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I was volunteering around October of 2017. We just got some new furry friends at the Shelter. I walked in and it was love at first sight. Walter rescued me.

He is my 3rd child. And he is the apple of his mom and dad’s eye. His way older human siblings sometimes get just a little bit jealous, but that’s ok, because they don’t live at home anymore.

Walter rules the house and even has his own 2 beds, but of course he always sleeps with us. Thank you so very much for everything you all do now and in the future. I am so happy that I am coming back to volunteer with everyone.

Walter was a true blessing!

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We adopted Laika (formerly Eerie) on September 1st, and she has been nothing but sweet and loving. We were looking for an active dog and Laika has given us just that as a fun energetic dog! We’re a healthier family than we were before thanks to her.

Laika loves the dog park, using her toy basket as a dog bed, family couch time and anything involving cheese.


Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!

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Autumn, now Kiki, is doing great! She went to her first vet visit yesterday and all went well, I was so proud of how well she did! She warms up to everyone so quickly and loves to give sweet kisses when she’s feeling lovey! 

Little Keeks has met quite a few of our friends and always has so much fun when she meets new friends. My boyfriend, Bradley, and I love her SOOOOO much it’s insane! 

Kiki seems very happy here and we are so happy to have her. She’s our sweet little fur baby and always will be! 

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Potato and I actually bonded really quickly. She is a great little girl…quite happy as I am!

She goes everywhere with me and is taking over my life! She is in my chair with me all the time. She’s very good with people and other animals.

Potato is a great addition to my life.. it’s like we have been together always! I can’t thank NEAS and the staff enough. 

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Couldn’t be happier with Silas (now Griffey). The first night Griffey came home, he and Kip were best friends.

He’s slept through the night since the second night we’ve had him, makes friends everywhere he goes, plays all day with nap breaks cuddled up to his brother in between. He knows sit and paw (sometimes!).

He really did complete the family. Good boy, 11/10 recommend

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Duke (formerly Xander) is a happy 6 month old pup that loves to go on his daily walks with my son, Arthur,  and with his dog walkers. He has 2 friends on the street, Gracie and Tito. We have “puppy play dates” where they run around in fenced in yard.  A tired pup is a happy pup!!  


Two afternoons a week, Duke is our office mascot!  He comes to work and hangs out in the office and plays with his toys.   His favorite thing to do is burst into the office and runs to the cubicles to get kisses and hugs. He is a very sweet and affectionate dog. He’s great with everyone.


Duke graduated from puppy school and will start his intermediate class next week. He is very smart and knows all his commands.  


Duke is very lucky that he has so much love and attention, and we’re so fortunate to have such a sweet, lovable dog in our home. Duke is the second dog that we’ve adopted from you, and we’re blessed to be part of The Northeast Family.


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We adopted Sully October 26, 2019 and he is doing awesome. He has settled into our home very well.

We had lost our two dogs this year within 5 months of each other, and without them our home was empty. We decided to go and just look, but we met Sully and fell in love with him and knew we had found a new family member. I must say he would have been so loved by our other dogs.

He is the most loving new addition to our family. We just love him!!!

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When we met Tobie (formerly Munson) we knew it was love at first sight. We knew he had some challenges to overcome and has he! We were told he may be a fearful pup for the rest of his life and we just felt in our hearts he belonged with us.

His biggest obstacle right now is his being in his crate during the day (he’s not a fan), but we are working hard with him and he has a trainer come every Saturday as well. When we got him he would not walk on a leash, wouldn’t walk through doorways, and would just meltdown…now he is a Rockstar!

He is the sweetest, most playful, most loving little guy we have ever met. He loves everyone he meets, he loves his new best friend, his “cousin” Duncan, and just has so much love in his heart for everyone and everything.

He loves to get in the big bed and snuggle with Mom and Dad with all of his babies, and he has just healed our hearts after losing both of our dogs this past year.

We just want to thank NE Animal Shelter for everything you do! If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have the love of our life! We know for sure we will be back soon to rescue a brother or sister for Tobie!

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We met Emery just about 1 month ago. He is such a sweet puppy.

Although he presented some aggressive behaviors in the past with the previous foster/initial adoption home, he has exhibited no such behaviors with us. We feel very lucky that the stars aligned to allow him to come into our lives.

He loves his squeaky ball play time and enjoys brisk walks around our neighborhood. He is meeting new friends along the way.

We look forward to enjoying many years of his loving support and hope we can provide the same to him in return.


Thank you NEAS for not giving up on Emery, helping us find our new four legged friend, and making our family complete.