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My brother adopted a puppy back in July and I decided I wanted to adopt as well. We live down the street from Northeast Animal Shelter, so on Clear the Shelters Day I headed down to wait in line with my mom & sister, hoping for a new pal. There were lots of people anxiously waiting to adopt and we were in the second group to walk through to see the dogs.

When we entered the third room, we spotted Jasper (formerly Will) in the second kennel chewing on a soft bone toy. He seemed slightly anxious, but eventually walked up to the kennel door, wagging his tail with toy in tow, to say hello. I picked up his card immediately because I knew he was special. We waited a couple of hours before we were able to formerly meet him, but once we did, it was fate and the rest is history.

Jasper has grown a lot since we brought him home that day. He can be a timid dog, but has a lot of energy. He would often run away from unfamiliar objects or people, but now is more willing to explore and interact with other people and dogs. He can be protective and man does he have a big, deep bark! He loves boating in the summer and recently discovered the fun you can have in the snow.

He enjoys his multiple walks in the neighborhood every day and saying hello to all of our neighbors. He’s become somewhat of a celebrity. He is also one heck of a chewer and can pretty much destroy anything he gets within seconds. He is very gentle and playful, though. He also loves to lounge around the house on lazy days and takes a good long nap at least once a day. He has mastered the basic commands like sit, paw and high five.. but still working on roll over!

He may still be a pup, but he is smart; He’s got a nose that can sniff out anything! He has become one of the family and I can’t imagine ever going back to what life was like before him. I am so thankful for Northeast Animal Shelter for bringing Jasper into my life. He is my best buddy!

PS. Jasper (Will) would love to connect with his sister Wendy and brother Wes, if they are near by!

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I had been looking at the shelter website to see what cats were available. I thought I found one, and I went to the shelter to check her out. I found her, but in the next cage was a beautiful 8-year old calico named “Buttercup.”  I fell in love at first sight.

She had only been on the adoption floor for a couple of days, not long enough to post her photo on the website. She was still a woman of mystery, but my heart just went out to her. I ran out to PetSmart for a carrier and took her home.

As soon as I let her out of the carrier she sprinted for the back of the closet. She eventually did come out, and is a bundle of energy. She loves to “talk,” plays with her toys, and loves being picked up and snuggled. She also loves climbing, sitting in the window and watching the birds, bunnies and squirrels run around the yard. She is a joy to be with and I am so glad we found each other.

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Dottie, formerly known as Mercedes, is the sweetest pup we have ever known. She just wants to be around people, cuddle and give kisses! She is a social butterfly with people and dogs.

She has a quirky personality and loves to run up staircases, hates the snow and loves being underneath blankets. Dottie has brought so much happiness into our daily lives, we can’t imagine life without her!

We are so happy we rescued her and especially happy that we rescued her from NEAS.  NEAS’ employees are unbelievably caring, friendly and helpful; we recommend NEAS to all people interested in adding a dog to their home.

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My boyfriend and I had been talking about getting a dog for a long time, and we are so glad we were able to adopt Scamps (formerly Alex).

He’s very cuddly and sweet and loves to take naps on our laps or lying right next to us. He also loves to run around, chase his toys, and steal any article of clothing he might come across. He’s smart, friendly, and loves everyone he meets. We couldn’t be happier with our boy!

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The healer of my broken heart – after I had to put my kitty down. He headbutts us into blissful oblivion several times a day and cannot snuggle close enough at night.

My head keeps falling off my pillow – he’s so determined to stay as close as he possibly can. We are in love with our gentle little guy! Thank you!!!!

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Larry – who we now call Harry🙂 – is doing so well and we are so happy that we adopted him!! We couldn’t be more in love with him and I’d like to think he loves us too.

He is doing great, he sleeps with us — usually under the covers cuddled up right in between us! He loves to burry himself under the covers and it’s adorable to watch. We were so surprised when he first did it.

He has a new best friend in my parents’ German Shorthaired Pointer, whom he loves to run and play with. He also has two smaller new siblings, our cats Jack and Bow. They are all still trying to figure how exactly to play with each other but are doing really well together. Jack tries to play fetch with Harry by chasing his toys alongside when we throw them. Harry is nothing but a sweetheart to them.

Harry has been such a great addition to the family and can already sit, leave it, give his paw and lay down. Thank you to everyone at Northeast Animal Shelter for everything you do!

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We originally went to adopt a different dog the day we met Lily. After talking to an adoption councilor and she told us to go back through the rooms and see if anyone would come to us…We got to the second room where Lily was and she was the only one who jumped up at us to see us,

We were about to give up and throw the towel in on finding a dog but she changed our minds!! We had an hour and a half of puppy play time and we knew 5 minutes in when she was exposing her belly for rubs that she was ours!! They say the dog picks you and they are 100% right!!

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Ben, who we now call Benji, is such a love! He keeps me company all day and when my grandchildren come home from school he is ready to play. We are looking forward to warmer weather so we can get him outside more and take him on trips to local dog parks. He is the perfect fit for our family!

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After spotting this little guy through the glass that morning before I entered the back rooms at NEAS, I knew we were a match. A couple of minutes in the room and he was on my lap. A couple of weeks later he is firmly anchored in my heart!

Oboe (formerly Howard) loves his squeaky toy, burrowing under the covers, then a tummy rub and greeting everyone who comes to the stores where I bring him to work in both my Sturbridge and Amesbury locations. Thank you NEAS for getting him here from Georgia and for having him always on my mind!

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Words can not even begin to describe just how lovable Wendy is! She is happiest cuddling right up beside her Mommy whether it be on the couch, the bed, or most recently the kitchen floor.  This picture is Wendy in her oversized comfy bed.

She is adjusting to winter life in New England the best that she can and starts training lessons this week to become even more fabulous than she already is. I can not thank NEAS enough for everything that they did while Wendy was sick and waiting to be spayed. Thank you for letting me call every two days to check in on her and thank you for allowing Wendy to rescue me!