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Ellie (she was called “Love Song” at the shelter) has found her favorite spots near the window on my desk and on her cat tree. She runs over to me when I come home and gives me a nose kiss with her nose and loves to snuggle with me and my boyfriend on the couch.

I named her Ellie from Pixar’s “Up” movie – because it just seemed like a sweet name for her. She also responds to Jelly Bean or Ellie Bean, haha. If I say either name, she almost always meows back, no matter how many times in a row I say it – so I think she likes it!

Another cute thing she does it somersault any time she is investigating something. She’ll sniff something on the ground and then roll forwards over it. I also call her my bathroom buddy because anytime I walk into the bathroom, she comes running in. If I close the door she’ll cry. She’s done this since the day I adopted her haha.  

She’s been very lively and active and is an absolute sweetheart, and I love having her! 


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I can’t begin to tell you how much “Lady” (I’m sorry, her shelter name “Monkey Doodles” just didn’t cut it) has enriched our lives. She is the sweetest, most loving pet imaginable. We love her like a family member.

My husband is disabled, and Lady has helped his spirit immensely. She is healthy, active, cuddly, and only minimally destructive (aren’t they all?). 

Best decision we ever made.

Thanks so much.

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George is an amazing boy and we love him a lot.  He started training with a local trainer (Mission Impawsible in Fremont, NH).  He is doing very well.  He goes all over the place with our family, and we even took him to the fire station in Salem one day last week.  He loves everyone he meets and is just a big love.  He sleeps a lot, but he also loves to be outside running around.

We are still introducing him to our cats, and they actually spent the night in the house last night, so we have made progress.  The trainer is helping with that as well.  He has his first vet appointment Saturday and I’m sure he’ll be very good for the doctors there.

He has a 60-foot run in our back yard, but mostly we take him outside and just let him run around.  We have an acre of land that abuts Conservation Land, so he has lots of room.  After dinner every night, he and I walk around the block and he greets all of the neighbors and their dogs.

He is such a good dog and we know he has the potential to be a great dog.  We are committed to giving him every opportunity to be the great dog we know he can be.   

We are very grateful for George.  He is an awesome addition to our family.  He is happy and so are we.

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Fredo (originally Grady) is making incredible progress. He loves being petted (he asks for petting & treats), has started giving us kisses, and comes into the kitchen to eat his dinner and breakfast on his own like a big boy.

He is more out of his crate than in nowadays. We keep the house quiet and soothing for him.

Fredo adores our other dog Toby, and he is also very good with our old cat, who likes him a lot.

We love Fredo so very, very much.  Thank you so much for the gift of Fredo, and for all that NEAS does to help homeless animals.

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About one and a half years ago after losing my dog, I came to the shelter with the intention of “just looking.”  While walking around, I passed a cage with a small brown dog with one white paw. She was leaning against the gate and as I reached toward her, she put her white paw on my arm. That move and her big brown eyes caught my heart.

Little Peanut came home with me that day. She has bonded completely with my cat, Chief, and they play and sleep side by side. Peanut is the cuddle dog of the neighborhood and has made many dog friends along our daily walks. She is the happiest when her belly is scratched while curled up in my arms. Peanut has found her forever home.

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Noel is officially now named Sebastian Pistachio 😜 and he is the most lovable cat I have yet to meet! He also has a collection of bowtie collars that he sports and is by far the best dressed kitten out there!

He was fully adjusted within a day and LOVES to cuddle everyone he comes in contact with!  He never scratches or bites and just loves to be loved!  After my parents met him, they loved him so much they are going to visit the shelter to find a feline friend of their own!  

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Chester (loved the name and decided to keep it) is an amazing pup! He has brought so much joy to our family! All our neighbors are are in love with him as well as their dogs.

He loves playing with other dogs, taking puppy classes, snuggling, riding in the car and most importantly giving kisses! We are so happy to have Chester! He is an amazing addition to our family!

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We re-named Pricilla to Riley and she’s doing great.   She now weighs 29 pounds and is in great shape.  She gets along with everyone and was a hit at the vet’s office.

She is a very active puppy and keeps us on our toes!   Thank you so much for giving us the pleasure of a pet again.