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My partner and I adopted Luffy in early February and we are already absolutely in love with him! He is such a calm & sweet boy. He loves cuddling on the couch and playing fetch, although we are still trying to teach him how to bring the ball back! He goes on jogs with his dad and sleeps on his mommy’s feet when she’s working from home. Luffy is a bit nervous of people, but he warms up quickly and just needs some time to process. He has really made our family complete. We are so grateful to have done this process with NEAS!

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Northeast Animal Shelter and the MSPCA-Angell Continue Relief Efforts by Relocating 42 Dogs from Storm-Struck Texas to Massachusetts


The Organizations Arranged Two Additional Transports amidst Fallout from Winter Storm Uri


SALEM – March 19, 2021 – Earlier this week, Northeast Animal Shelter and the MSPCA-Angell welcomed 42 dogs from the Lone Star state—where Uri’s icy temperatures created a strain on already overpopulated animal shelters—to Massachusetts, where the demand for adoptable pets continues to soar.


In coordination with St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, the first transport of dogs arrived on Monday, March 15, and the second, originating from Chances Dog Rescue and Relocation, arrived the next day. Today, most of the dogs have completed the required 48-hour quarantine, received medical care, and are headed home with their adoptive families.


NEAS/MSPCA Relief Efforts

In the aftermath of what may ultimately be the costliest storm in state history, animal welfare organizations throughout Texas—many of whom suffered power outages, infrastructure damage, and are still without water—continue to find themselves with too few resources and not enough space to care for the thousands of cats and dogs entering shelters.


Last month, two teams from NEAS and the MSPCA, consisting of four vans and eight staff members, traveled nearly 4,000 miles in four days to safely transport nearly 100 cats and dogs from Austin, Texas to Massachusetts. This week, in an effort to offer ongoing relief to the area, the organizations coordinated two additional transports— spanning over 2,700 miles—from shelters in and around Houston, ultimately relocating 42 dogs to Massachusetts to find loving homes.


Mike Keiley, interim executive director at NEAS and director of adoption centers and programs at the MSPCA-Angell, said the organizations are committed to Texas.


“In the wake of a disaster like Uri, it’s incredibly important to offer sustained support to the many shelters and communities who are experiencing the ripple effects—which we expect to resume for some time. NEAS and the MSPCA are very fortunate to have transport vehicles and adoption center capacity, as well as adopters eager to give pets homes. We will continue to be a resource for animal welfare organizations, including those in Texas that aim to create more space in shelters to help as many animals, and people, as possible,” said Keiley.


Up Close and Personal: Andy and Amos


Surrendered to a shelter when their family’s home was destroyed by the storm, Andy and Amos are among the dogs travelling from Texas to Massachusetts this week. With nowhere to turn, and unable to afford long-term housing, their family was forced to take up residency at a local hotel indefinitely—making it nearly impossible to care for Andy and Amos. Like so many in the aftermath of a natural disaster, they were faced with a difficult choice. After exhausting all options, and with no visibility into when or if a future reunification would be possible, Andy and Amos’ family decided it was in the dogs’ best interest to find them a new home.


And that’s where NEAS and the MSPCA stepped in. NEAS’ new affiliation with the MSPCA means the organization can help more animals than either could alone. On the heels of the recent arrival of 91 cats and dogs from Austin, NEAS and the MSPCA sprang into action to ready their teams to care for even more dogs.


NEAS and the MSPCA have asked that anyone able to donate toward the cost of their care do so by clicking


For more information about the dogs, including Andy and Amos, potential adopters are asked to visit the organizations’ adoptable animal pages here and here.



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My family visited NEAS in search of a cat to add to our home. We came across Goose (formerly Dewey) and we all fell in love. He’s curious, mischievous, wonderfully chatty, can never get enough ear scratches, and spends most evenings curled up with me on the couch (unless he’s curled up with my 5yo in her bed). This boy came at the perfect time as we sadly said goodbye to our senior cat, Ringo (also adopted from NEAS over 10yrs ago), soon after Goose’s arrival. He’s helped ease the loss of Ringo and we look forward to many more years with our Goosey-Goo!

