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Sky has done all his medical examinations and he is super healthy, eating well and sleeping like a.. kitten. He’s got great energy (when he is not sleeping in the weirdest positions) and although we got him all kind of toys, he is completely obsessed with an old string, he’s so funny.

He is so loving. He loves cuddling with us, sitting on our lap while we are working, and falling asleep on his favorite fluffy blanket between us when we are watching TV.

Although we call him a trouble-maker because of the little mischiefs, he is very well behaved and we were impressed with how quickly he got used to the home.

Sky has already made our lives so much better, he’s gotten straight into our hearts, so thank you!

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Sadie Mae (formerly Adelaide) is adjusting extremely well aside from a few accidents here and there and being extremely mouthy (chalking up to teething for now).  She took to her crate really well and does fine when we need to run out for a couple hours. 

She sleeps with us which may not be the best idea in a dog trainers mind but we can’t have it any other way.  She got a clean bill of health at her first vet exam and actually fell asleep on the puppy scale!

Adopting her from you guys was the best decision ever and we are so thankful there are people and organizations like you in this world…since every pet deserves a chance to be with a good family and have lots of love. 

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We are so happy we adopted Ollie (formerly named Milo)! He makes our home complete! We renamed him Ollie and he loves to play and run!

He is sleeping and eating great. He adjusted so well and isn’t afraid of anything (even the vacuum) lol. He can be fresh at times but always loves to snuggle at night with us and he brings us a lot of laughs.

He loves when family comes over and he runs up and down the hallway to show off! We are so in love! 

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Bonnie (formerly known as Violet) is doing wonderful. She is such an energetic, sweet and loving girl. She started her dog training classes recenlty and did wonderful. She is already is potty trained, and crate trained. She loves people and everyone loves her. She is soo big and healthy.

She was the piece missing in our family. Thank you so much for this love bug.

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On day one we had renamed Milka to Salem. Salem quickly adapted to the new house and our other dog (Carly-lu).   They are like lost friends now, reunited.    

Salem has quickly learned her name and knows some basic commands like here, and sit.  Salem has quickly learned to be house trained and goes to the door now when she needs to go out.  

I would like to thank everyone down at the Shelter as well, we had a great experience and was amazed how quickly it went and how nice everyone is.

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Raven (formerly known as Twix) came home in early March. She’s already visited the vet and attends puppy school!

Raven loves her new family, bed, toys and treats. She’s still working on potty training and puppy nibbles, but has learned to sit and stand for treats, walk on leash, and loves to snuggle!

Raven has a great big yard, loves carrying sticks three times her size, and is so curious at every sound she hears. She sleeps like a big girl in her “bedroom” (crate) and especially enjoys her sound machine set to “ocean waves.” 

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We are so happy with our new addition. Ryder settled into his new home quickly and has already learned so much.

He is so snuggly and loves running around in our fenced in yard. He already made his way on the couch and in our bed because of his puppy eyes!

He loves playing with and destroying toys too! He’s made great progress on the leash and with his mouthing.

We can’t imagine life without him now!

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Today marks a month since “Angry” Ninja (formerly Lucy) arrived home. Not much was known about Ninja’s past, other than that she was left for some time on her own after her former owner passed, leaving her understandably sour with everyone else.

After about a week of settling in, she allowed me near enough to introduce the brush, which she discovered she loves almost as much as her Temptations treats!

Little by little, she began to explore her new space, and this past week, she began to follow me to different rooms as I continue to work from home during the lock-down. Last night, she made herself comfortable next to me on the couch for a few pets and a nap. I think we are going to get along just fine!

Thanks, NEAS for all the work that you and your volunteers do! Stay safe!

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Alistair, formerly known as Hugh, is settling in nicely! He’s proving to be quite independent, which I don’t mind as I am working from home, but he always joins me on the couch at the end of the day and likes to say hello by touching his nose to mine.

He’s getting more vocal at meal time and is equal parts curious and easily spooked.

It’s been nice having him around the house during this unprecedented period of isolation, and I think he’ll continue to come out of his shell as time goes on.

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It’s definitely been a weird last week with COVID-19 health care crisis going on. But the silver lining is a full work from home schedule and Lola is definitely enjoying having us here all the time!

The first month has been full of love, snuggles and typical puppy behaviors. She has an extremely sweet nature. And we have not had any bathroom accidents in the last 2 weeks!

We did a DNA test and Lola is part American Staffordshire Terrier and English Cocker Spaniel. She certainly has terrier energy!!

We get some of that energy out by bringing her to our local fenced in dog park. She is quite confident and enjoys playing with the big dogs…even the Great Danes and Irish Wolf Hounds!