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Mathias, now named Salem, is adjusting very well. He is sleeping and eating wonderfully.

He loves to cuddle, he always wants a belly rub and always wants attention. He recently went to the vet for a wellness visit and the vet loved him because he was so well behaved. 

Thank you so much for my new family member! Everybody at home loves him!

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Edith (formerly Zariah) has adjusted to her new home and family life like a champ! 

She is best friends with her sister (who we also adopted from the shelter just about two years ago) and is always chatting away to us! 

The two cats love to snuggle and play together and they sleep nestled with us every night.  

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Tiller (formerly Justine) is a great pup! She loves to snuggle and will sleep curled up in your arms. She loooooves people and has enjoyed meeting a few puppies at the park too!

We have started going to puppy kindergarten to learn lots of new things and be able to listen with distractions. We are just so in love with her!

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We love  Hank the Tank (formerly Helmet)!!! He is feisty, sweet and full of snuggle hugs, kisses and lots of love!

He was adopted by us but is also being loved by my whole big Irish Family! Hank enjoyed Thanksgiving with over 20 family members and two dog cousins! Hank is beyond blessed and we are too!

Hank has some big paws to fill…his big brother was 14 when we had to say goodbye last February, we also adopted his big brother, Turner (formerly known as JEM) from your shelter and Turner was our baby boy that we loved so much for 14 years So, Hank will be just fine here in this loving family.

We couldn’t be more in love! Hank likes heat vents, fireplaces, TV snuggle time, playing fetch, running in figure eights.
Hank dislikes rain, snow, cold days and when Momma says no to tug of war games.

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Tebow is doing great!  We renamed him Louie, and he is such a wonderful addition to our family.  He is especially close with my younger son, as you can see.  He is the friendliest dog ever, and is super affectionate with everyone he meets.  He gives tons of kisses and rolls onto his back for a belly rubs all the time.   

He and I attend some basic training classes at Petsmart on the weekends, but I think it benefits him more socially than behaviorally.  He loves to greet and sniff all the other dogs.  He actually was fairly well-trained when he came to us – never has any accidents in the house, comes when he’s called (once he learned his new name), etc.  He did just figure out how to crawl underneath our backyard fence and into the neighbor’s yard – so we are working to solve that!  

We had a great experience with NEAS.  I had thought it would be tough for us to find the right fit for our family, but it turned out to be incredibly easy! We feel so lucky to have adopted such a wonderful dog!

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Ovi (formerly Paddy) is doing great! He is eating, drinking and sleeping well.

He loves his flyer toys: I think we have been through 3 already because he likes to play so much and he carries them around everywhere! The most mischievous thing he has done so far is a little pole climbing in our basement! Also, he has a weird obsession with water (as you can see!).

Overall he has been a great fit and we cant wait for the years ahead!

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Things have been great so far and Roxy is adjusting extremely well (even better then we expected!). She loves her cuddles and belly rubs at night and walks during the day!

She has such a great personality and we couldn’t be happier! She’s eating well, sleeping through the night, and loves her crate which she goes in on her own from time to time during the day. She has done well with other dogs in the complex and has really taken to our new dog-walker who takes her out on adventures during the day. 

We truly appreciate all of your help and we are so lucky to have found her when we did! 

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Tack (formerly Milo) learned to get along with our dog, Luff (also from NEAS) shockingly quickly (within a week). Luff is a pretty docile pup still and Tack is very social, so it worked out well.
Tack even lets Luff groom him. We’ve found Tack wet from a Luff cleaning a few times. Tack seems to purr the loudest with attention from Luff. They play together and Tack is definitely the instigator on play sessions and he is exceptionally playful.
Tack follows us around the house and when we have guests over he likes to be apart of the action. Our guests are surprised by his friendly disposition. He enjoys being held, snuggling with everyone, and climbing in the Christmas Tree. 
He is in great health and the vets office really liked how friendly he was at his first visit. He has adjusted to his new home very well and is a good eater and litter box user. 

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We have changed Race’s name to Elton, as he’s our lil’ rocket man. Elton made himself right at home and we began socializing him right away by going on trips to Petco for special surprises, Home Depot and the vet. He’s enrolled in obedience training and dog play groups at Loyal Canines and loves it! We’ve been playing with lots of kids too and even enjoys the winter coats he’s quickly outgrowing.

He’s gotten some fun baths and mastered sit, down, stay, rollover, on your bed, and come. He’s grown from 15lbs to 22.6lbs so far.

Sometimes it feels like we rescued Satan- but he’s really wonderful. He loves the car and seemingly has loved being our lil guy. His favorite thing first thing in the morning is to go lay in the dog bed next to the fireplace and wait for breakfast.

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We have a long history of cats with Disney names so Adele is now Lilo. She has been a great addition to the family and brings a lot of energy to the household.

Most days she spends several hours at a time playing ball, or running around the whole house. We have about a dozen balls spread throughout the house and at any given time she will play with them or pick them up and run around with them in her mouth. She tends to like grabbing things and running with them. Some days it is the balls but today it was an oversized roll of toilet paper, and the other day it was a pot holder! Last week she wanted to play with a 2 liter bottle of soda. So she has provided us with some funny moments!

She also will play fetch bringing the ball back every time and dropping it in yours hands. She is very vocal and makes various noises as she runs through the house. Sometimes she is clumsy and jumps and misses a chair or perch which just adds to her personality. She is eating well, was fine at her check up with the vet, and seems to love having room to move around.

We are so happy that we picked her. We are also very thankful to NEAS and the shelter staff for caring for her while she waited for a permanent home.