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Riley is doing well… she is great at playing ball and sloppy kisses. Riley likes going to the dog park and running around with her puppies as well as the human friends she makes in the park. Riley has gained about 5 pounds since we brought her home. 
We absolutely love her and we walk and play with her every day.

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Professor Chaos is doing wonderful and it didn’t take him much time at all to make himself at home! He brings us so much joy and he has had a lot of fun exploring his new home. 

He loves eating, and turns out he’s not much of a picky eater at all! He loves sleeping in a red chair with foam padding. He brings us toys throughout the night so we wake up with all his toys in the morning. He sleeps on the end of our bed and knows exactly when it’s time to be fed. He loves being pet… when he gets really excited he starts suckling on his paws (it’s adorable). When he wants to be fed he rolls over on the kitchen floor. 

All in all he is doing great and we love him very much. 

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We adopted firefly and named her Samantha.

She loves us all! She makes sure she cuddles with us at night too.

Thank you Samantha for filling our void. She is frisky, funny, friendly, happy and very hungry because she is growing. But oh-my-god is she is a love.

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We’ve always been a multi-pet family and lost our oldest dog (age 14) and oldest cat (age 15) within 2 days of each other in late November. Crazy to think that with one remaining dog and 3 remaining cats the house still felt empty.

In December we adopted the next dog to become part of our family. About a month ago we visited NEAS to meet an adult cat I was interested in. He had been an only cat, was timid and would not have been a good fit for our family. We then met Elizabeth and fell in love with her.

Elizabeth, now known as Izzy is the perfect fit. She is sweet and cuddly, and has totally won over her 3 feline brothers, dog brother and sister. Our December rescue dog, Sasha thinks Izzy is her baby and Sasha is definitely Izzy’s favorite. They wear each other out playing and running through the house, then snuggle up together to rest up.

Even though Izzy has only been with us for a month we can’t imagine life without her. She fills our days with laughter and smiles and is loved by all.

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We are in love with Zira (formerly Adrienne). See is such a sweet girl. We got her a little before Christmas and we are already so attached to her.

She has more than doubled in size since we first got her. She loves all her toys which are all around the house… and loves to hide her milk bones!

We are forever grateful to have Zira as part of our family.

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Scout (formerly Dottie) has been a great new addition to our home. Our first weeks have gone very well. She’s energetic, loving, and loves falling asleep in front of the fireplace. She’s gotten used to being part of our family very quickly, and we’re happy to have her. She’s doing well with housebreaking, and is easy to redirect if she begins chewing something she shouldn’t.

She’s very smart, silly and always wants to be near her people. She enjoys walks, treats and eating ice, though she doesn’t always like going outside in the cold. Favorites include destroying stuffed toys, falling asleep in your arms, doing somersaults, mealtimes, and ham. She’s enjoying getting to know our backyard with all the different smells, and has made friends with our neighbor dog, too. Scout always seems lie down on top of our feet whenever we’re trying to get chores done, and loves being in the kitchen when we cook. We’re very happy with our new friend!

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I adopted Thomas (now Nougat) on January 1st. It’s been a slow transition, but he took quite well to his new home and he is slowly befriending his new older brother, Chachi.

He’s very vocal, follows people around like a puppy, loves to eat and play, and just wants to be snuggled. 

Nougat grooms both me and Chachi and purrs at the first pet. He’s also very fond of belly rubs!

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Mr. bo Banner (formerly Nickel) came to us when my family was in a very sad spot. We had recently lost our father in June (Tanner was adopted in October) and we were hurting all around. The family rarely connected and everything seemed to move in slow motion. I decided that enough was enough and headed down to Northeast Animal Shelter to meet some pups.

Tanner had caught my eye as he was snuggled up in a big bean bag, looking as sad as can be. Fast forward, our happy pup is always smiling, getting pampered by the family and getting new, plushy beds every other week (not to mention his fav pig ears). He loves people and has given other family friends’ pets kisses (bunnies and cats). Always full of life, our pup enjoys dressing up or spending the morning cuddling. Tanner has brought the family even closer than before and every day spent with him puts a smile on everyones faces. We’re so thankful to have him in our lives!

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Shea joined our family in February of 2018. She was incredibly shy and nervous and very afraid of riding in the car but has made amazing progress. She started playing with the other dogs at the dog park in the summer (after a few months of hanging back and observing) and now she absolutely loves to jump into the car and ride to the park to run with her buddies. Shea loves taking naps with members of the family, she comes looking for pets and is very fond of turkey as an after-walk snack. She’s a wonderful girl, well loved by family, friends and neighbors. She’s really something special! Thank you for your good work!

Shea is Fredo’s (formerly Grady) mama, we loved seeing the picture of him settled into his home! What a handsome fella!

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When my wife and I laid our eyes on Arthur, whose name is now Tocci, (named after this friend of mine from Brazil as a  homage to her-for she was our biggest supporter in this adoption process and now his godmother), we knew he was the one.

Tocci is very happy with his new home, eating well, sleeping well and picking his favorite places in every part of the house. He is not just a lovely friend but he is our adorable baby who is very cooperative with everything, from an outstanding behavior to even letting me trim his nails. His godmother watches him on FaceTime at least twice a week and she said she’s never seen a kitten so lovely like Tocci. We’re in love with him and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you NEAS and staff for doing such a great job!