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Calypso came home with us on 6/29/19 and we have been in love ever since!!

We were warned that she was a little feisty one and that the shelter didn’t know much about her history, only that she came from a hoarding situation and might be shy.

That was not the case at all! She curled right up with us and got used to living with her new brother (a dachshund) in about a week.

She is the most loving and cuddly kitty there has ever been. She also sits with us in the living room when we have lazy Sundays, she fits right in! 🙂

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We adopted Cynda (formerly Dezi) on July 25, 2019.

She was featured on Facebook with her heart warming story…you would never know she ever she had a fractured leg! She is absolutely beautiful and is developing such a sweet personality.

Cynda is learning more each day!

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When we first walked around the shelter, it was overwhelming. How could we pick just one?

While walking around one little pup especially caught our eyes. Frodo (formerly known as Benji) was sitting, as close to the front of his crate he could get, looking up at us. He stared into our eyes, waged his little tail, and we instantly fell in love!

Within seconds of playing with this little man, he had our hearts. We decided to take him home!

Frodo has been a quick learner, a goofball, and such a sweetheart. Those eyes and that face still melt our hearts each and every day! He loves anyone he meets and absolutely loves going to his puppy playgroup. We are beyond thankful to have him as a part of our family, and truly look forward to watching him continue to grow!

Thank you NEAS for helping us find our little man!

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I adopted Dudley (named Davos at the time) about 3 months ago when he was just 15 weeks old. I had visited NEAS a couple times previously, but never found a dog I completely fell in love with (not to say they weren’t amazing doggos, if I could I would adopt all the good boys and girls). But, when I saw Dudley with his floppy feet and little nerdy puppy beard I knew that he was just the quirky dog I wanted to take home.

We had brought our dog up with us to see how he might interact with a new puppy and to be honest, our older dog did not take it well at first and I was terrified that we might not be able to take Dudley home. The first night I brought Dudley into his forever home he was very shy and just wanted to be snuggled up against me. But, within a week, Dudley’s whole personality began to show through. Of course, he was still that snuggly pup I met at the shelter, but he was also so brave and adventurous too.

Dudley is also extremely smart. We have had our past dog for seven years now, and he never figured out how to swim, knock down our puppy gates or open doors. Dudley figure this out in 3 days. Dudley goes with me and his dog dad practically everywhere.

We love to hike together, visit dog parks where he’s best friends with even the most timid dogs, and even play with our older dog who once despised this little floppy fur ball. But most of all, Dudley likes to visit the summer camp I work at. There are four other camp dogs there who have become his favorite play mates; and let’s not forget about all the pets and belly rubs he gets from the kids.

Dudley has become the sunshine on a rainy day for so many people in his life and we all look forward to his sloppy kisses and puppy runs. He grows (literally and figuratively) every single day into a more adventurous and crazy doggo. He even ran straight through a screen door once in his fit of excitement  (no harm can to him only the door!). 

I am so thankful to have adopted Dudley. Here is a picture of him during his first trip to the beach! If you’d like to stay updated on his adventures feel free to follow his instagram @Dudley.the.doggo.

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We are so in love with our little Milo!

He is an absolute sweetheart filled with so much love and happiness.

He is the perfect fit for our family xoxooxox

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After moving away from my parents in PA and living without a dog for a few years, I was finally able and ready to adopt my own. When I visited Northeast Animal Shelter I was expecting to just meet a dog or two. However, when I meet Georgia she was a little skid-ish and shy – she had been surrendered just a few hours earlier – but was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. So I brought her home with me the following morning.

She has adjusted so well over the past month! Georgia loves to cuddle, pawing at you for more pets and scratches. She loves going for walks and being outside. She doesn’t seem all that interested in balls or squeak toys, but loves to run around. We went on a short hike, Georgia had so much fun; she didn’t know what to sniff first.

While Georgia is well trained already, we are working on a few things like DOWN and refining her recall skills with distractions around. It’s difficult now imagining life without Georgia Peach; she fits right in.

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We rescued Serena when she was just a babe of 3 months old…She turned 1 in May and in this past year we had many ups and downs in our family. She came into a home with a senior cat and an ill adult dog.We lost both of those animals to cancer, so we got Serena a new friend; a puppy that she could grow up with.

Little did we know they would become the funniest little pairing. Our hearts will always hold a special place for the 2 we crossed, but Serena was there for us, as young and as small as she was. So when she needed to have her tail amputated we were all there for her. The vets decided she was in constant pain from a malformation, and sure enough after surgery our vet called me in awe of how badly it was deformed and how much happier of a cat she will be.

He was right and she has found a new love of walking outside on her harness and playing with her puppy friend that now out weighs her at 65 lbs.

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Hi! We’re the Mitchell family, and we would like to share our love story of our precious pooch, Oliver. We never knew that we could share our story, so we’re about 9 years late!

We adopted Oliver 9 years ago from Northeast Animal Shelter, and we all love him to death. From running up and down the hallways in our house when he has the late-night zoomies (what we call it when he gets really excited at night) to snuggling with everyone within fifteen feet of him, he has become the 6th member of our family, and we couldn’t be happier.

We all couldn’t imagine our lives without our Oliver, so thank you NEAS for giving us the opportunity to welcome another member to our family.

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ZuZu (formerly Jayson) came into our lives and hearts last month. From the moment we saw her at the shelter, we knew she was “the one”. She has wiggled her way right into our family perfectly.

She is an incredibly smart little girl, with a huge personality. She loves walks, long cuddles on the couch with her humans, and belly rubs. ZuZu loves her new feline family members as well, and just wants to play!!

She is the hit of the street with all the little girls and boys wanting to pet her and get kisses from her. Walking around Newburyport, she was the center of attention and everyone flocked to see her… and when it got hot, only the best vanilla gelato would do ;). It seems longer than a month that she has been a part of our family and maybe that is because she was always destined to be here.

We want to give a big THANK YOU and HUG to the staff of Northeast Animal Shelter, particularly Laurie, who found ZuZu for us!! Our experience was nothing but wonderful!

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Our family finally made the decision to adopt a dog, so on Mother’s Day we visited the Northeast Animal Shelter. This was our first time even looking at dogs. My husband told us, “Now this is our first day looking. You can’t fall in love with the first dog you meet.” Too bad for him, because Lansky (formerly Rascal) was the first dog we asked to visit with. We clicked right away!

Now after almost two months, it’s like he’s always been part of the family. He sleeps cuddled with my son. During the day, he likes to curl up next to me as a I work. He’s not a barker… unless there’s a chipmunk nearby or he smells someone eating meat.

Lansky LOVES food, and will look at you with those big eyes as you eat, begging for a piece of whatever you’re eating. He loves running around doing everything he can to escape his leash (we need to keep a close eye on him, as he’s been successful in escaping his harness on a few occasions), sticking his snout into holes looking for chipmunks, and sleeping next to one of us.

Not sure how we lived so long without him! He’s absolutely part of the family now.