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Nobu is coming into his own secure-self! He has the loudest purr I have ever heard.

He has a favorite toy and drags it everywhere around the house, (including the bed at 5am ).

Nobu has a funny personality and I laugh daily with his adventures. True joy.

Thank you, NEAS and the Georgia shelter for taking such good care of this little fur baby.

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In May our family cat passed away, and it was very hard for all of us to deal with as it was very unexpected. After a couple months had gone by, my girlfriend and I started thinking about getting a new kitten. We visited NEAS a few times here and there but it just never felt right.

One day we impulsively decided to visit again. We were looking around and still nothing felt right. We were upset but we decided to walk around one more time. We came up to a cage we previously thought was empty, but when we called into the cage he came out from under his towels (we originally could not see him) and we instantly just knew it was fate.

Everything that night with his adoption just went so smoothly, we knew it was meant to be. He was just what we needed, and he has been a perfect addition to our family and I absolutely adore him. He is the most cuddly, playful, loving, and funny kitten out there and I am so happy with our experience. Thank you NEAS!!!

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This is my second update.

Here’s my first, and things have changed a lot:

Flicka passed 11 months after adoption. It was considered wildly successful that he survived that long, and he wouldn’t have without the dedicated care of everyone at NEAS who took him in despite high financial and labor costs for his extremely advanced heart disease. He was a gift, truly, and having him in my life was worth the pain, the emergency visits, the loss. NEAS frankly did everything possible for him and I still think fondly every day of that cat…

…partially because he helped shape the glorious creature still with me, Tikvah. He taught her how to play like a cat (which I now get to do with her a few times a day), how to jump on a counter (not my favorite trick, but she likes it), and so much more. His legacy is curled up beside me and the newest addition to our

Tikvah, often affectionately called Boop or Boop cat, now has her own pet dog, a cat tree at a huge window, and a variety of interactive toys for her food to keep her from gulping it! She’s a grown-up cat now who still has all the charm of a kitten with slightly less midnight craziness, to my relief. She’s soft and shiny and beautiful outside and warm and optimistic and happy on the inside. She and my dog are crazy about each other and love to groom each other; the dog grew up with cats and is adorably gentle and loving with them, and Tikvah has adjusted beautifully and seeks out our dog for snuggles, grooming, or even play all the time.

Tikvah has remained stunningly healthy, having clocked in exactly one vet visit that wasn’t for routine shots and annual exam. That one visit was a result of my overactive worry. She’s incredibly loving, charming, a bit of a diva but in an adorably childlike way, and always willing to try another just slightly different approach if at first she is not given what she wants. Oh, no cat on laptop? How about with the other paw first? How about from the other side of the laptop? How about climbing over your shoulder and then on the laptop? How about sitting on your throat instead, purring loudly? It never fails to make the recipient of her insistent negotiations smile.

Everyone who meets her wants to get one just like her and I tell them to look at NEAS, but I know the secret. I have the very best one, and she’s mine for the rest of her long life.

Thank you to everyone at NEAS to the gift that keeps on giving! Purrs, new antics, favorite toys, feline-canine friendships… she’s the perfect cat for me, and her late “big brother” was too. ”

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We adopted Twinkles and Sugar Plum on September 6, 2019. We were told that we might have a hard time housebreaking them. That was just the opposite. They are on a routine and haven’t had any accidents in the house!

They are super lovey-dovey and love spending time with Mama and Daddy. They follow Mama around everywhere. If they can’t see her, they sit with Daddy and just wait. They love their walks with Daddy and love going to the park.

When they are good boys they get a special treat and sometimes a treat just because. We truly can’t imagine not having these two in our lives. Twinks and Sugar are amazing boys!!! We love them so very much and they’ve made a huge impact on our lives!

They love sleeping on the couch with Mama and love hanging out in the sun room. Twinks loves to hide his toys in his bed and Sugar loves to rough-house with his little brother. They have adjusted amazingly and love everyone they meet.

