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Frankie has come a long way since he was adopted back in the fall of 2015. Frankie was shy and timid when he first came to his forever home, but he quickly adjusted and became close with all members of our family and even the neighbor’s dogs.

Some of his favorite things include his toy beaver, frosty paws, and long walks. One of his favorite places to walk is the Breakheart Reservation in Wakefield, Massachusettes. He can walk the entire trail without taking a single break! Frankie also enjoys going apple picking and was even featured in an article in the Boston Globe on one of his adventures with our family.

Frankie completes our family and we are so happy to have welcomed him to his forever home.

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We got Biggie (formerly known as Josh), a lab-pit mix, in September of 2018; Foxy ( formerly known as Paisley), a shepherd mix, arrived in July of 2019. Biggie is now two, and Foxy turns one next week.

Although the two are pretty opposite in demeanor, they are inseparable. Biggie is a gentle giant who wants to make everyone happy; Foxy is a lovable puppy who is sometimes too smart for her own good.

They both love chasing tennis balls, running around the yard and neighborhood, showing off their skills for treats, and pretty much anything – as long as they can be together.

Much appreciation to everyone at Northeast Animal Shelter for helping dogs like these two find homes!

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Remus (formerly known as Patrick) was adopted as an almost 4 month old lab mix puppy in October of 2019. When we first brought him home, he was nervous in crowds and partly bald due to mange.

Now our little (actually very big) adventurer loves people and has grown a full head of hair! He’s a 60 pound lap dog who is content spending most of his day getting as physically close to you as possible and curling up on your lap. He loves his cat brother, Virgil (also an NEAS adoptee) but the cat is not as enthusiastic about being friends.

Since social distancing started, Remus has been a great office mate. He enjoys joining us at our desks and sits in on most of our conference calls. My students love it when he pops into class!

We are so thankful to the NEAS staff who helped us find our best friend.

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This little man came into our lives in October as a three month old ball of spunk.

He was obviously well cared for at the NEAS because he socialized immediately.

Fenny loves and is loved so much. If you are looking for a new fur baby, this animal shelter is the place to go.

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My wife and I were going to visit my parents in Swampscott at the time and we decided to stop at the shelter. We were just going to take a look at a dog we had seen online but were not ready to adopt quite yet. It was pretty late and an hour before the shelter closed for the night.

We Sat down with the dog we came to see but he was a not really our cup of tea and then we decided to take one last look around. That is when my wife saw Ella.

She had just been spayed but my wife instantly fell in love with her. The next day we came back bright and early and we sat down with her and that was when she bonded with us.

She is the best thing we have ever done. We are her people. We have had her for a year and a half now. She is the princess of the house and now the boss.

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On Friday the 13th (during a full moon) in March we met a kitty named Moonshine. We then came back the following morning we were relieved that he was still up for adoption.

After petting him and getting to hold him in our lap it was clear that we had to take him home. We were worried after he spent his first day home in the closet but by the following night he was running around our room playing with his favorite mouse toy.

He’s been endless amounts of fun during an uncertain time. We were even more grateful that we went at the time we did when we found out that the shelter closed its doors to public viewing a few hours after we adopted him.

We couldn’t have asked for a better cat.

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Bentley (formerly known as Smitty) is the missing piece to our family that we didn’t know we needed! In July, it will be a year since we have adopted Bentley and we couldn’t be happier with our boy.

We went to Northeast “just to look” for a furry friend, having seen Bentley online, and we left with him that day. Northeast helped us greatly since we were a little unprepared but it was the best decision we could have ever made!

Bentley loves all people and dogs and is such a big sweetheart! We couldn’t be more in love with our boy! Bentley will be two in June and we cannot wait to celebrate as a family of three! We will most likely reward Bentley with a bath (his favorite thing)!!

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Mr. Gray is doing awesome!!! We renamed him Kemba. We just love him and he seems to really love being part of our family. We definitely made the right choice when choosing him. I feel like it was meant to be …the hideous pillowcase (pink flannel with pieces of toast and jam and coffee cups) that was in his cage at the Shelter was actually donated by…me haha (I assume anyway because who else would have such an ugly sheet set!).

He adjusted really quickly, within 6 hours of bringing him home he was sleeping on our bed. Each week he is opening up more and more; being more playful and exploring more of the house. He loves sitting in his multiple window perches watching everything outside, and taking lots of naps.

He is VERY vocal when it’s time for meals. Loves catnip, treats, and certain toys. We got him a puzzle box and he enjoys hunting his treats down and fishing them out. 

We are all happy and he is loved!

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Loki, formerly named Houston, is coming out of his shell so much! He is such a good boy and was the perfect addition to my family.

He loves my other dog Jayda, and is getting lots of love and affection! He is very well behaved, and comes with me and Jayda to work everyday. Loki enjoys running around at the park and taking hikes!

Thank you so much for helping me adopt the bestest doggie ever! 

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We are loving our life with River (formerly named Daisy).

We recently started puppy kindergarten are we are all learning and adjusting together. We’ve made a lot of progress on potty training and are (for the most part) sleeping through the night.

We’ve had a couple vet visits that went well and are gaining weight at a good rate. River LOVES to eat!  She is slowly meeting our friends, family and other dogs and its going well.