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We waited almost three years to bring a new family member home after our Lab Bailey passed at the ripe old age of 14. “Lucy” was definitely worth the wait! In July of 2020 lightning struck again and we met and adopted “Fifi”. She became Lucy before we made it to the truck for the ride home. She is so smart, lovable and now big! Lucy loves our walks and exploring on the beach which is just minutes from our front door. Last Summer she took to swimming in the ocean after playing fetch with my son. Her ball drive has been amazing since Day 1. She loves her treats and looks forward to having a carrot, celery or cucumber to devour.

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We picked her up as a little shy girl on December 28th, and almost 2 months later she is loving her forever home, her brother, Fenway, and her new parents and siblings. She likes to be outside, although she was not a big fan of the snow. Her favorite activity is sleeping, of course and watching Dad work! Thank you NEAS for helping us find our baby girl!

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I adopted Lola, formerly known as Coco, in July 2019. My childhood cat of 17 years had passed away two years beforehand, and I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger and adopt a new furry friend. I didn’t think I could ever love another cat as much, but boy did Lola prove me wrong! Not only is Lola a snuggle bug, but she is a total goofball full of personality. She loves head massages, chasing hair ties, and playing with toy mice. She especially loves her stuffed snail toy that she came home from the shelter with. Beyond just being a cat, Lola is an excellent companion and regularly acts as a “sous chef” in the kitchen where she sits on the kitchen stools like a human and “helps” us make dinner in exchange for pieces of chicken. I love her so much, and I am furr-ever grateful to NEAS for bringing her into my life!

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We adopted our little girl Willow, previously Latte, in October. Thank you NEAS for providing us with the most beautiful pup we could have asked for! She is so intelligent, curious about the world around her, and loving. She is a determined little pup too and reminds us of that daily, especially while out on her walks with her nose to the grindstone picking up scents. She loves exploring anywhere we take her and is so excited to get in the car knowing she is usually going somewhere fun. She sheds all over our home, runs around squeaking her toys, and keeps us smiling all day long with her funny antics. She has, in five short months, captured our hearts, and we can’t imagine life without her!! We just love her so much!

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Please join us for an hour of feline fun, complete with some adorable kittens currently in our foster program! What’s a kitten shower you ask? All the fun of a baby shower, but with kittens instead! As we prepare for kitten season at Northeast Animal Shelter, we’re asking for supply donations to help care for the many kitties that will come through our doors. You can donate goods off our “registry” and  tune in for a live kitten cam, quizzes, games and prizes. And we’ll be opening donated presents for our furry feline pals! Proceeds from the event will go directly to the care of the felines in foster care; including kitten food, formula, toys, kitten warming blankets, and much more! 


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Rex is the best dog we could ask for! He loves to cuddle and is always making us smile. He rarely sleeps in his bed, but instead on our laps. I must already have 500 photos of him. I don’t know what we would do without him. Thank you NEAS!

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Astro is now named, HENRY, and is doing wonderful! We adore him and I think the feeling is mutual. For the first 2 weeks, he slept on his bed on the floor next to my bed. Now he is pretty much in one of our beds every night. I often wake up and find him lying on his back with front paws in the air. Such a silly boy. He loves his belly rubs and toys, he greets me at the door whenever I come home with a big kiss and tucks his head into my neck️. We go to the beach or state park every day and he is doing great with loose leash walking, sit and down commands, and he has several new puppy friends in the neighborhood. He has a crate that he will take a toy or treat into but mostly just for comfort. I could go on and on but, rest assured we are all very happy! Also, thank you so much for all of your hard work. You made the process so easy. We took Henry home with full hearts, and with a wealth of information to help him and us with the transition.  I am confident that you and the rest of the staff are there if we need anything. Sending love and puppy kisses!