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Kyle (formally Bud) fit right into our family as if he was meant for us. My husband and I needed to find a puppy that would be good with our 2 boys ages 6 and 8. We went to the shelter and played with Kyle and his sibling. I knew that he was perfect but we didn’t want to rush, so we took our time and went back the next morning and played with him again. I knew in my heart he was the one. When playing he came over to my younger son and sat right on his lap!

Kyle is lovable; he gives kisses all the time and loves to play with his toys, and chew on bones. He loves to meet new friends, dogs and people alike, and loves walks. He sleeps in his bed at night but then in the early hours cries to come snuggle in the bed… he cries because he can’t climb up yet by himself so he wants us to pick him up and put him on our bed!

He doesn’t care for the car, but I bring special treats and toys for him to make it easier when we go to the vet or drive to our favorite walking trail. Kyle does get nervous about the unknown.. an acorn fell and he ran back on the porch to go inside the same thing happened when he heard chirping!

He is also a quick learner and has learned some basic comments in a short time. He is everything we could ask for! My boys play fetch with him after school and on weekends and he fits right in. Can’t picture our life without him. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives!

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After a tough year without a dog (we lost our family companion), we found the tiniest and most adorable baby on the earth.

We adopted Halo (formerly known as Piper) in July at roughly 11 weeks old. Now at about 4 months old, she’s grown into such a tall, sweet and smart girl! Slowly, but surely, coming out of her shy shell, Halo makes us prouder everyday as she hurdles over small fears she once had – leaving the yard, going for car rides, walks, etc.- and how well she picks up new tricks – along with being fully housebroken, she can sit, stay, lay down, give both paws, speak and roll over as she’s two weeks shy of becoming a puppy school graduate!

Belly rubs are the way to this girl’s heart, as she’ll flop on her back with her paws up, waiting for you. Halo’s love and friendliness will cure any bad day you’ve ever had. She is in the process of learning to love her feline brother and sister, but you know puppies…boundaries are a difficult thing to learn. But we have faith in our angelic girl.

We are so thankful that we have found a furry friend through NEAS.

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We wanted to adopt an older dog and when we saw Sylvester for the first time, we fell in love… we knew he would be a great fit for our family.

He settled in like a champ and was accepted by our other 2 dogs, Snoopy and Charlie. Sylvester is a 10 year old Beagle with a great personality, who loves to cuddle and be petted, he loves our walks around the neighborhood and is making all kinds of friends (even humans friends).

He’s a good boy and listens well. We are so lucky he came into our lives.

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Evee as we found out, is actually an Italian Greyhound.  So, we decided to change her name to Sophia Loren.  Of course, we just call her Sophie. 

She is just a sweet joy.  As you can see in the photos, she fits right in with her dog and cat brothers.  She is a little snuggle buddy.  Sophia Loren loves going for walks and playing with her dog brother Bandit. 

She is just what our family needed! 

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Urge Congress to Pass the WOOF Act


Mills are horrific commercial breeding facilities where puppies and other pets are “mass-produced” for sale. These poor animals live in terrible conditions with little to no exercise, human contact, or veterinary care.

But you can speak up for pets who only know a life of abuse, cruelty and neglect.

Join Northeast Animal Shelter in urging Congress to pass the Welfare of Our Friends (WOOF) Act and close the loophole that allows bad breeders to operate even after their license is suspended or revoked.

As a member of our caring community, you know it’s best to opt to adopt! Now let’s stand together to put abusive breeders out of business and prevent further harm to thousands of innocent animals. Sign the petition today to be a voice for the voiceless, and urge federal lawmakers to pass the WOOF Act.

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One day I came into NEAS just to ‘look’ and this adorable little fluffy puppy caught my eye. She was sleeping peacefully in her cage, and I instantly knew she was going to be coming home with me.

The day I picked her up she was 3 months old and 15 pounds. Now Lexi is just a little over 8 months old, 50 pounds, and is living her best life.

Lexi’s hobbies are hiking, swimming, sleeping on the bed, chasing squirrels, and making friends with the neighborhood dogs. She truly is the best dog I could have ever asked for. Every day is an amazing day thanks to her.