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Scout (formerly Dottie) has been a great new addition to our home. Our first weeks have gone very well. She’s energetic, loving, and loves falling asleep in front of the fireplace. She’s gotten used to being part of our family very quickly, and we’re happy to have her. She’s doing well with housebreaking, and is easy to redirect if she begins chewing something she shouldn’t.

She’s very smart, silly and always wants to be near her people. She enjoys walks, treats and eating ice, though she doesn’t always like going outside in the cold. Favorites include destroying stuffed toys, falling asleep in your arms, doing somersaults, mealtimes, and ham. She’s enjoying getting to know our backyard with all the different smells, and has made friends with our neighbor dog, too. Scout always seems lie down on top of our feet whenever we’re trying to get chores done, and loves being in the kitchen when we cook. We’re very happy with our new friend!

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I adopted Thomas (now Nougat) on January 1st. It’s been a slow transition, but he took quite well to his new home and he is slowly befriending his new older brother, Chachi.

He’s very vocal, follows people around like a puppy, loves to eat and play, and just wants to be snuggled. 

Nougat grooms both me and Chachi and purrs at the first pet. He’s also very fond of belly rubs!

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Mr. bo Banner (formerly Nickel) came to us when my family was in a very sad spot. We had recently lost our father in June (Tanner was adopted in October) and we were hurting all around. The family rarely connected and everything seemed to move in slow motion. I decided that enough was enough and headed down to Northeast Animal Shelter to meet some pups.

Tanner had caught my eye as he was snuggled up in a big bean bag, looking as sad as can be. Fast forward, our happy pup is always smiling, getting pampered by the family and getting new, plushy beds every other week (not to mention his fav pig ears). He loves people and has given other family friends’ pets kisses (bunnies and cats). Always full of life, our pup enjoys dressing up or spending the morning cuddling. Tanner has brought the family even closer than before and every day spent with him puts a smile on everyones faces. We’re so thankful to have him in our lives!

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Shea joined our family in February of 2018. She was incredibly shy and nervous and very afraid of riding in the car but has made amazing progress. She started playing with the other dogs at the dog park in the summer (after a few months of hanging back and observing) and now she absolutely loves to jump into the car and ride to the park to run with her buddies. Shea loves taking naps with members of the family, she comes looking for pets and is very fond of turkey as an after-walk snack. She’s a wonderful girl, well loved by family, friends and neighbors. She’s really something special! Thank you for your good work!

Shea is Fredo’s (formerly Grady) mama, we loved seeing the picture of him settled into his home! What a handsome fella!

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When my wife and I laid our eyes on Arthur, whose name is now Tocci, (named after this friend of mine from Brazil as a  homage to her-for she was our biggest supporter in this adoption process and now his godmother), we knew he was the one.

Tocci is very happy with his new home, eating well, sleeping well and picking his favorite places in every part of the house. He is not just a lovely friend but he is our adorable baby who is very cooperative with everything, from an outstanding behavior to even letting me trim his nails. His godmother watches him on FaceTime at least twice a week and she said she’s never seen a kitten so lovely like Tocci. We’re in love with him and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you NEAS and staff for doing such a great job!

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I had found Northeast Animal Shelter to be an absolute pleasure when it came to the adoption process; I appreciate being united with Candy who is now known as Callie.

When I first brought Callie homeI had left the door open to the room she was staying in, and she took a step out just to see all the goodies I had bought her, and she dove right in to the fun! On our first night together I had climbed into bed where Callie then jumped right up and slept on my head.

I am in a wheelchair and it is amazing and wonderful that Callie doesn’t seem to mind that; I love that Callie follows me wherever I am going in the house and it just makes things feel a little less lonely and I couldn’t be any happier. Callie even does well with the litter box!

If you want to hear something funny; well I was under the impression that Cats detested water; well If I have water running in my sink I was surprised to see that Callie was drinking out of the faucet! What is even funnier is that I would be in the shower and next thing you know Callie jumps in the shower with me enjoying the water. I never expected this to happen, but it just makes me love her even more; I love my darn cat Callie.

Thank you so much giving me this opportunity; I couldn’t be anymore happy.

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First out daughter renamed Mama Cat “Freya” after the Norse Queen & Goddess who was a lover of cats and drove a chariot pulled by cats.

She started off very frightened and skittish but has been making improvements every day! She is very cuddly and sweet! She likes to perch and sleep on our chest/neck area and has a loud purr. Sometimes I think she wants to kiss me! 

We only had her in her room for about 4 days because she kept meowing and pawing at the door to come out. She has since been sleeping with us each night often falling asleep on top of our chest. She’s been hanging with us and following us around almost constantly, except when we have loud company. She does come out to say hello to quiet visitors though, even children. 


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Apollo is the greatest gift I ever could’ve asked for!

He adjusted beautifully into our family and home and he is the happiest pup in the world.

We are madly in love with him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

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Russel is now named Gronk, and he is doing very well and settled in very quickly. It’s like he has been here forever.

He’s very affectionate and cuddly. He has his first vet appointment next week. He has a good appetite. He has used his litterbox since the first night. I already was able to cut his nails and put a collar on him. 

He reminds us a lot of our Rocky. Easy going and very sweet. We love having him as our family member.


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Life with Ruby is a dream!  She is the sweetest, most loving girl and we are so happy she is our fur baby. 

Ruby loves to sleep in our bed and snuggle. She definitely thinks she is a lap dog, as she crawls up into mine almost every night while we watch TV. 

Ruby is such a playful girl and always cracks us up by tossing her toys up in the air and catching them in her mouth.  She does a great job walking on the leash, eats and sleeps well, and it’s like she has been our dog forever.  We can’t believe how lucky we got by finding Ruby! 

We had the best experience working with the staff at Northeast Animal Shelter, and will definitely come back in the future if we ever decide Ruby needs a little brother or sister.  For now we are content with just her though!