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We are so happy with Ghost, who we have renamed, Poe. He has adapted so well to our life, and his personality started to show the second we brought him home! He loves playing with balls and paper towel rolls, and really enjoys knocking over things on tables. His favorite places to take naps are next to a sunny window, or on the couch with some cuddles. 
We brought him to the vet a few days after bringing him home, and he weighed a whole 1.77 lbs! He has grown so much since then, we can’t wait to see how much he has gained. Everyone at the vets office loved him and can’t wait for his second appointment! 
We want to thank you so much for helping us through the process of adopting Poe (Ghost). 

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Boba (formerly Lynette) is doing well.  She’s a very good kitty.  My daughter and I love Boba so much. 
It took time, but she gives us plenty of kitty kisses.  Boba is playful and very funny at times.  She loves her tree house!
Boba is not shy when it comes to food.  She gets delicious treats in between her three meals.  When bedtime comes, Boba sleeps on the pillow right next to me most of the time. 
Every morning when I work from home, she comes on my desk and stares at the computer screen, then comes down on my lap to take a quick nap. 
When my daughter plays her video games, she sits in between her feet and stares at the TV screen.  So adorable!!!

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My sister recently lost their dog named Bella…so we did decide to change our Bella to Miss Molly.  We wanted to have her own identity, she is definitely a Miss Molly and we love her.

She was 14 lbs when we got her and she had a recent appointment and is now 28 lbs!  We thought she would tower over the other puppies at the puppy play time…but surprisingly she is a very slender and delicate 28 lbs!  She is so sweet.

Molly has a good friend Rudy, who is our daughter’s rescue.  Rudy is about 7 and the two can play for hours…literally.
On her first walk on the rail trail, she met 2 dogs, saw a bicycle and saw two horses!

Molly likes the snow but is not too happy when she cannot get a scent.  We got 22″ our first we were pretty happy that it didn’t freak her out.

A puppy is a lot of energy, but we are stepping up to the challenge and she goes to sleep before us!! That’s a win!

Molly is also pretty smart..already does sit, paw, down, stay and come.  Hasn’t gotten fetch quite down yet, but I think she is going to like agility and she is just so sweet.

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Georgie is a bundle of energy but luckily he loves to play with every dog he sees in the dog park! We go every day and he can’t wait to see his new best friends and run around. One of his best friends is Ellis, a sheep-a-doodle about 5 times his size! They run and wrestle together, totally oblivious to how different they are in size.
It’s been a couple months now since Georgie was adopted and I can definitely see a change in him. He’s more comfortable and outgoing, he has his favorite spot on the couch, and he’s settled into a routine. For the first month or so he would wake up in the middle of the night multiple times and cry but now he walks into his crate at ‘night night time’ and sleeps until the alarm goes off in the morning!  On weekends we’ll get up, go outside quick, but then come back and snuggle in bed for a little while. He puts his head my leg and snoozes and it is just the cutest thing ever.
When I first met Georgie at the shelter he was so scared of everything. If I reached down to let him he would scurry away. Now, while still a tad cautious of some people, he loves being around people and sniffing them to see what they are about. It’s a huge difference from where we started.
One great thing is that he loves my 8 year old niece! When we visit they run and play together and tire each other out. She can’t wait to see him at Christmas.  I also have a inkling he’s going to love unwrapping his presents.

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It’s been a slow process getting Buster to adjust. I think he had a tough go of it the 6 months before being surrendered… he just turned 10 years old in November.

I am so happy to report that he’s eating, drinking, and doing his business. He is well loved on and he’s coming out of hiding. He is very active at night. He has lot’s of toys and a lot of room to call his own. He loves his cat tower that we have by our big front bay window. I have finally been able to pet him! He comes out and hangs out when I am doing school work. I even got to kiss the top of his head this past weekend!

Buster is a beautiful Maine Coon with HUGE front paws. I call them his “man paws.”

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Tally officially made me a “cat mom” on October 27th, 2019. She was the first kitten I saw and she chose me right away when she nuzzled up against the cage.

She adapted quickly to her surroundings and loves to snuggle with her mama every day, as you can see in this picture.

Tally is adventurous, energetic, and enjoys meeting and playing with new people. My little companion has found her forever home.

Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!

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We adopted Kodi in November.

He has the best temperament and is such a cuddle bug!!

He has adjusted wonderfully and is the center of our family!!

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It took a few days for Luna to adjust to the environment but so far we are: crate trained, potty-trained, on a normal food/bathroom routine, we just finished teething, we already are spayed, and we understand basic commands like sit, stay, and kennel…come is still a work in progress.

We can do that perfectly inside but Luna loves being outside so it’s hard for her to come back inside sometimes – especially with snow! She loves snow!

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Franklin is just the best. I renamed Jacques (after Jacques Cousteau) because he’s a little explorer who’s constantly on the move, checking everything out.

He is the goofiest and most playful cat I’ve ever met. He really, really loves playing fetch. He wakes me up at dawn most mornings by dropping a toy mouse on my face to get me to wake up and play already. His favorite new game (which I sadly have yet to capture in a video) is running at top speed and diving into his cat cave/bed so it slides across the wood floors. He does it over and over again.

He’s a smart little thing (figured out how to open his pet carrier en route to the vet, which was an adventure).  And he’s very sweet–almost a month in and I’ve still never heard him hiss, not even at the vet. He settled in pretty immediately, and will eat just about anything (fallen broccoli included), except, of course, his dry food. All in all, he’s a delight and we get on wonderfully. 

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Mackey is adjusting very well to his new life. He loves eating and sleeps well! He learns new things very quickly (as long as he knows we have a treat) and loves to snuggle.
He was been doing great with other dogs and while he may be skeptical of new people at first he warms up quickly on his terms.
He came to Philly with us for Thanksgiving and met his dog family and even came to work with me one day!