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We changed Emilio’s name to Alby. He is a great addition to the family. He’s very out going and loves to play with all the kids in the family.

We love him and are so grateful to have him as part of the family!

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We’ve been busy having fun with our sweet Tilly! She has adjusted so well. She is already potty trained and sleeps through the night. She loves the dog park and plays great with the other dogs. Her best friend is a boxer named Luna. They can play for hours.

She is very popular around our apartment complex, and everyone calls me Tilly’s mom – ha ha. She took a trip with me to Niagara Falls last weekend and got to meet her grandparents (who are obsessed with her and wanted to take her home with them).

Moving from Michigan in December to a new state has not been easy. Making new friends has been difficult and there were moments where I wanted to give up here all together. Not trying to get sappy but Tilly has really changed that. She gets me out of the house and we have been exploring new places. She has really made an amazing impact on my life. I love her so much and want to thank you guys for making her adoption a smooth and awesome experience!

Thank you guys!!

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My name is Francina these are my two cats, Pinky and Tigger, Pinky is a female and Tigger is a male. They are both from different breeds, Pinky being a tabby-mix kitty with a beige coat and Tigger a snowshoe Siamese-mix kitty.

I got them both at NEAS. I got Pinky when she was only 2.5 months young when I was going through a really tough time with lots of anxiety, but Pinky helped bring me back to health and she has been the most loving cat I’ve ever seen.

Tigger is the sweetest, too.  He was one year young when I got him and i got him to keep Pinky company when I wasn’t there, and it worked out because Tigger lost his home in a fire and Pinky needed a new friend.

I just want to let you know they are doing great and thank you so much for these cats. I will love them forever.

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Evie, as she’s been affectionately named, has been coming out of her shell more and more over time.  It took awhile for her to get acclimated, but now is doing much better!

Evie loves following me to bed, and sitting up on the couch in the sun.  She’s still got quite a peculiar meow, but that’s one of the things I find lovingly quirky about her 😻.  She is good around other people and loves sitting on the window sill.  She hilariously plays with her toys – bopping around the house, and brings them to me to wake up to in the morning. 

Her favorite toy is her “lobbie” the lobster.  I think it’s the funniest thing how she sleeps!  She puts her right arm all the way out and sleeps on it – just makes me laugh every time!  

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Scooter is doing well. He’s happy and healthy. He’s spoiled with new toys, walks in the local dog parks during the week and hiking trips on the weekends.

I feel so lucky that your shelter gave me the opportunity to adopt my new best friend.

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We renamed Tiana to Dallas and we couldn’t be happier. We absolutely love her. She is our first dog and she is very sweet, extremely smart, and the best cuddler ever. She is now abut 7 1/2 months and 26 lbs.

She is starting to love the water as I have taken her on numerous occasions to local lakes. She is hardly ever barks but when she does it usually because she wants to play. She goes on hikes with me and Jessie regularly and duck jerky is her favorite treat. 

Our experience at Northeast was excellent and we greatly appreciate the level of service and friendliness of the staff.

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Gus (formerly Dallas) is one lucky guy.  He arrived at NEAS in February, and NEAS decided to send him out for FHO surgery so he could walk without pain.  We adopted him 2 months later. 

We noticed he really wasn’t responding to Dallas, so we changed his name to Gus and he really responds to it.

He is really settling in and seems very happy and well adjusted to our home. He is doing great with his leg.  He is actually running around on the beach and in the woods daily, leaping over logs and scaling walls on the hunt.

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We adopted Leo & Lucille [formally Belle] back in 2016 and they have been the best additions to our family. We had just lost our cat Shifty due to complications and we were very upset with the loss. We stopped by the shelter on a whim and said “if they have a Persian, we have to get ’em, and sure enough that is when we found Leo. Leo had just come out of surgery for his tooth and was a bit woozy. Come to find out Leo doesn’t do too well being on his own, and would need a friend at home. I think Lucille knew this and was very friendly with us while we gushed over Leo. They’ve been such a duo as we moved from our apartment to our house. They always look after each other.

Lucille helps Leo by grooming him regularly and play fighting as siblings do. Sometimes Lucille needs some alone time and hides on Leo. That’s when Leo, who is normally quiet, gets pretty vocal to find her. I couldn’t imagine these two not together. They’ve come a long way. Lucille, now 3, loves to be picked up and scratched right under her chin. While Leo, who is now 8, still doesn’t like to be picked up, but has come around to getting belly rubbed, and will do anything to be pet and scratched all over. Leo has no problems pushing Lucille aside if she’s being pet.

We can’t thank the shelter enough for letting us take these two home with us.

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Bubba is a wonderful cat and settled nicely into his new home.

I wasn’t sure how soon I would be ready for a new cat, since my 18 year old cat BB had passed just 2 days prior to coming to your shelter. I was devastated, crying all weekend and unable eat or sleep. BB truly meant the absolute world to me. But when I saw Bubba – kneading and purring so loud – I fell in love with him.

He greets me at the door when I come home from work and when I get up in the morning every day! He also cuddles with me before I go to sleep, kneading my arm and sleeping up on my pillow. He loves to bird watch, and opts to sleep in his bed in the closet or under the couch during the day.

He’s a strong boy (the name Bubba is very fitting!) and always gives me a good head-butt when he’s in need of a pet or scratch.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take Bubba home! He is a wonderful addition to my family.

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Eli is an absolute love and he immediately settled in and made our house his home. We have re-named him Luke in honor of our cat who passed (Leia) and they have a lot in common (mutual love of straws, running full speed up and down the stairs, meowing loudly in empty rooms). 

He is playful, cuddly, floppy and slowly but surely his big sister-cat is adjusting to the idea of having a little brother. 

We are over the moon in love with him and thank you all for bringing him into our world!