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We love our puppy! We changed her name from Buttercup to Morgana Le Fur, Destroyer of Toys (but just Morgan for short), since there is no toy that has been able to withstand her voracious appetite.

She has her own Facebook page! She is sweet and adorable, which is a good thing, since she is also a power-chewer. We go almost daily to a dog park in Andover, where she loves to race around with other dogs, and dig. When we went on one of our favorite walks, to Woodsom Farm in Amesbury, she spent her first day at the riverbed digging up and eating worms – yum! She went camping with us, and was really super.

She loves her big brother Marley – they snuggle and sleep together lots. This is a picture of Morgan using Marley as a pillow. Thanks for helping us get our puppy.

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Lyla (FAYE, when adopted) is doing so so good! She is the sweetest little pup you could ever ask for.

She is super smart! She eats well and plays A LOT. She LOVES to cuddle although still sometimes urinates from over excitement… but other than that she’s just an angel. Still trying to get her to stop biting things.  She attacked a chair when no one was looking!

She is good with other dogs and barely ever even barks except when she likes to be protective!  We love her so so much!!

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Carolyn is adjusting so well. At first she was a bit shy, but after two weeks she is cuddly and loves to run up and down the stairs. So far, we think she has lost some weight as we have been putting her on a diet to keep her from being overweight.

Carolyn loves seeing us come home from work or school and she hangs out with us on the couch, but loves the windowsill the most.

This is a picture of her close up. She was sitting with me and kept purring loudly as I pet her. She is a great pet and we are so happy that she is ours.

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We are sooo in love with Morgan. He is just the sweetest, funniest, most adorable little boy. He’s basically a dog pretending to be a cat! He follows us everywhere in the house. He is always with a person. He sleeps in bed with one of us every night as well. 

It didn’t take long for him to adjust. He was affectionate right from the start, but each week we saw more and more of his personality. He is truly such a love bug and our lives are so much better with him now! 

Our experience at NEAS was very positive. In fact, we’ve considered adopting a buddy for Morgan.

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Dwayne is doing awesome! He adapted to his new home really quickly. It took him maybe 15 minutes to feel comfortable and lay and sleep on the couch. 😊

Our vet told us he was going to be a big cat (apparently already has big shoulders!)

He is still so friendly, curious and playful. He LOVES to cuddle!!!! He sleeps with us every night, runs to the door when we get home from work and won’t leave us for a second! 

We are so very happy to have him! And we are really happy about the Salem shelter! Everyone was really nice and helpful! 

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(Ok…minus a paperback or two and a few dissected house plants he really is perfect!)

Initially I had gone in to look at another dog but was smitten by Roscoe and his repeated attempts to initiate belly rubs. As a first-time dog owner I was nervous and slightly unsure how a very intelligent but very high energy young dog would interact with the resident kitties. His good nature and foster notes about love of hiking won me over.

About one month in and he is a gentleman with his feline siblings, has shown a mastery of basic training, loves romping with his doggie friends during play dates and dog park, and snuggles in for belly rubs whenever possible. He is SO GOOD!! I feel like I won the great dog lottery.

Thank you Northeast! Carrie, Roscoe, Bailey, and Chloe

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Seth was renamed Ramsay and he is great. He eats well, sleeps well, and in good health.

He loves his new daddy but he is totally a momma’s boy – he is basically my shadow. He has already learned to sit, lay down, and stay.  He doesn’t like to go in his crate when we go to work but we’re getting there. He loves looking out the window and he thinks he’s a lap dog. We’ve had some play dates with other dogs and he does very well.

 We absolutely love Ramsay and are so happy he is a part of our family. Thanks so much!

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We absolutely love Bailey (we changed her name from Hallelujah) and she is settling in well. She loves to play and cuddle!

She always wants to be part of whatever we are doing and she seems to be very happy in our home. 

Thanks for all your help,

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Oh sweet Tootsie Roll (now just Toots, or Tootsie). She instantly because a member of our family. We fell in love with her calm and gentle attitude and cute puppy dog tail wag.

She loves to snuggle with her human sisters on the couch, and play fetch with them. She quickly learned that nipping is too much for them, and is much more gentle. Tootsie enjoys snuggles in bed before heading to her crate for a relaxing nights rest.

In the morning (after a quick pee break) she loves to jump in bed to snuggle before really getting up for the day! She is such a wonderful addition to our family!

NEAS was very thorough in ensuring Tootsie was healthy and ready for adoption. We couldn’t be happier!

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Jack loves his new home and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to adopt him. He has QUITE the appetite and he loves to sleep and cuddle with us.

Jack is a very friendly dog and enjoys hanging out on the beach and making new human and doggy friends! Funny story – Jack knows he’s not allowed on the couch so one day we told him to get off of it. Then he picked up his bed and put it on the couch and started to take a nap. LOL.😀 He won that one.

He brings such joy to our family. So far he is a very healthy active dog.