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Hi All,

You’ll all be so excited to know that this shy boy has made great strides in his new forever home. Although the ceiling fan seemed a bit scary when he first arrived, he’s really come into his own in just a few short days. He’s found his comfy couch spot, has had new toys arrive on back to back days and has family and friends (two and four-legged) who are eager to meet him!

Next adventure in the weeks to come will be to take a cruise on the family boat. Thanks NEAS for taking care of JJ before finding his new family!

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Hi there! Koi (previously Salmon) is loving his new home! He gets the whole place to himself, so he loves to zoom around! He is a bundle of energy but loves to snuggle and give kisses and head butts to let you know he loves you.

He follows me around the house every day, and even waits outside the shower for me! He is full of love and just wants the most attention I can give him. He is a healthy, happy kitty, and I am so glad I have had the blessing of adopting such a sweet (and sometimes mischievous!) boy!

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After graduating college and moving back home, I convinced my mom (and new landlord) that I should adopt a dog to fill our quiet home. She suggested a small female, but two days after coming home myself… Atticus moved in… a young male puppy that at the time weighed 17lbs. and at 5 months is now a whopping 47lbs…

Even so he has done nothing but make us happy and full of love. Atticus loves to go for walks in downtown Newburyport and through Maudsley Park, but even more than that he loves to give kisses and cuddle. Atticus is the highlight of any day and he couldn’t be a more special dog. We recently took a vacation where we stayed in a rented house on the beach and Atticus had such a blast digging in the sand and finding new smells, and he behaved beautifully in the new environment.

We wouldn’t change a thing about him and are constantly excited to see him learn and experience new things!

P.S. Atticus (formerly Cornelius) is a “collie mix” whose mother is Sallie — a female from Georgia who had her puppies while in foster care at NEAS. If any of Atticus’s family reads this and wants to have a play date please feel free to contact me!

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Sandshark, who’s name was changed to Nemo, is doing so well. He really loves his new home.

He and I immediately hit it off and he loves to follow me around the house. He also loves playing fetch with his little mouse toy.

He’s really good about bringing it back and waiting for it to be thrown again. A lot better than some dogs I know. We couldn’t be happier.

This is a picture of him lounging around.  Thank you so much for everything.

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I adopted Edward this past December, only a few short days after I lost my beloved 17 year old cat. His brother Ralph was still at the shelter.

I had Edward for a few days and couldn’t stop thinking about Ralph, so after seeing that he had not been adopted, I contacted the shelter and they were thrilled to reunite the pair. No one was more excited than Edward and Ralph though. From the moment they were reunited, they have been inseparable.

The sweet boys sleep together every night (either on me, or my pillow). They enjoy the finer things in life, like stealing plastic forks out of the trash and ripping rolls of toilet paper to shreds. Edward gives Ralph baths and looks after his slightly less coordinated brother. They make a fine pair, and I am so thankful to have wound up with both of them.

I love seeing their strong personalities shine through, despite their similar appearances. Watching them grow from sweet baby kittens into big needy cats has been such a joy, even though sometimes I feel like I have a newborn child when Edward wakes me up in the middle of the night because he wants attention. I love them, and their antics and look forward to many more years of snuggles and hiding my toilet paper.

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Vinnie is PERFECT!!! We couldn’t have asked for a better fit for our family. He is such a love bug and gives us all equal attention.

He is so eager to please that he’s extremely easy to train. He was housebroken almost immediately, even in the dead of winter. He loves the snow, and everyone he meets is his new best friend.

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We love our adopted pup Max!  He is so cute and sweet natured.  He loves to cuddle, play and give kisses. My boys ages 11 and 14 are in love with him!

He is a wonderful addition to our family and makes us smile and laugh everyday.

Thank you to the staff and volunteers at the Northeast Animal Shelter for rescuing Max and making sure he was the right match for our family!

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I rescued Ollie (formerly Licorice) a little over a year ago (6/7/17). He is a friendly little guy that loves to play, go to the park, and sometimes he visits nursing homes and schools as he is a Registered Emotional Support Dog and everyone just loves him!!!

I feel so incredible lucky to have him in my life and the old saying “Who Rescued Who” could not be more true!!!

Thank you NEAS for all you do in finding all those forever homes, creating so many new unforgettable memories, and bringing so much joy to so many, truly truly grateful in all you do!!! God Bless Randi as she truly will be missed. Thank you Randi!!!

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Bennie is doing great! He is such a love❤…and sometimes a little mischievous!!He purrs all the time!  He LOVES to be pet and lay on our laps.  He snuggles on the couch with us at night and in the bed in the am!!

He’s also a little piggie  😬 who eats and eats..he really enjoys his treats! (I have to say he’s a little spoiled!)

Bennie also enjoys his toys. Especially his baseball ⚾  that he likes to play with very late at night or super early in the am!!!

We love him!  