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Just like people, pets are consoled by familiar things in times of despair.


Nine-year old Mookie arrived at our Shelter with an unusual memento of her beloved owner – a pair of camouflage pants.  You see, her owner was a military veteran who had recently passed away.

Poor Mookie had a really hard time settling in.  She was terrified and would hide in her room most of the day. Clearly heartbroken, Mookie never let those pants out of her sight.  They were her only source of comfort in a new and unfamiliar situation. Which is why one of our amazing volunteers turned the pants into a blanket, hoping it would provide the security Mookie needed.

We knew that Mookie would eventually adjust to her new surroundings – she just needed time and patience. Our hunch was right.  She slowly started to relax and began welcoming visitors into her room – though still from a comfortable distance! 

Mookie loved watching the hustle and bustle of our Shelter lobby from her room and having volunteers read poetry while she cuddled with her blue stuffed bunny and new but familiar-smelling blanket.  We’d often find her sprawled on her back, snoozing with her paws covering her eyes – perhaps dreaming of finding a new loving family of her own.

And eventually she did!  Although it took a few months, Mookie (and her blanket) found a furever home.

Your support enables pets like Mookie to remain in our Shelter for as long as they need in order to find the right home.

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Ziggy may have never known human kindness

Perhaps you heard about Ziggy, the tiny Yorkie found whimpering on the street and brought to our Shelter in need of urgent medical care. Judging by his horrendous condition, Ziggy may have never known human kindness until the day our medical team removed the matted, knotted fur that entangled his mutilated hind leg.

Once he was shaved, we discovered his leg had a severe infection and had to be amputated, and his teeth were so rotten that all but one had to be removed. It was heartbreaking to imagine the pain he must have been in.

To help him heal, we sent Ziggy home with one of our most trusted foster families – and they fell in love! His sweet and friendly disposition immediately won them over.

“Ziggy stole our hearts the minute we saw him and when we heard his story, it only made our love grow stronger!,” said Ziggy’s adopter. “ At that point we looked at each other and said ‘ he’s coming home with us forever!’ And we are all living happily ever after!” 

Ziggy, now known as Eddie, has finally found a home of his own! He spends his days playing with his new sister and fellow NEAS alumni, Ruby, in the back yard or curled up on the couch snuggling with his family. Thanks to his new parents, he will now know human kindness for the rest of his days.

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Lacey Jean joined our family back in April 2018. Since being adopted Lacey’s personality has blossomed; she is filled with love and excitement everyday and has such a big personality.

Lacey enjoys long walks, ice cream adventures, playing with her squeaky toys and making tons of friends.

Words cannot describe how thankful we are to Northeast Animal Shelter on helping us meet our precious little pooch!

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Sig, (formally known as Smith) was adopted in March of 2015 at 12 weeks old. He was a shy, bow legged, anxiously sweet boy who loved a good sneaker or two. Sig settled into a routine very quickly and decided he liked the bed more than his crate.

If Sig had a resume, his would say professional cuddler, face washer, and the best reason to buy new shoes, (haha). Sig has come so far since then and has travelled to many different states along the way. He loves a good toy with a squeak, pupperoni and his cousin pups!

In 2017, we got Sig a sister and he loves her more than anything! They cannot be in the same room without being next to each other.

Sig also loves going camping and exploring in New Hampshire! Sig loves his sister so much that when she barks for our attention, and we don’t attend to her immediately, he howls at our side to let us know she needs something.

Sig is the sweetest 80 pound boy who thinks is a 10 pound lap dog and we wouldn’t change a thing! We can’t thank you enough for our best friend!

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Mia is our little cutie pie!! My boyfriend and I adopted Mia after searching for a dog for almost a month. She was four months (almost six now) and she adjusted so well, so quickly!

The adoption process was a breeze and we met Mia and we took her home that same day. Since taking Mia home, we have introduced her to friends, other dogs, and a million places.

Mia LOVES the beach, car rides (although that took a while to get use to), and snuggles in bed. We receive compliments daily on her good temperament and her loving personality. People constantly ask where we got her trained and we always say we’re just so lucky and there has been no formal training, this is just how she adjusted to her new home.

Mia is so smart, she listens, she’s house broken, and she is an absolute doll. We could not be more pleased and can’t wait to keep building memories with our little love bug as she grows up!!

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Calypso came home with us on 6/29/19 and we have been in love ever since!!

We were warned that she was a little feisty one and that the shelter didn’t know much about her history, only that she came from a hoarding situation and might be shy.

That was not the case at all! She curled right up with us and got used to living with her new brother (a dachshund) in about a week.

She is the most loving and cuddly kitty there has ever been. She also sits with us in the living room when we have lazy Sundays, she fits right in! 🙂

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We adopted Cynda (formerly Dezi) on July 25, 2019.

She was featured on Facebook with her heart warming story…you would never know she ever she had a fractured leg! She is absolutely beautiful and is developing such a sweet personality.

Cynda is learning more each day!

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When we first walked around the shelter, it was overwhelming. How could we pick just one?

While walking around one little pup especially caught our eyes. Frodo (formerly known as Benji) was sitting, as close to the front of his crate he could get, looking up at us. He stared into our eyes, waged his little tail, and we instantly fell in love!

Within seconds of playing with this little man, he had our hearts. We decided to take him home!

Frodo has been a quick learner, a goofball, and such a sweetheart. Those eyes and that face still melt our hearts each and every day! He loves anyone he meets and absolutely loves going to his puppy playgroup. We are beyond thankful to have him as a part of our family, and truly look forward to watching him continue to grow!

Thank you NEAS for helping us find our little man!

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I adopted Dudley (named Davos at the time) about 3 months ago when he was just 15 weeks old. I had visited NEAS a couple times previously, but never found a dog I completely fell in love with (not to say they weren’t amazing doggos, if I could I would adopt all the good boys and girls). But, when I saw Dudley with his floppy feet and little nerdy puppy beard I knew that he was just the quirky dog I wanted to take home.

We had brought our dog up with us to see how he might interact with a new puppy and to be honest, our older dog did not take it well at first and I was terrified that we might not be able to take Dudley home. The first night I brought Dudley into his forever home he was very shy and just wanted to be snuggled up against me. But, within a week, Dudley’s whole personality began to show through. Of course, he was still that snuggly pup I met at the shelter, but he was also so brave and adventurous too.

Dudley is also extremely smart. We have had our past dog for seven years now, and he never figured out how to swim, knock down our puppy gates or open doors. Dudley figure this out in 3 days. Dudley goes with me and his dog dad practically everywhere.

We love to hike together, visit dog parks where he’s best friends with even the most timid dogs, and even play with our older dog who once despised this little floppy fur ball. But most of all, Dudley likes to visit the summer camp I work at. There are four other camp dogs there who have become his favorite play mates; and let’s not forget about all the pets and belly rubs he gets from the kids.

Dudley has become the sunshine on a rainy day for so many people in his life and we all look forward to his sloppy kisses and puppy runs. He grows (literally and figuratively) every single day into a more adventurous and crazy doggo. He even ran straight through a screen door once in his fit of excitement  (no harm can to him only the door!). 

I am so thankful to have adopted Dudley. Here is a picture of him during his first trip to the beach! If you’d like to stay updated on his adventures feel free to follow his instagram @Dudley.the.doggo.

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We are so in love with our little Milo!

He is an absolute sweetheart filled with so much love and happiness.

He is the perfect fit for our family xoxooxox