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Designed for pups ages 5 months and under, Puppy Kindergarten is a fun and engaging way to help your puppy gain an understanding of the world around them. In this course you will learn how to raise a happy and well adjusted dog through proper socialization, acquire basic obedience skills, build a lasting bond, and start off on the right paw! 

Taught by the behavior staff at Northeast Animal Shelter, Puppy Kindergarten is a four-session courses that take place on Sundays at 10am  — beginning February 28 — with classes to follow on March 7, 14, and 21. All classes will be taught at Walk A Pup facilities at 41 Mason St #4, Salem, MA 01970. Cost for each course is $80 per puppy/dog.

Enroll in Puppy Kindergarten


**In an effort to adhere to social distancing guidelines, classes are limited to one handler per dog/puppy. For everyone’s safety, you will be required to wear a face mask at all times, sanitize your hands (NEAS will provide sanitizer), and have your temperature taken before entering the building. Please bring proof of up to date vaccines (Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella). For questions email

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Olivia, formerly known as, Gloria is doing really, really well! It only took her a couple of days to begin to nestle into her new home. She snores every night…but it’s kinda cute. Do Breathe-Rite nasal strips for dogs exist? She DEFINITELY perked up when she saw that her new home was furnished with things like beds, rugs, and couches—she clearly appreciated seeing signs of “home”. She immediately embraced her new crate, which was a big relief to us. We believe she took great comfort from having her blanket from NEAS, even though her stay there was relatively brief. We often wonder how she was in Texas shelters for 10 months, but needed only 4 days to get from NEAS to us? Olivia is a very joyful, affectionate, and playful pup! She has interacted very nicely with all of the neighborhood dogs and especially with the dogs of our good friends. She’s full of energy and is a really good girl, so we expect good results from basic training! Initially, she wasn’t too keen on the concept of snow, but now loves diving into and dashing through the strange and wonderful stuff! She gets super-excited for car rides to the Arboretum and other nearby parks, as well as spirited walks through our neighborhood.
After many long weeks of searching for a good match and then waiting for an appointment, we were definitely beginning to feel a bit down on our prospects. We really appreciated your patience and time, allowing us to meet many sweet pups. We couldn’t be happier—Olive fits perfectly in our home and has quickly claimed a very big space in our hearts! Many thanks to all the staff at NEAS—we’re so very grateful!

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Homeless Puppies from Georgia Need Surgery to Mend “Broken Hearts” Before Loving Homes can be found


Northeast Animal Shelter and MSPCA-Angell Pull out All the Stops to Save “Coco” and “Reesie”


BOSTON and Salem, Mass.— Feb. 23, 2021 – At just 12 weeks old, “Coco” and “Reesie” have already experienced their share of hardship: surrendered to a rural Georgia animal shelter just after birth, with Reesie sickened by deadly Parvovirus, both are now now facing surgery at Angell Animal Medical Center to repair heart conditions that would be fatal if left untreated.


But thanks to the Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) and MSPCA-Angell, Coco and Reesie are getting the life-saving care they need before they can be placed into adoptive homes.


Reesie was diagnosed with Parvovirus, a highly contagious GI illness that can be fatal if left untreated, just after the twosome arrived at NEAS’ Salem headquarters by way of its Saving Homeless Pets Across America program—which has already brought nearly 150,000 animals from other parts of the country to Massachusetts, where they receive shelter, medical care and—ultimately—loving adoptive homes.


Coco and Reesie arrived on Jan. 16, along with 31 other animals from Georgia, all of whom will ultimately be adopted.


Coco tested negative, but was isolated for 14 days as a precaution, while Reesie was treated for symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration.


Neither puppy is out of the woods, however: health checks revealed both are suffering from Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), a condition marked by an abnormal blood vessel outside of the heart that does not close properly after birth. Left untreated, the condition leads to congestive heart failure.


Dr. Katie Hogan of Angell Animal Medical Center’s cardiology service, is set to perform a noninvasive procedure to place specially designed “occluders,” [plugs] within the end of the affected blood vessels, which in most cases repairs the problem.


“Now that Reesie has recovered from Parvo, they are both good candidates for the procedure,” said Dr. Hogan. “I expect they will do well, and I’m so grateful to play a role in providing them the bright and healthy future they deserve.”


Help Mend these Broken Hearts!
Reesie and Coco’s procedure is set for Feb. 24, precisely 10 days after St. Valentine’s Day and 10-14 days before they will be placed for adoption by NEAS.


Because the puppies’ medical bills will exceed $10,000 and NEAS is asking donors to help offset the cost by donating at


Mike Keiley, Director of Adoption Centers and Programs at the MSPCA-Angell, and Interim Executive Director of NEAS, is eager to get the puppies out of danger and into new homes.


“Both of these puppies have endured more than their share of challenges in such a short period of time, and they’re just two of the hundreds of animals we’ve helped since our affiliation with NEAS was announced. We’re only able to meet their extensive medical needs because of the generosity of donors, and I’m grateful to everyone who steps forward to help them,” he said.


