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Just wanted to check in and let you know Emma is doing great and we celebrated her birthday on the 26th!

She had a feast fit for a queen!

Thank you again we are so excited and happy to have Emma!

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Roper (formerly Raphael, right in the photo) was adopted as a puppy by my parents in June 2017. He was kept with the kittens at NEAS, as he was very nervous around loud noises and barking. He has blossomed into a well-adjusted, attentive, social, energetic pup who always looks forward to his next country walk or romp in the yard. He brightens up their day, and helps keep them on their toes!

We adopted Shadeaux (formerly spelled Shadow, left in the photo) the following month, July 2017. We had been looking for a young medium-sized dog for our city condo, but a very wise counselor at NEAS suggested we take a look at one of the recent local surrenders. He was 4 ½ at the time, and a hefty 98 lbs. We felt right about bringing him home from the first moment, and he has been the perfect addition to our family. He has become quite the local favorite in our neighboring East Boston park as he has played, run, and chased his way down to a lean and strong 87 lbs.

We especially like when Roper and Shadeaux can spend time together, as they act just like brothers. This picture was taken this past weekend. We look forward to many more moments like this!

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Butch is adjusting well! After spending a few days under the bed he has fully emerged and become quite the mischievous giant kitten.

He and our other cat are getting along now and have started playing. He loves to touch everything and knocks anything over/off any surface that’s not bolted down. He’s seems very happy and comfortable in his new home.

He always wants to be around us, and loves playing with his favorite little mouse toy. Thank you for helping us find him and making the process to bring him home so smooth. 

As you can see he’s wearing his fall wardrobe and is very excited for October. 

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Candy HATED her name (and we didn’t love it either) so we changed it to Queenie and she responds very positively! She’s learning the routine very quickly and loves to be around the family! She’s a destructive chewer so we’re constantly buying her new toys to try and find the perfect solution and it seems like we’ve found some that last longer than a day.

We’re happy to report her mouthy behavior is improving. She still uses her mouth in play but with discouragement she’s lessened quite a bit. The only negative we’ve seen is that certain people, generally tall men, make her very nervous. Her fur stands on end, and she gets very protective of myself and my young daughter. However, with time, she warms up. She’s still struggling to get the cat to like her, but I’m certain it’ll happen with time.

Queenie is a sweet girl who just wants love and attention, and the family that gave her up doesn’t know what a wonderful dog they’re missing out on.

We’re very happy with our new pup and with our experience!

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Bentley is wonderful. He loves a good belly rub, and sleeps on his back what all four paws in the air. He is very lovable, stubborn, and smart.

He’s a sweetheart too. He loves everybody.

Northeast Animal Shelter is wonderful and you keep incredible records. We have recommended you too many friends already.


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Kahlua is now “Pixie” and she is doing great! I would say that I am a very experienced cat owner as I have had cats my whole life and I have groomed many many cats throughout my 20+ year grooming career. Saying that, she is one of the best cats I have ever met. She is sweet, playful, curious, mischievous and has the perfect amount of attitude to keep our rambunctious rat terrier in line!

She longs for attention and follows our family around asking for pets and cuddles through the day. She has a good amount of independence and neediness… She can entertain herself well and seeks out attention when she wants it. I would say she is the perfect blend of both.

She used her litter box from day one with no accidents. I was worried because I switched her litter to the crystals for our automatic kitty litter box straight from the shelter. She took to it instantly. She eats and drinks with no problems and has been very healthy.

When we picked her out from your shelter, there were 4 kittens available. When I asked to see the kittens, I told the front desk that I didn’t care about what the kitten looked like – it was more about the personality and fit for our family. My son had his eye on the little black and white kitten and I wanted to see the white kittens who had been sleeping the whole time with Pixie. When we were able to hold all the kittens and see a bit of their personalities, Pixie was our clear favorite. She just melted into our arms and makes great eye contact. Our choice was reinforced by the comment from the shelter employee that helped us. She said that Pixie was the foster mom’s favorite kitten out of the bunch.

