bottom holding a little grey & black Catahoula girl. I beckoned for him and when he replied “I’m making my way over” as he continued to look in the other cages along the way …I emphatically answered “No, come HERE!”. And that was it. We returned at 10am the next day to take Carmen (now, Sadie) to her forever home.

We couldn’t be more in love with this little girl. She bonded with us immediately, is as smart as they come and loves the water so much she even tries to steal some shower time! She’s already gone on her first vacation & successfully visited several breweries. Sadie is her brothers’ little league team’s mascot and and impressed everyone at her puppy training class. She’s smart, gentle, super high energy, funny and memorable. She was meant to be with us and us with her. We’re honored to watch her grow and learn.

Thank you NEAS to brining our girl to us. We had a great experience and recommend you to everyone!

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We adopted Lucky just about a month ago and boy has our family changed for the better. Lucky did not take long to adjust to our home and become such an important part of the family.

He quickly found his spot on the couch so he can watch the world outside through our living room window. He makes sure he gets in bed with us and likes to sleep under his blanket. He is a great little guy and we love him very much.

He just got a much needed day at the groomer and loves watching the Bruins with us, although he always falls asleep!