Soaring Demand for Adoptable Puppies

Keiley added that the puppies are expected to be available for adoption, in separate homes, by March 10, and that anyone interested in adoption should email


“Demand for all pets—and especially puppies—remains at an all-time high, and our teams will do the best we can to respond to every inquiry, but we ask for patience and understanding as we know that there will be so many more people interested in Coco and Reesie—and our priority is finding them the best possible home, especially after all they’ve been through.”


Keiley said the puppies will do best in homes committed to socializing and training them—and ensuring that they receive a recheck four to six weeks after their procedures to ensure their hearts are healthy. “If all goes well, we may not need to see them at all long-term—or we may recommend annual follow-up exams,” said Dr. Hogan.


Media Contact: Jamie Garabedian, 978-745-9888 x362,

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Karyn is now known as, Masha or gently Mashunya. She has lived with us a little more than a month and it feels like she has always been part of our family! Masha adjusted very well. She knows she is a mommy’s girl and, of course, takes advantage of it. She sleeps only in mommy’s bed hugging, kissing and singing (purring). She knows when mommy comes home from work and runs to meet her as soon as she hears her voice!  Masha is very curious about everything. She likes the bathroom and likes to watch mommy’s morning and evening routines, observing the water going down the facet in the sink. Masha also likes to hide behind the shower curtain and jump at you or reach you with her paws when you do not expect it, it is very cute! Masha has her own kitty tower where she can play with her mouse toy, rest, or stretch showing her beautiful white belly. Mashunya knows she is special. She gets spoiled with attention, love, and treats. We just love her so much! Thank you NEAS for finding us our little girl!

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Our community pet food bank serves pet parents throughout the North Shore who are struggling to keep up with the cost of pet food. For the first time ever, we’ll be hosting a drive thru pet food pantry on March 7th from 11-3pm. We will be providing free dog and cat food to those in need, in an effort to keep pets in their homes with the people who love them.  In addition to food, we will be handing out a limited supply of toys, leashes, coats, collars and more!
Masks required. Open to pet owners in need of pet food assistance. No appointment necessary. Drive up and items will be placed in your car trunk. 

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Trip is doing so well and adjusting to life with 3 legs perfectly! He is truly an inspiration! He doesn’t even know he has 1 less leg than most cats …. and he certainly doesn’t let it slow him down! He runs, jumps, climbs and pounces with the enthusiasm of a little tiger. We love him so much. He is especially close to my daughter who sleeps with him every night. We always joke that he didn’t need to learn to walk because she always has him in her arms. I can not our adoption counselor Celia or Northeast Animal Shelter enough for bringing him into our lives!

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We adopted Roxy in December and she is tiny! Like the Shakespeare saying said, she may be little but she is fierce! She enjoys running with all the big dogs and trips to nearby beaches. We have hiked all over and she even climbed the giant boulders at Aggasiz rocks. She doesn’t even mind hiking in the snow even though she was a southern girl. While she is adventurous outside, indoors she enjoys relaxing on the couch and learning new tricks from her human sisters. We couldn’t have found a more perfect dog for our family and will always be greatful for Northeast Animal shelter.

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Marnie was extremely affectionate from the start. When I met her at NEAS, she would not let me stop petting her, so I knew we would be fast friends. As she has grown more comfortable in her forever home, she has become affectionate above and beyond what I thought possible. She is always receptive to pets, hugs, and even belly rubs (ok maybe only sometimes). Our nightly routine when I am going to bed is that she will curl up next to me and “encourage” me with her paws to put my arm around her. I am so thankful to have met Marnie and I look forward to many priceless years ahead. Thank you NEAS!

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Where do I even begin? We adopted Corey in February of 2020. We were told that Corey had some behavioral problems, like guarding his food and toys, but we fell in love with him the second we met him and we knew we had to bring him home. When we got Corey his fur was patchy and he was bald in some areas with some cuts, turns out it was anxiety induced itching. A year later his fur has grown back completely with little signs of anxiety (only during thunder storms or fireworks, but don’t worry he has found a safe spot to hide and uses his weighted blanket). Corey is the King of the house, the prince, and the biggest drama queen as well! He refuses to lay down on any cold surface including our couch until we put down one of his favorite blankets — he has an all time favorite which is a pink and white fuzzy one. He is extremely spoiled with lots of love every day and he’s always down for a hike or zoomies on the woods trail. On rainy days though he refuses to leave the house, but loves running around in the snow! Don’t you dare think about waking him up before 10am because he will put himself back to bed!! Corey is the best boy and greatest thing to ever happen to our household. He’s the perfect combination of loving, snuggly and energetic. He follows us everywhere and just loves his people so much, he’ll love you even more if you give him his daily greenie in the morning or a new toy to rip up! Thank you NEAS!