She is a very special girl and is the purrrrfect addition to our family. We are so grateful we were able to find this little girl in your shelter.

Thank you for matching us up!

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Rex is adjusting to us great! He needs to be touching one of us at all times, he thinks he is a lap dog, he sleeps in between us, under the covers with his face on the pillow next to mine every night. 😊

Our son Johnny tells everyone he has a new little brother! Potty training is going very well. He is super attached to me, for comfort; then the boys are his fun playtime!

I wake up every morning to face kisses; he’s a big kisser! But also when I get home from work, before I can even take my shoes off, I have to sit on the couch so he can put his paws on my shoulders and hug me! He does this for about 5 minutes and rubs his face all over mine! It’s so cute, even randomly when I’m sitting on the couch he just comes up and hugs me.

He was terrified of the car at first, but we have gotten him used to it, and he now loves going in to go on adventures! He wants to meet all the people when we are out, and we constantly get comments on how handsome he is, or well behaved! He is terrified of other dogs though, that is something that’ll be a long process of working on. He is friends with my parent’s dog already.  We did an introduction on leash in their yard and after a few minutes he was running around playing with her, but she is only 9 lbs.  Any dog bigger than that he drops to the ground as soon as he sees them with his tail between his legs. That’ll be something I’m going to consult with a trainer on; it’s the only time I’ve seen him scared like that so I want to be sure we go about it the right way.

All around he is the perfect dog! He loves to lounge around the house with us, but also when we are ready to go do something fun, he keeps us energized and on our toes!

Our niece who is autistic, who has spent her life terrified of dogs, met him, and it’s almost like he knew she was afraid. He sat down, letting her come to him, she pet him a few times and he sat like a good boy. Now that she is comfortable with him, he will give her kisses, but he has yet to jump on a child, or play rough with them (aside from my son who acts like a dog so Rex plays differently with him.) Also my dad just left the hospital to come home to do hospice, I brought Rex over so he could meet him, Rex jumped right up on the bed, and laid with him while hospice was there. He wouldn’t leave his side even when I left the house to run to the store. He didn’t want to come with me! He is pretty intuitive .

Thank you guys for giving us the missing piece to our family. He fits in perfectly!

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Ivan is now called Zeke. The name Ivan just did not float my boat.  

He loves to tear plastic plants out of my planters. They are all over my house!. His feline sister Tabitha gives him a bath at least once a day. Sometimes it turns into a wrestling match. Often they run from one end of the apartment to the other. They sound like little horses on the floors. My entire apartment is covered in kitten toys. And Zeke is quite adventurous. Do not leave a drawer or cabinet open! LOL

Zeke and my white cat Tabitha are getting along very well. My 6-year-old black cat Sabrina is not too sure about him yet. He tries to sit close to her but she is a little more standoffish which is fine.  Zeke and Tabitha love to play in and around my shower curtain which is not my favorite thing they do. But that is small potatoes.

A funny story…  I have a second floor screened in porch and I created a kitty window for them to go in and out. One day I washed some sweaters and put them out on a drying rack. I removed baby Zeke once from around the rack and told him no. Later I found him lying across my clean sweaters – how he climbed a lightweight metal drying rack I have no idea. Cute little brat! 

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 Do you have a canine friend that you like to explore with? If so, join us and bring your pooch to Salem Maritime to become a Bark Ranger! Take part in a dog walk, meet other dog lovers and enthusiasts, and earn your official Salem Maritime Bark Ranger tag!

Program is free. No reservation required. For more information call 978-740-1650 and ask for Ranger Peter or email


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Jasper (Puddle) is a happy pup.  He’s the tan, white, and grey Catahoula mix from SOS Rescue in the back.  He’s acclimated very well, loves to snuggle and is a good buddy to my children.  Everyone who meets him on walks loves to stop and give him a scratch.  He’s also been great with training!

Jasper already has a girlfriend whom he goes to doggy daycare with.  They are inseparable and already friends for life! 

Thanks for bringing such a great boy into my life!