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This will be Rudy’s third Christmas with us. The first was a little confusing since he was adopted on Halloween weekend.

He wants to Thank everyone at Northeast Animal Shelter for bringing him to New England from Georgia so he could find his Forever Home!


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We changed Bella’s name to Phoebe. She is such a love bug and so sweet. We just LOVE her to pieces.

She loves being patted and getting kisses and she settled in fairly quickly. She flips and flops around and bunts us all the time. She is not one for sitting on your lap but I think in time that may change.

She has been a little mischievous in the Christmas tree but currently it is still standing LOL. We put a few ornaments on the bottom for her to bat around.

The staff at the shelter were very informative and that was very helpful! 

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Sisi has settled in very well. We’ve renamed her Luna because we saw her on the full moon.
She has really opened up. Loves to snuggle both of us, plays every day, and is now eating well. She was a bit picky at first, but it’s all good now. 
She has met some family and friends. Definitely has trouble warming up to men. Not sure what her past experience was, but we’re taking it slow.
Overall she’s a bright little light and doing great!

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First of all I want to say what a wonderful facility NEAS has. Everyone is professional and loving to all of the animals.

Lola is a beautiful girl and has the best personality. She loves to go camping in our RV. She has her own seat and enjoys every ride. Lola also loves to go to daycare at Happy Dog Pet Resort right here in Abington, MA.We have a 9 year old cat who Lola try’s to play with but to no avail.

Lola is now 18 months old and weighs 60lbs. She is very health and happy.

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It’s been about 9 years since rescuing Maya (formerly known as Galaxy) and she is the best dog we’ve ever had.

At first she was just terrified of everything but is now so loving and happy when we’re together. It did take her a couple weeks to settle in, and even longer to warm up to my dad, but after taking some time with her, training her, and loving her she trusts us 100%.
Maya had been in the shelter for quite some time and at first was a little intimidating. She was jumping and barking and we weren’t sure about her at first. After taking her outside and getting to know her we just knew she was perfect. She’s full of sass, and always makes us laugh.

She’s getting older now, and getting gray. She’s showing her age, but she knows we’ll take care of her and love her no matter what! <3

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We adopted Cookie (named Donna by the shelter but we changed it to Cookie) in August and then adopted Buster in November. We couldn’t be happier with the 2 of them!

They bonded very quickly and both are extremely playful and lovable. We have fallen in love with both of them and spoil them a lot!

We are forever grateful to Northeast Animal Shelter for connecting us all!

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We adopted Guinness (nickname Guinea) on 11-11-19. He is a 14 month old pup who is so smart and handsome. It didn’t take long for him to settle in…he found the basket of toys right away and hasn’t stopped playing since. From the moment he wakes until the moment he goes to bed he has a toy in his mouth. He even brings one to bed every night.

We lost our beloved Boxer Sadie in July and the house hasn’t felt like a home since. We went to NEAS and knew immediately upon meeting Guinness that he was the one for us. He has completed our family again. We will be forever grateful to the staff at NEAS for allowing us to adopt Guinness. We are already creating new memories with him and look forward to many more.

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It’s been 4 months since we adopted Milo (formerly Elf) and we could not be happier.

He is the sweetest boy who loves walks, doggie playdates with his friends, belly rubs and kisses. He even loves our three cats.

Adopting Milo was one of the best decisions our family ever made! We could not love him more.