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Astro is now named, HENRY, and is doing wonderful! We adore him and I think the feeling is mutual. For the first 2 weeks, he slept on his bed on the floor next to my bed. Now he is pretty much in one of our beds every night. I often wake up and find him lying on his back with front paws in the air. Such a silly boy. He loves his belly rubs and toys, he greets me at the door whenever I come home with a big kiss and tucks his head into my neck️. We go to the beach or state park every day and he is doing great with loose leash walking, sit and down commands, and he has several new puppy friends in the neighborhood. He has a crate that he will take a toy or treat into but mostly just for comfort. I could go on and on but, rest assured we are all very happy! Also, thank you so much for all of your hard work. You made the process so easy. We took Henry home with full hearts, and with a wealth of information to help him and us with the transition.  I am confident that you and the rest of the staff are there if we need anything. Sending love and puppy kisses!

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From the moment Beetle (formerly Lynnda) reached her paw through the bars to gently catch one of our hands at the shelter, we knew we’d been chosen! Though she’d been passed over before for being “shy,” very underweight & sick with a cold, she clearly knew we were the right people to take her home and we fell in love instantly. Her transformation here has been so incredible that she barely looks like the same cat! She’s now healthy, energetic, super playful & a total lovebug who falls asleep in our laps or cuddled up against our chests. She loves belly rubs & kisses, her favorite thing in the world is string, and she has an incredible knack for problem-solving (which helps her get up to all kinds of mischief). We’re deep in love & have been so happy to see her thrive now that she’s found her forever family. Thank you NEAS for bringing us together!

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I have been wanting a dog for as long as I can remember and figured that because I am currently working from home, it would be a great time to raise a puppy! She is the snuggliest little girl who loves to play with her toys and eat treats alll day! She is loving the snow so far but loves to snuggle up and watch dog TV! She is working on learning all her commands and is loving her forever home! We love her so much! Thank you NEAS so much!

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After scouring Petfinder and shelter websites for months and dozens of applications with no luck, I was beginning to get a little discouraged about the prospects of adding a young furry friend. NEAS had one cat in particular I *really* wanted, but I had no luck booking an appointment due the crazy high demand during the pandemic. I woke up one Saturday and hit that refresh button a couple more times just for the heck of it and all of a sudden an appointment for later that day popped up! Someone must have cancelled! I was beyond excited. I immediately grabbed the appointment slot and spent the next several hours refreshing the shelter cat listing to see if the cat I was interested in was still there. Unfortunately one lucky adopter took home the cat I had my heart set on right before my appointment. There were a few other cute kittens that were adopted that morning as well.

I figured I’d keep the appointment anyway and maybe I could reschedule if I didn’t find a kitty I liked.

The first guy I met at NEAS was Mocha. As soon as we opened the cage he started purring SO LOUD and started kneading and rubbing all over me. He was incredibly friendly and curious right from the get go and I knew immediately this was my guy!

We haven’t even been home 48 hours and this little bean is the king of the apartment! His transition from shelter life has been seamless so far. He’s got the perfect mix of energy and affection that I was looking for. He loves to play, but is also an absolute snuggle bug! I ended up renaming him Rambo because he is a little rambunctious and his purr sounds like a machine gun! Safe to say I’ve got a new bestie!

Many thanks to the staff at NEAS for making the process so awesome – clearly a top notch operation!

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I adopted a kitten, Halloween, in early December and renamed him Maestro, though he is still telling me his other names! He has been an absolute delight and joy! My house was feeling like an empty place since I lost my beloved previous kitty, Clawedyus, to cancer last June. With the pandemic, it was a long wait to get an adoption appointment anywhere, but NEAS came through for me just in time for the holidays and we both couldn’t be happier. The fast-growing Maestro loves playing and makes some extraordinary vocal noises, little grunt-yells and half-meows, that are most entertaining! Thank you NEAS, keep up the good work!

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Northeast Animal Shelter and the MSPCA-Angell Relocate Over 100 Animals from Storm-Ravaged Texas to Massachusetts

Teams Transport Pets from Austin Pets Alive! to New England in the Wake of Historic Winter Storm 


SALEM, Feb. 25, 2021 – In the wake of deadly storms that brought record low temperatures, ice and snow to Texas — with millions of people still without power — Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) and the MSPCA-Angell have turned their attention to the Lone Star state’s other vulnerable constituents: animals.


