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Our lovely new member of the family, Mia, is doing well. She is eating and sleeping well, and getting along with the other pets and members of the family.

Mia is very playful and feels very comfortable around her family. She loves snuggling in our lap!

We are so happy and lucky to have her as a part of our lives.

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Our family adopted Phantom 3 weeks ago. We recently had to put down our beloved 12-year-old “Chester”and although it had been a very short period of time, there was a huge hole in our family. My daughter and I were bringing towels and blankets to NEAS to donate and thought, “It won’t hurt to look, will it?” Phantom chose us right away and after meeting our whole family we knew it was meant to be.

Phantom is such a sweet puppy! He is cuddly and silly and makes us laugh all the time. He has already gained 6.5 pounds, so we’re wondering how big he will be!! He thinks he’s a lapdog and his favorite things to do are snuggle with his humans on the couch or on the bed, and carrying sticks around outside. He has been such a good puppy and we are totally in love!

Thanks to Northeast Animal Shelter for helping to heal some of the sadness in our home!

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Hogan is settling in nicely, and fits our family like a glove!  He is a GEM!
He and our 8 year old Tuxedo cat took a few days to warm up, but are now getting along handsomely.
We have worked hard to keep our new 13 month old Chesapeake exercising and worn out!  It has been my anecdotal experience with 2 prior Chesapeakes,  that a TIRED DOG is a GOOD DOG.
Every muscle in my body hurts!
We have been walking 2-4 miles most every day.  In addition, Hogan LOVES to chase Tennis Balls thrown with a “chucker”, ( he thinks he’s a tennis pro), and LOVES to swim!
We had a great 2 hour drive home and Hogan has made a pretty steady and impressive  transition.  He has made such amazing progress in 2 short weeks!

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I adopted Jasmine about a month ago and she was so tiny…only 12 pounds and 3 and a half months old.  She’s now 4 months old and weighs 20 pounds!

She is full of life and learning new things everyday. She’s a very happy pup, going though all the things puppies go though. Jasmine is very smart and loves making new friends.

She is the best new addition to my family 🙂

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I adopted my best friend Zoey, formally named Pirate, about a year ago now. When I first saw her I knew she was the one.

I first fell in love with how soft her fur was, and now I just love everything about her. She is the best at cuddling and loves to give kisses. How can you not love someone who loves you so much? She loves walks, car rides, and even went swimming for the first time this summer.

She brings so much joy to me and my family, and I am so glad that I was able to give Zoey a happy and safe home.

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I had just put down my 2 cats 8 months apart at the age of 14 . Geronimo had a very large tumor in his stomach and Pasquale had incurable tumor on his butt. (They were siblings from the same mom) . I raised them from the age of 5 weeks old.

I hated coming home from work to not being greeted by my babies at the door. Home wasn’t a home without a cat or two.

So my daughter & I went to NEAS and we found Bella (her name was Dumpling then). She was 9 weeks old and the cutest calico kitty ever. Someone was holding her and as soon as they put her down we swept her up and adopted her.

She is 8 yrs old now and a mommy’s girl. She’s the sweetest and the biggest Diva ever. I love my baby girl💞. She gets me through some hard times and when I’m sad she’s makes everything alright with her little goofy self. I am so happy we chose her.

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We adopted Miller (formerly Henry) last month. Our little buddy follows us every where we go. He is the best cuddler and loves a good game of fetch. He’s even ventured into the woods for some hikes!

Miller’s favorite activity is grabbing one of his many squeaker toys and incessantly squeaking it until we wake up. Soon after Squeakerfest 2018, Miller will go back to sleep.

Miller is making great strides and meeting close family and friends. He’s met his grandpawrents and is in love! The feeling is mutual. He loves to say hello to other small dog friends. He is building some confidence with bigger dogs but prefers to stay close by the mom and dad.

We are so in love with Miller and can’t imagine our life without him. Thank you NEAS for helping us find the right pup. Miller is pawfect!

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Lyla is doing well and adjusting nicely to her new home. 

We went to vet last Friday and she’s doing just fine health wise. She gets lots of walks and loves my Aunts’ two labs so much that we visit them weekly.

She’s had no problem adjusting to food, she loves the whole hearted organic food. She’s a wild child with a big heart!

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Luna is doing amazing and her and her big brother, Guiness, love each other so much! 

She is learning to not pull on the leash and she is getting better every time with her car sickness! I think she’s starting to realize the car is a fun thing and not scary. She does amazing with other people and dogs, and when we have people over she gets excited to greet them when they come in! She was also around children and she was very sweet with them.

Luna has also learned to like the crate when we leave as she is a heavy chewer so we don’t want to let her roam. When we are about to leave we say “go in your crate” and she knows to go right in and gets a treat. She is a shoe thief but doesn’t chew them! She just likes to drag them out to the living room. 

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We adopted Dallas (formally Tiana) from NEAS and we couldn’t be happier. We absolutely love her.
She is our first dog and she is very sweet, extremely smart, and the best cuddler ever. She is now abut 7 1/2 months and weighs just about 26 lbs. Dallas is starting to love the water and on numerous occasions has travelled with us to local lakes.
She hardly ever barks but when she does she wants to play. She goes on hikes with us regularly and duck jerky is her favorite treat!