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Mahalo (formerly named Junie) is such a wonderful addition to our family. The first time we saw her on a rainy Friday evening, we knew she picked us and we picked her instantly. She sat in front of us and always would come back every time we passed by her area.

We came back the next morning and adopted her. The staff made it such a seamless experience to adopt Mahalo.

She is an awesome and obedient dog with so many talents now, as she trained so easily and can do all kinds of cute things. One of the cutest things is that she loves to get her pictures taken. 🙂 She deserves all the love in the world!!!

Northeast Animal Shelter made this possible and thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!

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Bella (formerly known as Daisy) is adjusting very well. She is sleeping through the night without crying and eating at least 2-3 meals per day. We cannot tell you how happy we are to have adopted Bella, she is just a beautiful little girl and so well mannered, she’s just perfect!
We are working on the training basics (sit, lay-down, stop) and will plan to enroll her in training classes soon, but her behavior has been excellent as far as new puppies go. 
We are SO happy to have Bella as a new member of our family and greatly appreciate Northeast’s efforts to save her and connect her with us. 

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Back in September I adopted a feral cat named Sarah. At the time she was not socialized, and was not inclined to eat. 

Sarah is now what you would call a lap cat! She likes to sleep near me all the time. She loves being brushed and likes chasing a laser light. 

She is still a somewhat fussy eater, but I found she likes Market Basket rotisserie chicken, so I buy that for her <3

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I adopted my Georgia gal Riggins about a month ago.

She is the sweetest thing ever; loves to cuddle and give kisses. She loves our long walks and beach adventures. Riggins has been a blessing since the first night I brought her home.

So thankful for all the employees at NEAS and all their hard work for these wonderful animals.

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We adopted Bo (affectionately called Bobo) in early February and a month later, we can’t imagine life without her. She’s such a sweet, energetic, smart, and cuddly pup. In the little time she’s been with us, she’s already learned so many things like sit, roll, and paw. Her favorite things to do are going for walks, getting belly rubs, and eating peanut butter from her Kong.

This is our first dog and we cannot be happier. We’re learning so much about patience and compassion, thanks to Bo. Thanks NEAS for helping us find our Bobo 🙂

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We adopted Milo (formerly Rocko) on 12/7/19. We went to NEAS that day on a whim to just look around and we fell in love instantly.

It has been amazing watching him come out of his shell and become a more confident pup!

He is such a goofball and his favorite thing is going to the dog park!

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We adopted Stormy a little over a month ago. She is about 2 years old and we were a little nervous about adopting a dog that wasn’t a puppy. I strongly encourage anyone looking now to consider adopting an older dog!

She is adjusting beautifully and is great with other dogs and children. With the current situation, I’m working from home and I don’t know what I would do without her. She jumps up on the bed every morning for about a half hour of tummy rubs.

She patiently tosses her toys around and entertains herself through endless conference calls. She also ensures that I get out and walk three times a day, which is good for both of us!

Thank you to everyone at the shelter that made this adoption possible.

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Northeast Animal Shelter is excited to offer a virtual dog yoga class! Hosted by instructor Fallon O’Connor and her dog Ruby (NEAS alum), this class will focus on poses with your intrusive dog in mind, perfect during these times of self quarantine with your pets!


Class participants will receive a Zoom link via email the day of the class, so join from home, and feel free to let your best pooch join.

Tickets are $15 per person. Class starts promptly at 6pm. All proceeds go directly to benefit Northeast Animal Shelter.


Purchase tickets here. If you have any questions please email

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After losing my 17 year old cat to cancer last year, I was finally ready to give another cat love.

Seth has made us so happy. He is an absolute cuddle bug. I didn’t know what to expect adopting an older cat but he is perfect for our family.

Love him so much! Thank you!

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Harry (formally Gage) is a delight! He loves his toys and to run around the yard but he is also the best snuggler.

He was skittish at first but is getting used to passing cars on our walks and negotiating stairs.

Thanks to NEAS for finding the right dog for me!