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Minnie has been with us for almost 3 weeks and she is an absolute delight.

To our surprise, she sleeps through the night! She is very affectionate and loves giving kisses.

Her favorite word is “walk” and she can’t wait to get her leash on and go on an adventure! Minnie loves playing ball and chasing squirrels and chipmunks in our back yard. My husband keeps saying I picked a winner. I totally agree, but Minnie claims she picked us.

We are working with a trainer and she is a fast learner except when she takes us for a walk while trying to chase birds and squirrels on the way! Although we have only had her for a short time, we cannot imagine life without our little cutie.

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Flash (renamed Hunter) is doing great.  He’s eating as he should and has been to his first vet visit.  He is doing great with potty training, too.  We’ve also signed him up for puppy kindergarten at Canine University.

Everyone just loves him!

He’s already been to the beach and we’re hoping he’s going to have a great summer with us in Maine!

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Pearl is doing absolutely amazing and loves her big brother Tank!

She eats like a champ & sleeps like a baby and walks great on a leash. She is very cuddly and loves to give kisses and her black spots are multiplying like crazy!

She has only had a few pee accidents in the house and never a number two inside (phew)! 

We can not thank NEAS enough for all you do. We now have two amazing dogs from Old Fella Burke County Animal Rescue and we wouldn’t change a thing!

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Leah was given a new name, Ruby.  She is doing wonderful! 

Ruby gets along incredibly well with other dogs and has become quite comfortable in our home.  She is a big part of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without her. 

Ruby is the best snuggler and sleeps between us every night.  Between 5 and 5:30 each morning, her tail starts wagging and we are given kisses as a reminder she has woken up and needs to go potty. 

When we come home at night, we are greeted with love and enthusiasm!

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We are a suckers for Tucker!
He has done so well adjusting to our home. He has learned to sit and fetch, and is doing great with crate and potty training outside.
Tucker has slept from day one from 10pm-5 am. He even snuggles with Dad until he leaves for work at 5:30am, then sleeps until 6:30am, then he has time to snuggle and play with mom and his favorite 11 year old human Ryan.
He has two visits a day during the week with a dog walker. He has learned so much over the past two weeks. We love him. 

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We adopted Ellie (formally Babette and then Sadie) about two months ago. She has truly completed our family.

We originally adopted her litter mate, Moose in August and they have turned out to be BEST friends. She is the sweetest girl and always wants to be with her family.

She LOVES our cat Penny and whines when she can’t be near her. She loves the dog park; walks and daycare. She wins over everyone she meets and we’re so thankful to have her.

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Our Potion, formerly known as Tami is everything our family could have ever hoped for. She adjusted instantly to her new home and her three kitty housemates Voodoo, Hocus and Pocus.

She spends her days either cuddled up with one of us, being mischievous and stealing socks from the laundry or running laps with her favorite neighbor next door Lady (formerly Lady Diva).

Potion loves lounging on her pillow bed with her favorite toys. She has made the space behind the couch into her den where all her prized possessions are kept.

We were very happy to find when we ran a Wisdom Panel on our amazing pup that she is 50% Weimaraner and 50% Boxer, which more than explains her super playful, rambunctious ways. She is growing so well. When we brought her home she was 9 lbs, and she is now 35 lbs and counting.

After bringing Potion into our home, we have decided that bringing another rescue is a wonderful idea and will complete our family. We look forward to working with Northeast Animal Shelter in the near future!

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Fonzie (née Rio) has brought so much laughter and energy to our house!

We live in the city with a park on our doorstep; I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s in dog heaven. Every day he gets to play with his new dog pals and the local kids; when he’s inside we play fetch and snuggle.

This pup is smart, sweet, spunky, and simply a joy. Don’t know how we ever lived without him!