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What a great cat! Hank makes me laugh every day!

Our main concern in choosing a cat was to find one who wouldn’t be intimidated by our beagle, Joey. Well, the first time they met, Hank let out a fierce yowl, Joey ran under the bed, and that was that. Hank will now walk up to Joey and kiss him on the nose or reach out a paw as Joey walks by if he’s feeling feisty.

He’s tried out every windowsill and table in the house, with a few broken pots and collectibles to show for his trouble. He has a hearty appetite and sleeps on the end of our bed. The bad news? His greatest ambition is to get outdoors. We’re so grateful for microchipping!

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We fell in love with this cuddly guy as soon as we met, he’s very well mannered.

Cheeto’s hobbies include running around with the toys in his mouth, chasing his new big brother around and stealing our hearts.

He took no time in adjusting to his new surroundings which was a great relief! So glad we found him 🙂

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My husband had never been much of an animal person when we first met, but in the past few years he warmed up to the idea of adopting a cat and we came to NEAS. We weren’t thinking of getting a really little kitten (maybe a cat around 1+yrs old), but then we found Pishi and knew he needed to come home with us.

My husband had never had a pet in his life and didn’t really “get” the love people feel towards their animals. After bringing Pishi home, he took to my husband immediately and they have been best buddies ever since. Whether my husband is studying, cooking, cleaning, or relaxing with a movie, Pishi is right by his side with the most precious look of adoration I have ever seen in an animal. I believe my husband may actually be a “cat person” now.

When Pishi is not snuggling with his favorite human, he is snoozing in his cat tree, chattering at birds from the window, or defending the household from an infestation of toy mice. He is the sweetest boy and has brought so much love into our home. I hope everyone has the opportunity to find their Pishi.

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While I was volunteering at the Shelter, this wonderful 97 pound 1 1/2 year old “puppy” stole my heart.

I took Sasha on a field trip to my house to see how she would get along with my 12 week old kittens. We walked in the front door and she went over to the kittens and gave them a lick and let them crawl all over her. Then she proceeded to try and crawl into my husbands lap.

Sasha is sweet, loving and brings smiles to everyone she meets. We are so very happy to have her in our family.

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Luna (formerly Latte) was adopted back in January, and boy is she part Siamese!

We soon realized the amount of energy she has is beyond what we could offer, and though she didn’t know it at the time, she needed a friend. Enter, Bear (formerly Mustang) in early February. It was a rough beginning because she’s a queen, but every day they fall more in love.

Bear loves to play with toys, cuddle, and talk. All. The. Time. Their favorite activities include eating, playing with their laser toy, dragging string toys around for each other, and leaving toy mice in peoples’ shoes as offerings. You can also see and hear them having conversations, which was definitely a first for me. They also have a special cave in the closet they like to curl up together in when they’re not sleeping all over their mommy and daddy.

They may be loud. They may be demanding. But they bring so much love and character into this home and I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world. <3

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From the moment Frosty rubbed up against my son’s hand at the shelter and Everest climbed out of his cage and into my lap- we were in love.

It took all of 10 minutes for them to start exploring the house and within 2 hours they were snuggling up with us on the sofa. From then on it’s been love and snuggles. They have been gentle and loving with our 4 year old son and he has been loving and gentle to his new “fur brothers”.

It has been 3 weeks since we brought home our new family members and it feels like they were meant to be ours from the start. And from the looks of it, they feel just the same! Thank you for bringing us together!

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We adopted Sydney just after Thanksgiving 2017, and she immediately proved to be the perfect furry addition to our family. She is so loving and tolerant that she and our 5- and 7-year-old girls became fast friends.

She is also fiercely intelligent, and has learned lots of skills. She has made friends with the neighbors’ dogs, even going as far as to give them “kisses” before she comes inside.

She really is the best companion we could ask for, for the whole family.

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We were told that Batgirl (named for her beautiful face coloring) was found in a dump in VA. She has been adjusting slowly…understandable as she has been through a lot! I think she is finally realizing that this is her last stop and she isn’t going anywhere else.

Batgirl is coming out of her shell as a playful and mischievous girl! Her favorite activities are getting face rubs, playing with her favorite feather string toy, digging into potted plants, and sunbathing on her window perch while her parents are at work.

She went from living in the dump to being a spoiled only child. We can’t wait to see her come out of her shell even more as time goes on!

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It’s true when they say “you don’t adopt an animal, they adopt you”. That is exactly how it felt when I first saw Ippi. I had never seen a breed of dog with such beautiful markings, and I had never even heard of the breed (Catahoula Leopard Mix) before walking into Northeast Animal Shelter.

Having heard her story and where she came from I decided to name her Ippi. A unique name for a unique puppy! She is 13 weeks old and weights 15.5 pounds. She seems to be adjusting quite well, and growing so fast! She loves eating, sleeping, going on runs, and most of all playing with all of her new toys.

If it wasn’t for Northeast Animal Shelter and their amazing staff I would have never been given the opportunity to stumble upon my new best friend: Ippi

We thank you guys!

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Just 1 month ago we adopted Eden and Gigi. They happened to be neighbors at the shelter but little did they know that they would become BFFs for life!

It only took a few days before they were playing with toys together. Now they eat, sleep, cuddle, run and roll around playing with each other all day (& night!).

They have brought so much love and fun into our home! We couldn’t be happier with our new family members! Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!