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When my family and I came to Northeast Animal Shelter on June 8, 2019 we were overwhelmed. So many wonderful dogs and we wanted to take them all home! After many laps around trying to decide which card to pull, we saw “James”. A very large (his paws are almost as big as my hands) 6 month old Lab Mix. He looks a lot like Scooby Doo so we wondered if he may be part Great Dane as well!

He was calmly sitting in his crate with his soulful eyes following everyone that walked by. When we got to spend a little time with him, we could see he was playful, curious and very affectionate. He is also so smart. While we were sitting with him, he figured out how to turn the doorknob and open the door to the room we were sitting in! On the car ride home, he sat so well and looked so happy. I’d like to think he knew he finally found his pack!

Although it’s only been a month, I can’t imagine our family without him. He loves everyone he meets, loves his pile of toys, and really enjoys time with his dog friends. He is also very protective of his family. We were told that he came from an outdoor shelter in Georgia and likely has never lived indoors. He seems to have settled in quite well and has learned the comforts of sitting on couches very quickly!

He’s training really well, too – he’s now fully house and crate trained, and has learned lots of basic commands. He is balancing that with his adolescent energy, which I am grateful that our adoption counselor fully prepared us for! He has his share of shenanigans (like counter “surfing” and finding enjoyment in tipping his water bowl), but with time, training, and patience he is doing fantastically well. He’s a wonderful dog who is very loved, and we could not have had a better experience adopting him.

Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter! We are so happy that Henry is home!

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My girlfriend and I adopted Jax (formerly Heath) a little over 2 weeks ago and he has completely stolen our hearts!

He is the biggest cuddle-bug ever and loves snuggling with us and laying in our laps while on the couch. He’s even showing his older sister how to play with toys and other dogs!

He is everything we wanted as well as way more, and we couldn’t be happier!

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I adopted Belle (formerly Gabby) on 6/16. I could just tell there was something special about her, and loved her immediately. I knew she was the one as soon as she came into the meet and greet room and jumped right into my lap.

She is such a snuggle bug! She’s made herself right at home, demanding cuddles every morning and night. When she’s not asleep, she’s extremely high energy and LOVES people and other pups! She’s a total social butterfly and wants to play with everyone she passes.

She sleeps through the night, asks to go out to do her business by sitting by the front door and staring at her leash, and is such a little lady! Oh! She’s also an extremely fast runner who loves hitting top speed at the dog park.

We could not be more thrilled that Belle is part of our family, and even though it’s only been two weeks, I couldn’t imagine life without her.

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We adopted Twyla (formally Matilda) on June 8th, 2019. Since then she has been a shining source of light and happiness in our lives. You can’t help but smile and laugh when she is around or when she is giving you kisses. She has the sweetest personality that is coming through more brightly everyday.

She has definitely made herself at home and it has been amazing to watch the process of seeing her realize that our place is her home now. She loves everyone she meets, dogs and humans alike and she will happily give plenty of kisses to those who will let her.

Twyla loves peanut butter, her bed, looking at her reflection in the mirror, belly rubs, walks in the Harvard Arboretum, her lobster dog toy, chasing after the laser pointer and running and playing with our neighbor’s dogs. She is a wonderful cuddle buddy and the “teacher’s pet” in puppy class.

We absolutely love and adore her and feel so lucky to have met her with your guidance. We cannot help but smile when she is around and can’t imagine our lives without her.

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We are so happy to have adopted Pirogi (now Cleo) and Calixa (now Phoebe) and have the chance to see them bond.

Whether snuggling together or eating together, it is clear they are both enjoying each other’s company and their forever home.

Thank you NEAS!

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Have Fun in the Sun with Your Dog this Summer

Join Our Dog Training Workshop!



Summer is here, and that means more outdoor activities.


But can your dog join in the fun?


Is he reliable on off-leash hikes? Can he focus on you in distracting environments? Can you call him away from that picnic table with tasty BBQ food?


Join us on Sunday, July 14 at 9 AM OR 10 AM at Northeast Animal Shelter for a dog training workshop with positive reinforcement trainers Dan and Yana Carlson. They’ll work on reliable responses, attention games, stays and recalls to help your dog build critical focus skills. So you can feel more confident about including him in all of your activities this summer … and all year-round!


Workshop fee: $10 (to be paid at time of attendance)


All proceeds will support Northeast Animal Shelter’s “Saving Homeless Pets Across America” program.


Space is limited and fills up quickly.


To register, email, and let us know if you’d like to attend the 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. session.


*IMPORTANT: Dogs must be at least six months old, current on all vaccinations and should be comfortable in the presence of unfamiliar people and other dogs.


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Northeast Animal Shelter had been recommended to me for quite a while. On May 2, 2019 I finally decided to give it a go.
I went on the website, scrolling through all the cute pups, and I had found a puppy on there that I had wanted to go in and meet. It was very busy in there that day as I remember.

My son and I were finally called in to the room and talked to the counselor. Things didn’t work out with said puppy because she needed to go to a home with no children. That being said, this is how we brought our little girl Daisy home.
The counselor had brought us straight to Daisy and in that instant, I knew she was going to be coming home with us.
We brought her into a room to meet her and one of the first things she did was roll on her back for us to pet her tummy. She knew sit, come, and paw. In that moment I knew she’d be a perfect fit for our family.

Now, having her almost 3 months this upcoming July, she is doing great. She is so happy to be home with us, learning new things every day, and we couldn’t be any happier.

I highly recommend Northeast Animal Shelter, not only are they very helpful, but they are very nice too!!

Thank you NEAS for letting us bring our baby girl home!

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We fell in love with Waylon (now Hank) the moment we set eyes on him. When we took him out and he hooked his little paw over our hands we were goners.

Since his adoption on May 4 he’s grown ENORMOUSLY. At four-months old he’s already taller than his big sis, Wendy, and nearly as heavy at around 33 pounds. He loves to chase Wendy around and he loves morning cuddles. He doesn’t seem to mind his crate at all, and has been such a well-behaved little man (minus the few expected accidents as he got used to the house).

He’s had his first bath, and found himself the happy member of a new dog pack (see pictured: Big sis Wendy and his cousins, Comet and Cupid the golden retrievers).

We’re in love and Hank seems to be wiggle-butt happy with his new home and family.

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We adopted Louie (formerly known as Frodo) a little over two weeks ago and we are so in love with this little fella! He is so sweet, locked and loaded at all times to give kisses and he loves to snuggle.

Louie loves his nylabones and toys with squeakers, and sometimes if he gets really excited while playing he does somersaults!

He has been doing a great job at crate training! One day last week, he managed to get out of his crate earning him the nickname Loudini. Louie has only had a handful of accidents in the house and is very proud of himself every time he goes to the bathroom outside.

We’re so happy we found Louie and that he is now a part of our family!

We’re so grateful for Northeast Animal Shelter and their help in finding the our perfect four legged family member!