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One year update story…On April 7, 2018, we went to Northeast Animal Shelter for a new companion for our sweet Maxey who had recently lost her brother. There were not many cats available that day but one look at Milo and it was love at first site. The gentleman that was helping us explained he wasn’t sure if Milo would be a good fit because of his background: He was from a hoarding situation, had been adopted out once, then returned.

We had planned on returning the following week to see if there were more cats available. As the week went on, I could not stop thinking about Milo. On April 14, we returned to look at the new additions but after seeing Milo again, I said, “he is going home with us.”

He has so much character, cannot get enough loving, and makes us laugh quite often. Best decision we ever made was bringing Milo home to his forever home! Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!

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We adopted Peety (previously Scooter) as a kitten about a year and a half ago…. He was and still is the perfect addition to our family that includes three other cats.

When he arrived he made himself at home and never looked back!

Peety is full of energy, loving and entertaining! We love our Peety!

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Our public education classes provide training and resources for adopters and other members of the community, with the goal of helping pets stay in their homes for a lifetime. Here are some of the classes we’ll be offering later this year:

Pet CPR and first aid: This three-hour, hands-on course certifies pet owners and those involved in animal welfare in how to administer emergency CPR and first aid to both dogs and cats until veterinary care can be reached. Next class takes place on May 5th.

Canine massage therapy: A certified therapist will discuss the advantages of canine massage and demonstrate a range of techniques that attendees can use with their own dogs.

Introducing dog to new baby: Bringing home a new baby is a major transition, and it can also be a big adjustment for your dog. This session will focus on how to set your dog up for success in navigating the changing dynamics of life with a new baby, toddler, and young children in general.

To receive updates on upcoming classes and information on how to register, email with the subject line “subscribe.” We hope to see you there!


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Tiny Iggy was not even two weeks old when he was found – freezing cold, starving, and wet – on top of a pile of debris left behind by Hurricane Florence’s receding flood waters.

Our rescue partner in Nelson County, Virginia placed him in foster care with their best bottle baby expert, and Iggy proved to be a survivor!

When he was old enough, Iggy was transported to our Shelter. And, in no time at all, Iggy found his forever home – where he is living a wonderful life!

Known affectionately as “Sugar Foot” for his four white paws and sweet-as-sugar disposition, Iggy is an intrepid explorer. He loves to set off on adventures around the house, seeing what he can find along the way!

We never know when a sudden event will put animals’ lives at risk. Your support enables Northeast Animal Shelter to take in pets from areas impacted by natural disasters such as hurricanes or wildfires.

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Did you know you can sponsor a senior or special needs pet’s adoption fee?

Recently, a bighearted donor sponsored Daryl’s fee – his story is below. The adopters are not informed of this act of kindness until the adoption is finalized, but you can imagine their surprise and grateful appreciation! If you would like to sponsor an adoption, please contact Jenna at or 978-745-9888 ext. 301.

Daryl’s Journey Home

Daryl, a stately, older hound dog, was found wandering out on the road alone and brought to the local police station. He eventually ended up at Waynesboro Animal Control in Georgia, where he waited for months, his fate unknown.

Luckily for Daryl, two NEAS staff members were on a road trip to visit our rescue partners down South, where they met Daryl and decided to bring him back to our Shelter. After his arrival, a kind donor stepped up to sponsor Daryl’s adoption fee, as well as his medical expenses. 

Soon after, a family in Michigan saw him on our Facebook page and knew right away that Daryl was meant for them… They even drove over 1,500 miles to pick him up! These days Daryl is getting along very well with his fur sister, and he loves the couch as much as he loves to go on long walks! It’s heartwarming to know his golden years will be his happiest.

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Lucky me! I learned about the Northeast Animal Shelter at 2am a couple of weeks ago. I texted my girlfriend and said we must go up there immediately! We did, and I found the perfect pup for me.

Formerly Marnie, I’ve renamed her Alice. She rode the two hours home to the Cape calmly. She didn’t know: leashes, TV’s (she barked furiously at Harvey Leonard), fireplaces, that the Great Outdoors is the ideal place to do her thing. It has been so wonderful to watch her learning new things every day. Next week she starts an Obedience Class, and I’m sure she will excel!

Thank you NEAS staff for providing a clean, safe way- station for these wonderful creatures.

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Scotty is doing very well. She still holds the blue ribbon for longest sleeper, but she is good to go when its time for a walk. She is housebroken and eats very well.

I love to spend time with her. She is a bit timid still, but everyday she comes more and more out of her shell. She loves all the attention we lavish her with and loves her new dog beds. She is great with other dogs and is just the dog I have been looking for. Just a little more work and she will be getting more confidence.

Thank you from us both for bringing us together. She is a real godsend with the love she brings and shares.

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Blondie now goes by Cam or Cammy. She has been AWESOME! We love her so much.

She has adjusted great. Loves her new home and running around the yard and house. She has a great appetite and snores away on her bed, in front of the fireplace or in the sun peeking in through the porch doors. She loves snuggling between my wife and I late nights on the couch. Behind her ear really gets the leg moving when you scratch her!

She loves playing with our son who is 8 months old. Every time he cries, she comes right over to make sure he is okay. She bring her toys over to him to share and try and play – haha. Obviously our son can only do so much with his motor skills still developing.

Everyone at the vets office loves her. They remember her every time. She loves going to the groomers for baths and nail trimming. Does great with them. They love her as well. She mostly sleeps in the crate with a nice bed in it in our bedroom. Once in a while she’ll come up to the bed, but has taken very well to training. She is potty trained, crate trained and has learned to sit and somewhat give paw. 

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What a great cat! Hank makes me laugh every day!

Our main concern in choosing a cat was to find one who wouldn’t be intimidated by our beagle, Joey. Well, the first time they met, Hank let out a fierce yowl, Joey ran under the bed, and that was that. Hank will now walk up to Joey and kiss him on the nose or reach out a paw as Joey walks by if he’s feeling feisty.

He’s tried out every windowsill and table in the house, with a few broken pots and collectibles to show for his trouble. He has a hearty appetite and sleeps on the end of our bed. The bad news? His greatest ambition is to get outdoors. We’re so grateful for microchipping!