Thousands of dogs, cats and other animals have flooded Texas animal shelters in the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri, pushing the state’s animal welfare organizations — many of who have been without power or suffered infrastructure damage as a result of the storm — to the breaking point.


Operation: Rescue – NEAS/the MSPCA Cavalry

Two teams from NEAS and the MSPCA — consisting of eight staff members, four vans and dozens of pet carriers — set off for Texas at the crack of dawn on Feb. 23 to arrive at Austin Pets Alive! where they readied more than 100 dogs and cats for safe transport back to Massachusetts. 


The teams are set to arrive in Massachusetts late tomorrow evening, with the animals immediately brought inside the two organization’s facilities to begin their mandatory 48-hour quarantine.  


Mike Keiley, director of adoption centers and programs at the MSPCA — and interim director of NEAS — said the stakes could not be higher for the animals involved. 


“This situation is as critical as it gets for animals because even though shelters like Austin Pets Alive! are doing everything humanly possible to respond to the crisis, there are just too many homeless animals, too little space to house them, and too few resources available to meet their needs — and when disasters strike, the animal welfare community comes together to help animals in need,” said Keiley.


“NEAS’ affiliation with the MSPCA means we can help more animals than either organization can alone,” he added.


A Call for Donations

The arrival of so many animals at once will place enormous strain on the already limited resources that both organizations have for the animals in their care. The MSPCA and NEAS have asked that anyone able to donate toward the cost of their care do so by clicking


“We’re going to do all we can for these animals, for as long as it takes to get them into loving homes,” said Keiley.  “Any help that the public can provide will help ensure they receive veterinary care and other essentials, so that they all get the second chance they deserve.”


Adopters Wanted!

Owing to intense, historic demand for adoptable pets, both NEAS and the MSPCA have asked would-be adopters to visit their adoptable animal pages here and here, for more information about the animals, and when they will be ready for adoption. 



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Bond has become our best friend in such a short time. He loves everyone and making new friends (human and dog) is so easy for him. His favorite thing to do is to run around at the dog park with his ball. At home you can find him carrying around his stuffed Scooby Doo and snuggling on the couch with mom and dad. We’re so happy Bond has become part of our family and continues to learn and grow with us. We wanted to send a huge thank you to NEAS and our adoption counselor, Jenna, for bringing us together!

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We adopted our 2 cats in November. They let us know these 2 were bonded and if possible should be kept together. Although hesitant at first about adopting 2 at once, we now could not imagine our life without both. They are doing great! We love having pets in our house again. They love our attention and keep us entertained. They are 2 very spoiled girls!! Thank you NEAS for helping us choose our girls!

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I adopted Ruger (PKA Chip) around the holidays this past year, and he is the greatest gift to my family that I could have asked for. He is a handful- I recently did a DNA test and his dad was a full Mastiff! He has so much energy and could run around in the snow all day long. He is in obedience classes and is such a fast learner. I have a chronic illness and need extra motivation to exercise, and Ruger never lets me miss a morning walk. He has brought me and my partner so much closer together and is such a spoiled puppy! Thank you NEAS!

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Perfect for dogs over the age of 5 months, Good Manners is an enjoyable and easy course built to strengthen the bond with your best friend while learning basic obedience skills. In this class you’ll be taught proper handling for leash walking and other fundamental skills to improve your relationship with your dog. 

Taught by the behavior staff at Northeast Animal Shelter, Good Manners is a four-session courses that takes place on Sundays at 11am — beginning February 28 — with classes to follow on March 7, 14, and 21. All classes will be taught at Walk A Pup facilities at 41 Mason St #4, Salem, MA 01970. Cost for each course is $80 per puppy/dog. 

Enroll in Good Manners

**In an effort to adhere to social distancing guidelines, classes are limited to one handler per dog/puppy. For everyone’s safety, you will be required to wear a face mask at all times, sanitize your hands (NEAS will provide sanitizer), and have your temperature taken before entering the building. Please bring proof of up to date vaccines (Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella). For questions email